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We’re going to talk about the best sex swings on the market – if you’re uncertain of what these little things are, I’ve added a little section that will clear things up, as well as the comprehensive buying guide which includes the things you ought to consider before buying one.
Essentially, owning a sex swing holds a plethora of benefits – you can experience everything your erotic mind ever dreamed of, you can try out some positions which were otherwise unattainable, and more. Without further ado, let’s take a look what a sex swing is.

What is a sex swing?

A sex swing is not an ordinary swing, although it serves a similar function, albeit for a different purpose. Namely, a sex swing is intended for couples to use in order to perform their wildest bedroom fantasies.

Both males and females can be the ones sitting in it – the purpose of a sex swing is to give you an increase in sexual “mobility”, which will lead to an increased number of sex positions you can attain.

There are different types of sex swings, two of which are the most standard ones. The first, most widely used sex swing type is the “swiveling sex swing”. The swiveling sex swing can be used to spin up to 360 degrees, giving you unobstructed mobility, and the greatest number of sex positions. These swings come in all sorts of shapes, but they’re usually meant to be attached to the top of your ceiling.

On the other hand, “hang-on-door” types of sex swings are much alike those used in BDSM porn films. They’re a bit harder to use and require a sturdy, robust door, but they’re just as much as efficient at providing an exquisite sexual experience.

For more information on how you should use a sex swing and the things you should consider before purchasing one, feel free to check out at the bottom of the article.

Best Sex Swing – Comparison Table

NameWhy should you consider it?FeaturesPrice
Trinity Vibes 360It can swivel up to 360 degrees, fairly easy to install, very comfortable due to padded supportsPadded thigh, back, and feet support, 360-degree swiveling design
Trinity Vibes UltimateRemarkably versatile sex swing stand, can be used for yoga or sex, outstanding durabilityRobust construction, trapezoid design, the swing is not included
Sportsheets Door JamExtremely inexpensive, ideal for sex toy beginners, very easy to setup and take down, discreet shippingAdjustable seat, padded features, adjustable foot straps, can support up to 325 pounds of weight
Utimi Sex SwingOutstanding value for the cash, very affordable, ideal for sex enthusiasts and creative BDSM, can support a lot of weight, one of the best-selling sex swingsPadded ankle and thigh support, knitted nylon paddings, reinforced fabric for additional durability
Whip Smart Pleasure SwingOffers incredible customization, three straps for more pleasure, ideal for experienced BDSM enthusiasts and beginnersSupportive weight is approximately 200 pounds, total of three straps, padded features for additional comfort and stability
Forbidden LuxuryAmazing level of versatility, padded & comfortable features, ideal for experienced BDSM enthusiasts, great for couples, might get you hooked on roleplayWrist and ankle cuffs, adjustable features, stretchable nylon straps, soft padded stirrups for more comfort, easy installment
Frisky D'luxe Great for beginners and couples, extremely affordable, very easy to setup, heavy-duty materials, great supportive strength, outstanding comfortability Hang-on-door sex swing type, premium-quality heavy-duty nylon materials, padded seat
Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Unrestricted movement, increased mobility, ideal for couples who like to really spin in their sex swing, very robust constructionPlastic construction, 360-degree swivel, fully adjustable features, easy setup
Back to 20s LuxuryExtremely beautiful, easy to use and setup, very comfortable to use, ideal for beginners and experienced BDSM lovers alikeVery comfortable cotton materials, heavy-duty swiveling swing, supports up to 300 pounds
JUTJOY Adult IndoorExtremely inexpensive, get more intimate freedom and unrestricted movementComfortable, easy to adjust and supports up to 500 pounds

Top Rated Sex Swings Reviews

1 of 10: Trinity Vibes 360 Degree Spinning Sex Swing

360-Degree-Spinning-Sex-SwingThe first sex swing I’m reviewing for you comes from Trinity Vibes – this is just one of the major brands in the sex toy industry, and we’ll see more from them soon enough. Plainly put, this sex swing was well-made, it’s decently durable, and it feels very comfortable to use.

There are multiple paddings at the back, thigs, and feet areas so as to prevent the nylon from cutting into the skin. These pads could be even further reinforced if you get some seatbelt straps for additional stability.

The fact that this sex swing swivels up to 360 degrees means that you can play around with your significant other in whichever way you see fit.

