Best Vibrating Panties: Being Naughty Was Never So Easy


Introduction – what are vibrating panties?

Vibrating panties are, basically, a combination of sexy lingerie and any kind of a sex toy – bullet vibrators, tasers, buzzers, and so on. The reason why you should get your own pair of sexy vibrating panties is quite simple – most models are fairly cheap, and you’ll have the fun of your life, guaranteed.

Even though there are only a couple of standardized types of vibrating panties, there are palpable differences between each model and each brand. Some manufacturers give gratis features, others rely on quality, while certain number of brands can do both. I’m here so that we get the best vibrating panties from the latter, so let’s jump straight to it.

Best Vibrating Panties – Comparison Table

California Exotic NoveltiesDurable ABS electric vibrator, 20-feet remote control, nylon panties, very discreet design, stretch-fit lace4.8/5
OhmibodWireless and club modes, rechargeable vibrating panties, phthalate-free, custom and complimentary features, privacy pouch included, as well as the remote batteries4.8/5
Secret Indulgence26-feet ranged operation, waterproof cotton materials, comfort fit4.7/5
Dr Laura BermanDurable ABS taser, cotton thongs, 12-feet remote control, ergonomic taser, moldable lace4.7/5
FriskyStretchable thongs, easy-to-use bullet vibrator4.6/5
Booty ParlorSilk panties, removable bullet vibrator, 10 patterns, LCD screen which glows in the dark4.6/5
Hustler LingerieThe remote controller works while up to 45-feet away from the user, black thong design, high vibrator pocket, bullet waterproof vibrator included4.5/5
AkezoneEasy-read LCD display included, 10 speeds, decently powerful method of operation4.5/5

Top Rated Vibrating Panties Reviews

1 of 8: California Exotic Novelties Remote Control Black Pantie Review

California-Exotic-Novelties-Remote-Control-Black-PantyLet’s open up the review of the best vibrating panties with CalExotics’ remote controlled black thongs. Basically, these panties are very discreet, but they work like a charm when it comes to providing pleasure. It’s the so-called “sexy lace” that will pleasure you, as it flexes and moves along as you control it.

Although the panties themselves aren’t exactly durable, the vibrating (electric) elements are top-shelf. Namely, the material used to construct the thongs is somewhat cheap and flimsy, so you might want to switch over to your regular panties at some point, but that’s about the only bad thing I’ve found about them.

The effective range of the remote controller is approximately 20 feet – you can use this feature to play around with your significant other, as it opens up various opportunities to test out your wild fantasies and fetishes.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable with someone else controlling the built-in vibrator massager, do it yourself – there’s a total of 10 different functions which allow you to set the panties at vibration, pulsation, and escalation modes for ultimate pleasure.

The panties are made of nylon, and they’re perhaps the least important part of the package. The vibrator works on AA batteries, and the panty teaser features durable ABS materials.

Overall, these panties are remarkably good for the cash, and, personally, I think these are some of the top rated vibrating panties on the market. All things considered, the potential benefits you’re about to enjoy heavily outweigh the little flaw concerning the durability.

  • Very versatile vibrating panties – utilize the 10 modes for ultimate sexual fantasies and pleasure, including escalating vibrations and pulsation.
  • Discreet packaging and use – this model looks a lot like regular thongs, making it ideal for everyday use anywhere.
  • Fairly cheap – these vibrating panties belong to the “affordable” price point category.
  • Long-range pleasure – the reason why these vibrating panties are ideal for couples and fetishists is because someone can control them for you over the range of 20 feet.
  • Durable electric components – the electric taser features durable ABS materials.
  • The thongs are fairly cheap and not durable at all – the panties themselves are made of cheap nylon materials, so consider replacing them with regular ones.


2 of 8: Ohmibod Club Vibe 2.oh Review

Ohmibod-Club-VibeNext up is Ohmibod’s Club Vibe vibrating panties set – these panties are extremely plain and straightforward, which is just one of the many reasons you’ll like them.

First of all, the vibrations these panties emit are sensational. Most people are with me on this one – these panties allow for a strong, personal sexual experience, and you won’t even notice before you get hooked on them.

You’ll get a phthalate-free custom black thongs, as well as the privacy pouch as a gratis feature, but you’ll be using the club more than any other feature. Sadly, the complimentary thongs are too big for comfort, so only big ladies might actually benefit from them, otherwise, you should use the club with any other tight-fit panties.

