Can You Use Vaseline as Lube? Why That Is Not a Wise Option for You

Can-You-Use-Vaseline-as-LubeMany people interested in finding easy alternatives for common lube ask if they can use Vaseline as lube. However tempting and applicable it may be, using Vaseline as a lubricant during sex is NOT wise. Here are some reasons why:

It was not intended for internal use

The manufacturers of Vaseline did not intend for it to be used internally. Sexual intercourse involves penetration meaning the insertion of Vaseline into the body poses some risks such as bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections. If you are wondering if you can use Vaseline as lubricant then remember the risks it poses if used inside the body.

Vaseline does not create enough lubrication for comfortable sex

Many people interested in lube usually require it due to inadequate lubrication during sex. Therefore, any lubricant chosen must be able to create enough lubrication for sex to be comfortable. Vaseline, however, was not designed as a lubricant and instead was meant to sooth dry or cracked external skin. Using it as lube during sex does not create enough lubrication and may cause chaffing and uncomfortable sex.  Inadequate lubrication during sex breaks the skin increasing the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

It may cause allergic reaction to sensitive skin around the pubic area

Normal lube is designed to be usable by people with a wide range of skin sensitivities. However, some of the people who ask if they can use Vaseline as Lube may be setting themselves up for serious allergic reactions around their private parts. Petroleum jellies such as Vaseline have been proved to cause allergic inflammation to sensitive skin such as that around the pubic area. Some of the symptoms of such inflammation include extreme redness, rashes, and itching.

Vaseline breaks condoms making sex unsafe

For couples using protection such as condoms, using Vaseline as lube is a bad idea because it disintegrates latex. Normal lube is designed to work well with latex, but Vaseline is not intended for use as a lubricant. Therefore, using Vaseline as lube during sex destroys the condom making sex both unsafe and uncomfortable.

It is not easy to clean after sex

Normal lube is a water-based lubricant that can easily be washed off after sex. However, if you are one of those asking if you can use Vaseline as lubricant, then be warned you are in for a big mess. This petroleum jelly cakes up in the pubic area and inside the vaginal, oral, or anal cavity after sex. Additionally, it collects on bedding or any other surface used during intercourse resulting in an ugly disgusting mess. Unlike normal lube, Vaseline will not wash off through simple washing or bathing.

Why do couples still use Vaseline as lube?

Even with all these risks of using Vaseline as lube, people still use it.  There are various reasons for such reckless and risky behavior. They include:

It is easily accessible

One of the most common reasons many couples use Vaseline as lube is that it is easily available. Many households have at least one tab of the jelly for use on dry and cracked skin. However, when couples require lube during sex and cannot access normal lube, they usually turn to Vaseline. Indeed, one of the most common questions during such moments of urgent need is if they can use Vaseline as a lubricant.

Vaseline is cheaper than all normal lube

Another reason why couples asking whether they can use Vaseline as lube resort to the jelly is cost. Compared to common lube which costs a few dollars, Vaseline is relatively cheaper making it a common alternative. Couples who love anal sex which usually requires special lube with numbing agents love substituting their expensive lube with Vaseline. Students who operate on a tight budget also love substituting normal lube with Vaseline due to its low cost implication.

It is not scented or flavored

Some couples are put off by normal lubes that are either scented or flavored. Some of the flavors and scents used in these products may not appeal to such couples resulting in their using Vaseline. While there is normal lube which has not flavor or scent, such couples find that Vaseline is better given that they do not have to go asking convenience shop attendants if the shops have flavorless lube without scent. Some couples simply love the smell of each other’s’ body and prefer Vaseline due to its lack of scents that could mask these sensual smells.

Are there better lube alternatives to Vaseline?

Instead of enduring uncomfortable sex, risking a broken condom, or creating an unsightly mess by using Vaseline as lube, why not use better alternatives? Although Vaseline is cheap and easily accessible, there are better alternatives that will not break your bank account or require you to ask embarrassing questions at the convenience store. Here they are:

1. Shibari Personal Lubricant – Best for Vaginal Sex

Shibari-Personal-LubricantThis lube made from water-based lubricant that leaves a smooth texture during sex. It does not create a mess or cause allergic reactions on the sensitive skin around the pubic region. Apart from being totally safe for use on latex-based condoms, Shibari Premium Intimate Lubricant also works very well with sex toys without staining or bleaching them. It is also widely available in most convenience and sex stores.

Moreover, Shibari Premium Intimate Lubricant uses top class materials for ultimate comfort. And it doesn’t create vaginal irritation at all.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this lube.

  • Its water based formulation is high grade causing a soft sensual sensation.
  • The lube is easy to clean and does not stain bedding or other surfaces.
  • It uses premium ingredients which do not have any side effects.
  • The lube’s formula contains parabens which may discourage health-conscious users.
  • Its consistency may be too thin for certain users who like thicker lubricants.

2. Pjur Analyze Me Silicone Lubricant – Best for Anal Sex


Pjur Analyze Me Silicone Lubricant is a product that promises to make anal sex pleasures memorable due to its special silicone formulation. It enhances the comfort of intimate sexual activity and makes the sexual experience more pleasurable. The slightly oily consistency ensures that even little amounts last a long time during anal play. Compared to other special lubes on the shelves designed for anal sex lovers, Pjur Analyze Me Silicone Lubricant costs much less meaning it is cost effective.

  • The oily consistency means only a small amount is needed during sex.
  • It is formulated with silicone for longer lasting sensual lubrication.
  • The packaging is discrete and easy to use.
  • The silicone used and other ingredients are harmless to the human body.
  • Silicone lubricants cannot be used with latex condoms.
  • The oily consistency means use in the vaginal and oral area could be uncomfortable.


Although many people use Vaseline as lube during sex, this petroleum jelly is not designed for that purpose. It could cause allergic reactions, is messy, does not offer adequate lubrication, and breaks condoms during sex. However, many people prefer to use Vaseline due to its lower cost compared to most lubes, ease of access, and a dislike for flavored or scented lubes.

Instead of taking such risks with Vaseline, why not try Shibari Premium Intimate Lubricant. It is a cheaper alternative to many lube brands that is soft on the skin, does not stain and is made using premium ingredients. For couples interested in anal pleasures, try Pjur Analyze Me Silicone Lubricant with its silicone formulation. It provides longer lasting lubrication in a discrete package that is easy to use.

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