Last, but not least, there’s a chrome handlebar in the package, although you need to install it yourself. It’s very sturdy, and it will definitely last through numerous intercourse sessions.

The only bad thing is that you won’t get any instructions – you need to assemble the entire construction, and you’ll only have your logic to do so. Anyhow, the swing is really fantastic, and I highly recommend it.

  • Exceptionally comfortable – this sex swing features multiple padded supports that greatly improve the overall comfortability.
  • Very easy to install – even though you’ll have to do it yourself, the installing process is fairly simple.
  • Moderately affordable – maybe not cheap, but this swing definitely doesn’t cost a fortune. It’s actually quite cheaper than most high-quality swings in the same price range.
  • Swiveling fun – this sex swing can swivel up to 360 degrees.
  • No instructions manual – you’ll have to figure everything out by yourself, as no manual was provided.


2 of 10: Trinity Vibes Ultimate Sex Swing Stand

Trinity-Vibes-Ultimate-Sex-Swing-StandHere we have another sex swing from Trinity vibes, but this one’s a bit different from the one we’ve just reviewed. This is, actually, an improvement for the 360 sex swing – it’s a stand for your swing, so please note that you won’t get the swing with it. Most people tend to write and say negative things about this product without knowing that it’s a stand for your swing – not the swing itself.

Basically, this sex swing stand is compatible with most sex swings, Trinity Vibes swings included. I’m recommending it to you for a simple reason – you’ll be able to get the most from your sex swing if you use a good stand along with it.

Well, this is not an ordinary stand – it’s surprisingly more durable when compared to similar products, and it can support quite a lot of weight (up to four hundred pounds, to be precise). The intriguing criss-cross design makes it stick out from regular swings, and, best of all – there are no downfalls whatsoever.

The only potentially bad thing is that it costs nearly twice as much as the swing, but it will last for years to come. The setup is fairly simple and fast, and you’d be able to use it for whichever purposes – I’ve heard some people practiced yoga with it (when they were taking a break from their sexual fantasies, presumably).

All in all, this is a nice, high-end sex swing stand, and it’s supremely valuable for the money. Use it for whichever ends you want, I guarantee that you’ll be satisfied.

  • Sturdy and durable – this sex swing stand is remarkably robust, and it’s safe to say that it will be able to withstand quite a pounding.
  • Elegant black design – it looks very beautiful to top it all.
  • Versatile use – you can use this stand for yoga, sexual fetishes, and various other activities.
  • A bit pricey – this sex stand isn’t exactly cheap.

3 of 10: Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling

 Sportsheets-Door-Jam-Sex-SlingSportsheets door jam sex sling is a remarkable sex swing which was intended to be used on a door, obviously. It features multiple bars which secure the straps when placed on any kind of door – all you have to do is slip them over and close them.

The padded seat is fully adjustable, as well as the foot straps – you can tighten them up for rough play or loosen them for gentle, yet creative foreplay.

One of the best things about this sex swing is that it supports up to 325 pounds. That’s quite a lot for a sex swing of this type, even though we’ve seen models that can do better (Trinity Vibes 360 swing can support up to 400, if you recall).

I liked this sex swing because it’s very easy to use, simple to setup, and great as far as customization is concerned. On top of that, it’s remarkably affordable, and it’s way cheaper than most swings within the price range.

Overall, this is a cheap, moderately durable, highly customizable sex swing. I’d recommend it to any BDSM beginner, but couples who just want to spice their bedroom atmosphere will find much use of it as well.

The only potentially bad thing is that you won’t be able to experience a lot of sex positions. Naturally, a door sex-swing type will limit your mobility, thus reducing the number of changeable positions, which is a thing some people don’t particularly like.

  • Very inexpensive – this is one of the most affordable sex swing models in this review.
  • Easy to setup and take off – this sex swing can be taken up and down within mere minutes.
  • Adjustable features – you can adjust the majority of straps for a better experience.
  • A limited number of sex positions you can enjoy – since this is a door sex swing type, you won’t be able to enjoy several sex positions. Rotating might be a bit more difficult too.


 4 of 10: Utimi Hanging On Door Bondage Sex Swing

Utimi-Hanging-On-Door-Bondage-Sex-SwingJust like Sportsheets’ sex swing, Utimi brings us a similar “hang-on-door” model which costs approximately the same. This sex swing features knitted nylon materials which are both comfortable and very safe to use.

