How to Enjoy Anal Sex without Pain

When people want to spice up things in their bedrooms, they usually explore some other sex activities that can fulfill their sexual appetites. Well, anal sex is one of those sex activities. At first, most of the couples are not comfortable with anal sex because it can hurt a lot. But, there are ways to have anal sex without pain, and we are going to talk about them now.

Anyhow, all you need to take into consideration in order to have anal sex without pain is these few things that we are going to discuss now.

Tips on how to enjoy anal sex

Here are some of the best and the most efficient tips on how to enjoy anal sex.

1) Communication

First of all, you need to prepare for anal sex. The best way to do it is to talk with your significant other about the whole process. Most of the people feel a bit awkward when it comes to anal sex topic, but on the other hand, it is quite important to let your partner know how you feel.

Anyway, it is totally acceptable to ask or to propose a question about anal sex, also, it is acceptable to say no as well. All in all, the communication is the key when it comes to anal sex and its enjoyment.

2) Use a condom

Next, you need to use a condom for anal sex in order to get the best experience. This might sound a bit contradictory but, the use of condom is actually better when it comes to anal sex. First, you will be properly protected and won’t risk any troubles. Second, the condom is great when it comes to overall feel when you are having anal sex.

All in all, it is strongly recommendable to wear a condom during anal sex. It helps both you and your partner to feel better and to enjoy anal sex even more.

3) Use a lot of lube

When it comes to anal sex and sex in general, lubrication is definitely the most important thing. Anyhow, the vaginal sex doesn’t always require lube since the vagina is self-lubricated sex organ. But, when we talk about anal sex, the lube is absolutely important. Also, you can’t use just any type of the lube, you have to find the right one as well. Usually, the best experience you can get is with the anal lube. They are specially made for anal sex and its use.

Since anal lubes have different formula with a different PH, you will find it quite pleasing to have anal sex with anal lube. However, anal lubes can be used for vaginal sex as well, but you don’t have to try it, just stick with the anal sex with anal lube.

4) Work in steps

The key to enjoying anal sex is to work in steps and make sure that you are relaxed. Anal sex shouldn’t hurt if you do it right, and to do it right, you have to do it step-by-step.

  • Lube up

First, you need to lube up the anal hole. Just as much lube as you want, you can’t possibly use too much since there aren’t any side effects when it comes to lubing. Apply the lube slowly and make sure to do it carefully. Don’t stick your fingers in the anal hole while applying lube that is the next step actually.

  • Take your way through it

After everything is lubed and slippery, it is time to engage in anal sex. Work your way through it slowly and with patience. When you put it in, work it slowly, and when you want to get it out, do it as slowly as possible. This way, you will prevent any pain or troubles. The key is in the patience.

  • Relax

The most important step is to be relaxed through the whole process. Anal sex can’t be done without pain if you are not relaxed and ready to go.

5) Find the right position

The right sex position can mean a lot when it comes to anal sex in general. It is recommendable to start with missionary sex position and to advance to doggy-style. However, this mostly depends on the couple’s choice. Some couples enjoy different sex positions more than other couples do.


With everything said about anal sex and how to enjoy it, it is only left to mention that you need to practice it in order to reach the level where the anal sex is wonderful and joyful. Anyhow, just practice these steps and you will find anal sex pretty good after some time.

All in all, anal sex is not that hard to do correctly and it doesn’t require any special skills, just a relaxing partner and a good lube.

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