The reason why I recommend tight panties is simple – there are no real ways of keeping the club around the lucky spot, and you won’t have much fun if it drops out.

The feeling is quite exquisite, and it’s safe to say that these vibrating panties are among the strongest, most unique models out there. There are downfalls, though.

The first downfall is the sound these panties make – even though the buzzing isn’t ear-piercing or anything similar, people could still hear you if you use them in very silent environment (such as a museum, for example). Parties, loud workplaces, and similar locations are ideal, though.

The second downfall is the effort you’ll have to put up before you can utilize the functions of these vibrating panties. Namely, there’s a high chance that you won’t fit inside the complimentary panties, which implies that the vibrating club isn’t attached or built-in a set of panties whatsoever. This means that each time you’re about to use them, you’ll have to go through the trouble again and again.

On the bright side, the estimated runtime of these panties is approximately four hours per charge. That’s more than enough to keep your entertainment levels high, and in case you want more fun, just pop the batteries and put the replacements in.

Wrapping it up, these vibrating panties are truly something else, even though there are a couple of flaws that are not to be neglected. Personally, I find the pros much greater than the potential flaws, but it’s up to you to decide in the end.

  • Absolutely powerful – these vibrating panties offer an overwhelming sexual experience.
  • Ideal for both singles and couples – choose between club or remote control modes for the best personal experience.
  • Rechargeable vibrating panties – this model can withstand up to four hours of continuous use.
  • Complimentary features – you’ll get a privacy pouch, a custom black thong, and remote controller batteries as gratis features.
  • Not so easy to use – the taser isn’t built-in the thongs, so you’ll have to manually insert it inside the panties each time you want to use it.
  • The customary panties are a bit too big – big ladies will find the complimentary panties as helpful, whereas smaller girls will have to use their own.


3 of 8: Secret Indulgence Vibrating Panties Review

Secret-Indulgence-Vibrating-PantiesSecret Indulgence came up with a brilliant idea – they combined a set of plain sexy lingerie with a remotely controlled vibrator, instead of installing buzzing and beeping chips into plain pants. These panties are sure to become your favorite, and I’m here to tell you why.

First of all, the built-in buzzer is decently strong, but you can choose between 10 modes of operation for easy customization of your erotic experience. On top of that, there are 2 patterns to spice things up – the “buzzer” and the “pulser”.

Apart from being strong, the buzzer is almost completely silent. This makes outdoor fun a bit easier, and way more convenient than most vibrating panties you’ll find on the market. Further on that note, these panties are pretty affordable and superbly valuable for the money.

The panties themselves are made of purely cotton materials which are both comfortable and decently durable, not to mention fully waterproof. The latter might become an issue, though, as you’ll find them rather hard to clean. Anyhow, you’ll get your package in a discreet, plain box, so you won’t have to worry about odd stares and uncalled for questions, if that was even an issue.

You’ll get a neat remote controller which can be used from a range of 26 feet – note that most vibrating panties work from approximately 15 feet away, or even less. Last, but not least, there are 3 speeds at your disposal – warm yourself up slowly and gradually increase the tempo as you embrace your wild fantasies.

The only thing that’s not as good is the rather bulky design of the taser. Apparently, it’s too big for some girls, and you’ll need some time to get accustomed to it. Another potentially dissuading fact is that you won’t get any instructions on how to replace the batteries, or even which batteries should be used once the one that come with the package burn out.

Be it as it may, Secret Indulgence vibrating panties are good in my book. They’re well worth the cash, as they’re very versatile, not to mention that they’re great for couples and single ladies alike.

  • Durable, comfortable materials – Secret Indulgence vibrating panties are made of waterproof cotton materials that feel gentle to the skin while being decently sturdy.
  • Great for couples – you can use these vibrating panties from the range of 26 feet.
  • Versatile functions – there are 3 speed modes and ten patterns at your disposal.
  • Discreet packaging – you’ll get your Secret Indulgence vibrating panties in a discreet box.
  • Nearly soundless method of operation – the faint buzzing is barely even noticeable.
  • Bulky taser – the taser is a bit too large for comfort.