The materials were purposefully thickened so as to improve the durability and ensure the longevity of the swing. You might be surprised, but not everyone thinks about the sturdiness of the swing’s construction – imagine if it snapped halfway through the “business”? That’s why I’m recommending you this simple, safe, robust sex swing.

This swing features ankle and thigh adjustable paddings which were specifically designed to hold out under pressure – tight or loose, it’s up to you, but you can rest assured that the straps will remain intact, no matter how rough the game is.

The best thing about this sex swing, however, is the affordability. This might be the cheapest sex swing I’ve come across in my search, but that doesn’t imply that it’s bad, or anything negative on that matter. It doesn’t cost much because it features simple, yet reliable features.

To top it all, this particular sex swing was labeled as the #1 best-selling sex swing at a time, and you can imagine the reason why – affordability, durability, and reliability that can’t even begin to compare to similar models within the same price range.

There’s a catch though – due to the lack of certain mechanisms, this sex swing can’t be used on just any door. You’ll need a sturdy, robust door, or you might have a bad time.

Overall, this sex swing is absolutely great. Despite being cheap, it can easily go toe to toe with some more expensive models. In my humble opinion, this sex swing holds a huge value for the cash.

  • Shamefully cheap – this sex swing is among the cheapest swings on the market.
  • Number 1 best-selling swing – Utimi’s Hang-on-door sex swing was the #1 best-selling sex swing on the market.
  • Incredibly sturdy – reinforced knitted nylon materials can withstand quite a punishment.
  • Great support – the padded features feel very comfortable, and offer the much-needed support for thighs and ankles.
  • Can’t be used on just any door – there are no mechanisms that will ensure the stability of this swing, so make sure you use it on a sturdy, robust door.


5 of 10: Whip Smart Pleasure Swing

Whip-Smart-Pleasure-SwingWhip Smart’s “Wild Cheetah” is pretty hot – this sex swing costs a bit more than average, but it’s surely worth the money. Namely, there are dozens of paddings and straps that allow you to fully customize how your partner feels while bonded.

There are three main “anchor points” – the first one can be used (it’s optional, just like the third one) to strap and bond the upper body. It offers plenty of comfort, but somewhat limits the mobility, so I recommend using this strap if you’re new. As for the second one, that’s the main strap – it’s supposed to hold the lower back and thighs, and you’ll be using it whenever you’re using the Wild Cheetah.

The third strap is also optional, as it bonds the thighs. I highly recommend using it as well, as you’ll benefit from increased stability. The anchor knot is provided with the package, which is a rare, but pleasant surprise.

There are two possible downfalls concerning the Wild Cheetah. First, it costs a bit more than an average sex swing, and second – it supports only 200 pounds. Nevertheless, it offers a unique sex swing experience, and I would label it as the top rated sex swing within the price range any time. Regardless of the downfalls, there’s a plethora of benefits for you to enjoy.

  • Incredible customization – you can customize your sexual experience as you see fit with this magnificent sex swing.
  • Very comfortable – the padded supports feel very gentle to the skin.
  • Durable and reliable – the Wild Cheetah will undoubtedly last you for years, maybe more.
  • Moderately pricey – this sex swing belongs to the medium-expensive price point category.
  • Mediocre supportive strength – this sex swing can support only 200 pounds of weight.


6 of 10: Forbidden Luxury Best Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Bondage Swing

Forbidden-Luxury-Best-Fetish-Fantasy-Series-Fantasy-Bondage-SwingPeople tend to like forbidden things – just remember the biblical example of Adam eating the forbidden fruit. Well, we’re going to talk about something equally juicy and sweet – Forbidden Luxury. That’s the name of the brand which brings us this remarkable sex swing, and, personally, I liked it for thousands of reasons.

The first, most important reason is the outstanding versatility this sex swing offers. Namely, there are no limiters that would hinder your or your partner’s mobility, although there’s plenty of cuffs and bondages to keep you entertained.

There are wrist and ankle cuffs for more fun, and a plethora of adjustable features to fully customize your enjoyment. The straps are made of gentle, yet durable nylon materials, complemented with soft padded stirrups that allow for superb comfortability. The swing is very easy to install and take off – you’ll be done with it in a matter of minutes.

To top it all, the package includes a gratis sexy mask – if you’re into roleplay, this mask will definitely spice things up in your bedroom. There are no drawbacks apart from this sex swing costing a bit beyond the zone of comfort.

Overall, I find this swing incredibly valuable for the cash – it’s one of the most versatile sex swings I’ve ever used, it’s superbly durable, the comfortability it offers is unparalleled, and there are plenty of little odds and ends that help customize the intercourse.

  • One of the most versatile sex swings on the market – there are no limits to sexual positions you and your partner can assume with this remarkable sex toy.
  • Gratis features – you’ll get a bonus sexy mask with the package.
  • Very durable and comfortable – premium-quality nylon material is as durable as it is gentle.
  • Exceptionally valuable for the cash – all things considered, this just might be the best sex swing that money can buy.
  • Costs just a bit above average – it doesn’t cost a fortune, though.


7 of 10: Frisky D’luxe Entry Door Sling

Frisky-D'luxe-Entry-Door-SlingFrisky’s D’luxe door sling is a heavy-duty entry-level door sex swing. Basically, it’s one of the simplest swings I’ve reviewed so far. The seat is made of velvet materials, and it’s ultra comfortable and soft while the thigh straps include additional reinforced paddings.

The manufacturer prides itself on superbly easy setup, and, if I might say, I completely agree. Namely, it took me only a couple of minutes to attach this swing on my door. You should be aware, though, this swing can support quite a lot of weight (approximately 300 pounds), but you won’t get far unless your door is sturdy and robust.

The swing is made of premium-quality heavy-duty nylon materials – if you remember what I’ve said earlier about the importance of durability, you’ll recognize one major benefit this swing offers right here.

Personally, I like how affordable this swing is. It belongs to the cheap price point category, and it’s surely worth giving a shot. The only thing I didn’t like is the seat – you can’t utilize your sex swing to the maximum with a seat, as your mobility and positions you can assume will be somewhat limited.

Other than that, everything seems to be in order. The benefits of this sex swing heavily outweigh the small flaw (the seat), so I highly recommend it to beginners and experienced BDSM lovers alike.

  • Very affordable – this sex swing belongs to the “cheap” price point category.
  • Ultra-durable – Frisky’s D’luxe sex swing features premium-quality heavy-duty nylon materials.
  • Massive supportive strength – this sex swing can hold up to 300 pounds.
  • The seat – benefiting from increased stability at the expense of mobility isn’t exactly as good as it sounds.


8 of 10: Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Series Spinning Fantasy Swing Review

Pipedream-Fetish-Fantasy-Series-Spinning-Fantasy-SwingPipedream’s sex swing from the fantasy series is really something else – this swing will allow you to try out any number of sex positions while maintaining optimal stability.

Furthermore, it’s decently durable, and setting it up is a breeze. As the manufacturer states, this is a swinging type of a sex swing. People who dislike hang-on-door types should definitely give it a go, as it grants even more benefits while costing a couple of bucks extra.

You’ll get a set of heavy-duty bolts and a link chain to adjust the swing wherever you like, but, sadly, the majority of the construction is comprised of plastic materials – you might not be as comfortable in it as, for instance, swings made of nylon or velvet, but you won’t feel awkward, if that worries you.

Despite the mediocre comfortability, this swing excels in all other spheres of performance. It’s exquisitely durable, and it allows you to reap the benefits of increased mobility. Even though it’s not exactly cheap, it’s supremely valuable for the cash.

  • Outstanding level of durability – this sex swing features heavy-duty materials.
  • Great value for the cash – all things considered, the benefits greatly outshine the small flaws that come along the way.
  • Benefit from absolute mobility – unrestricted movements and 360-degree swiveling.
  • Remarkably easy setup – can be done in mere minutes.
  • Mediocre comfortability – the majority of construction features plastic materials.
  • Not exactly cheap – this sex swing belongs to the “medium-expensive” price point category.


9 of 10: Back to 20s Luxury Heavy Duty Indoor Swing

Back to 20s-Luxury-Heavy-Duty-Indoor-Swing

Believe it or not, the SM fetish predates our modern society, and that’s what “Back to 20s” wanted to remind us of, I presume. This sex swing is fancy, and that’s an understatement – it’s the first cotton swing in this review, and it’s the first swing that features a pair of such naughty swing belts.