4 of 8: Dr Laura Berman Intimate Basics Astrea I Remote Vibrating Panty Review

Dr Laura Berman-Intimate-Basics-Astrea-I-Remote-Vibrating-Panty Astrea I was invented by Dr. Laura Berman with one thing in mind – the ladies deserve pleasure, and pleasure they will have. Generally, these vibrating panties are comprised of a large buzzing taser and a set of plain, black thongs.

Everything about these panties is quite straightforward – they can be remotely operated from the range of 12 feet, they’re good for couples and single ladies alike, and they’re fairly easy to use. Just like most high-quality sex toys, the Astrea I comes in a discreet, plain box, so discretion is guaranteed.

The only real problem people tend to have with Astrea I is the noise it makes, however. Namely, these vibrating panties aren’t exactly silent, so I’d recommend you refrain from using them in situations when anything louder than a whisper can be heard (meetings, dates, etc.).

The taser features durable ABS materials while the panties are made of decently durable cotton materials, so durability isn’t exactly an issue either. Overall, Astrea I is a great entry-level sex toy for beginners who’d like to explore the vast world of fetishism, and you’ll be fine for as long as you don’t expect too much.

  • Fairly cheap – Dr. Laura’s Astrea I belongs to the “affordable” price point category.
  • Durable materials – ABS taser and cotton thongs are pretty durable.
  • Made for beginners – Dr. Laura’s basic sex toy package is ideal for beginners who have little experience with sex toys (one of the reasons why these panties are so straightforward).
  • Remotely operable – you can use these panties from the range of 12 feet.
  • Bulky taser – the taser is really big, even uncomfortable for some people.
  • Makes a lot of noise – don’t go out in public while it’s on.


5 of 8: Frisky Add A Bullet Vibrating Panties with Pouch Review

 Frisky-Add-A-Bullet-Vibrating-PantiesJust like Dr. Laura’s Astrea I, Frisky’s vibrating panties are stitched into a set of black, sexy thongs. These panties are both discreet and travel-friendly, and you’ll be thrilled to use them on your voyages, that much is guaranteed.

One of the best things about these panties is that they’re cheap – shamefully cheap, that is. In fact, these are perhaps the most affordable vibrating panties I’ve ever come across. That doesn’t imply that they’re low-quality, of course – the taser can fit into virtually any panties, the design is absolutely amazing, and you’ll benefit from nearly-soundless vibrator at the end of the day.

I’d like to accentuate the high level of comfortability these panties provide – most people tend to favor them over other sex toys precisely for this reason. The lace is pretty stretchy too, which makes it ideal for big girls, as well as medium and thin ladies.

Overall, there are no real downfalls – these panties are as good as they get, and I’d dub them as best vibrating panties of all time within the price range any time.

  • Extremely comfortable – Frisky’s vibrating panties are made of comfortable materials, and they feel very gentle and tender.
  • Great for girls of all sizes – the thongs you’ll get with this vibrator are super stretchy, which makes them suitable for girls of any size.
  • Very affordable – cheap and valuable are the words that would best describe these panties.
  • Durable materials – one thing is certain, these panties won’t rip as easily as others.
  • No outstanding flaws whatsoever.


6 of 8: Booty Parlor Turn Me On Vibrating Panties Review

Booty-Parlor-Turn-Me-On-Vibrating-PantiesBooty Parlor’s panties are small, discreet, and comfortable above all other things. The bullet vibrator which was built inside them is easy to remove, which significantly simplifies the cleaning process, and to top it, you won’t have to worry about it being too loud either.

There are 10 vibrating patterns for you to enjoy, including a plethora of pulsating and buzzing variations. The bullet vibrator can be remotely controlled from a distance of 20 feet, making it ideal for couples to play around with.

One of the most unique items you’ll get with the package is the LCD screen which glows in the dark – you’ll be able to enjoy your nights comfortably and easily. The only real issue is that these panties don’t come particularly cheap, but they’re pretty great for the money if you ask me.

  • Very comfortable to use – Booty Parlor’s vibrating panties are made of comfortable silk materials.
  • Removable bullet vibrator – the bullet taser is easy to remove, making the cleaning process simple.
  • Wireless operation – use the remote control to operate the taser from 20 feet away.
  • Neat LCD screen – the LCD screen glows in the dark, and it’s pretty simple to use.
  • A bit pricey – these vibrating panties aren’t exactly cheap, as they belong to the “medium-expensive” price point category.


7 of 8: Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Panties With Hidden Vibe Pocket by Hustler Lingerie Review

Hustler-Lingerie-Wireless-Remote-Control-Vibrating-PantiesHustler Lingerie brings us one of their best vibrating panties, and, if I might add, this model is absolutely phenomenal. Even though the black thong is rather common as far as design is concerned, the high taser pocket is different from anything we’ve seen so far.

These panties come supplied with a bullet vibrator which boasts waterproof qualities. On top of that, there’s a silicone retrieval loop which should be easily controlled remotely – you’ll get a controller which operates at a distance of up to 45 feet away.

There are three different speeds and seven modes of operation, so it’s safe to say that this is one of the most versatile sex panties model in this review. The only thing you won’t like is how the vibrator sounds – it’s actually pretty loud, but not enough to be heard outdoors.

  • Amazing range – these vibrating panties work at the range of 45 feet.
  • Elegant black thong design – the sexy lingerie which comes as a bonus looks beautiful and elegant.
  • Versatile sex toy – three speeds and seven vibrating modes are here for you to enjoy.
  • Valuable for the cash – these vibrating panties aren’t exactly cheap, but they’re very valuable for the money.
  • Moderately loud – not recommended for outdoor use unless you’re certain there will be noise to cover it up.


8 of 8: Akezone 10 Speeds Remote Control Vibrating Underwear Review

Akezone-10-Speeds-Remote-Control-Vibrating-UnderwearLet’s wrap the review of the vibrating panties with Akezone’s wireless model. This panty vibrator is more of a layer which should be inserted into your underwear than a set of regular sexy panties, but it does the job in the same fashion.

You’ll get an easy-read LCD display which should be used to set the tempo – there are 10 modes for you to choose from, and be warned, this little vibrator is very strong.

Even though it needs some time to properly warm up, you’ll get incomparable amount of satisfaction from it. The best thing about it is that it’s shamefully cheap, as it belongs to the “budget” price point category. Definitely the best entry-level vibrating panty set you’ll see nowadays.

  • Very cheap – these vibrating panties are a bargain.
  • Powerful and nearly soundless – Akezone’s vibrating underwear are characterized by a strong, silent method of operation.
  • 10 speeds – 1 being rather dull and 10 resembling a rodeo drive.
  • Wireless operation – you’ll get an easy-read LCD display to easily customize your experience.
  • Need to be inserted into your own underwear – doesn’t come with gratis thongs or lingerie.


How to choose the best vibrating panties?

You don’t have to be an expert to find out what you like in sex – vibrating panties are no different when compared to buying your vibrator or lingerie. In fact, imagine that you’re doing both at the same time.

Vibrating panties should be durable before all else. Imagine if you get hooked onto a nice model and it dies out on you. Apart from that, it would be nice if your panties could look a bit elegant – we’re talking about lingerie after all.

Right after you’ve narrowed down the list of potential panties a bit, you should take the following thing into consideration – your budget. Some panties cost way above $100, while certain entry-level models cost below $20. It’s up to you to decide, but make sure to keep your expectations in accordance to how much you pay.

Last, but not least – gratis features. Most brands will give you something for free – whether it’s a set of nice, elegant thongs, a replacement vibrator, or a convenient carry pouch, it’s up to the manufacturer. I’d recommend avoiding “standalone” models, as you’ll notice that these gratis features are somewhat necessary for a complete experience.

How to use vibrating panties?

The way you’ll use your vibrating panties depends on the model. If you’ve bought a model which features a built-in taser (or vibrator), you should just simply wear your panties and use the remote controller to adjust the tempo (note – if you don’t have a remote, you should look for any switches or buttons).

Some models come as a lingerie + vibrator combo, others feature small chips or tasers, but, in the end they all function in the same way. Wear your panties and select the desired speed. Once you notice that your panties start to hum or work with less power, you’ll know that it’s time to switch the batteries.


Vibrating panties from brands such as Secret Indulgence, Booty Parlor, and Ohmibod are some of the finest on the market – they’re either really affordable or superiorly valuable for the money, as they boast premium-quality features and guarantees of pure pleasure.

I advise you to check out the reviews I made for detailed explanation of what each model does – there are plethora of different panties for you to try out, and each model boasts different qualities and characteristics.

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