If you have a keen eye for aesthetics, you’ll definitely like it. I can only say that this swing is as comfortable as they make them, it’s decently affordable, and its durability is beyond satisfactory.

Overall, the only bad thing I managed to notice is the narrow padding – it’s quite insignificant, actually, and you won’t find much use of it. Apart from that, everything’s quite great.

  • Decently affordable – this sex swing belongs to the “medium” price point category.
  • Highly comfortable to use – the premium-quality cotton materials provide a high level of comfortability.
  • Excels in aesthetics – this is one of the most beautiful sex swing models in this review.
  • Unrestricted mobility – this swing can swivel up to 360 degrees with ease.
  • No instructions – you’ll have to figure out how to assemble it on your own.
  • Insignificant padding – you won’t find much use of it, as it’s too narrow to be utilized.


10 of 10: JUTJOY Adult Indoor Sex Swing for Couples

JUTJOY-Adult-Indoor-Sex-Swing-for-CouplesThe last pick in our sex swing list is JUTJOY Adult Indoor Sex Swing. With this little kit in hands, you can come out of the bed and bounce and spin together and make the sexual penetrations more pleasing than ever!

It’s made of a solid steel frame and swivel springs. So, no matter if you’re a skinny, or mid-sized or even a plus size person, JUTJOY will cover up all of your Wight. Now the rest of the fun is entirely up to you and your partner.

With this swing on use, you can explore new dimensions of sex by trying out even the most challenging Kamasutra positions. With every single move you make, you can show your partner that you’re ready for the next level of sexual adventure.

Easy-to-adjust padded nylon restraints are there at the core structure of this sex swing. So, be confident, comfortable and keep pleasing each other for hours. I bet you’ll enjoy every moment of the intimate session to the fullest.

  • Sturdy structure with strong steel frame.
  • Can carry up to 500 lbs. of weight.
  • Brings on a wide variety of sex positions.
  • Padded nylon restraints.
  • Discrete packaging as you purchase it for the first time.
  • A quite no-hassle policy of returning.
  • Doesn’t have any head and neck strap.

How to Use a Sex Swing?

Basically, a sex swing is very easy to use. In most cases, you’ll have to assemble it first, and, depending on the type, you’ll need a couple of minutes, give or take a few. After you’ve assembled your sex swing, you should then decide who is going to be the “submitted one”, or, simply put, who is going to sit bonded in it (note, both males and females can be dominant or submitted).

Use everything you have at your disposal – certain brands provide special cuffs, ropes, and bondages, some even give complementary masks for a true roleplay experience. This will conclude the preparation part.

After everything has been set in place, all you have to do is simply use your imagination to its full extent. Remember, in love in war, everything is permitted, and, in this situation, you’ll be looking at both sides of each.

Buying guide – things to consider before you purchase your sex swing

There aren’t many things you’ll need to worry about as far as sex swings are concerned. First and foremost, you’ll need to address the issue of durability before all else. There isn’t a thing that can ruin your sexual experience as much as a defective sex swing, that I can assure you.

Apart from that, you’ll want to choose a suitable sex swing type – if you want to use it for your travels (where you can’t be sure what you’ll encounter and where you will stay), you should go with the “swiveling swings”, whereas people who want to get kinky at the abodes of their home should go with “hang-on-door” swings.

After the aforementioned criterions have been passed, you should decide how much you are willing to pay for your enjoyment. Some swings are available at a bargain price, costing only as much as $20, but there are high-end models that come with a plethora of features, costing well beyond $100. Your budget will cut the list short, at least.

Last, but definitely not least, you want a versatile sex swing. A versatile sex swing is the one that will allow you to try out any number of sex positions – that’s the reason why they were invented, after all. You could easily tell if a swing is versatile or not by just looking at its construction. If there’s only a few features that aren’t even adjustable, you’re not looking at one, plainly put.


Picking a good sex swing isn’t that hard – you just have to get a rope and a girl that wants to play along. Picking the perfect sex swing, however, isn’t as easy. There are several things you need to consider, and your budget have to permit it before all else.

Anyhow, for as long as you stick with our list of the best sex swings, you’ll have the most exquisite sexual experience in your pocket – feel free to check out the reviews in the sections above, and get as naughty as you possibly can. These contraptions aren’t built for the meek – letting out your wildest fantasy free is the point here.

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