Top 5 Best Sex Pillow Reviews

Are you done with every position and every way of making love to each other? Here’s something that you’ve never explored before. Sex pillows not only make the sexual journey epic and exotic but also add more comfort to both of the partners.

Usually, we use pillows now and then in sex. Maybe just by putting one or two of them under the hips. But tell you, that’s something you are bound to do to achieve may be the right place. But what happens if you love to use a sex pillow every time? Well, we’ll tell you.

  • If you’re up to a regular pillow, you’ve seen them not to carry the weight of your body perfectly. They lose their shape and resultantly, you have to add another one as support.
  • But with a quality sex pillow, are used to be made of high density foam which doesn’t deform under the weight of your body.
  • Sex pillows are able to provide some bounce back while you two are on action. So, deeper penetration, which we all want, is made easier and funnier with them.
  • No matter you’re doing missionary, or oral or doggy, a sex pillow will let you enjoy each stroke of your sex parts.

So, you’ve found a sex pillow exciting, congratulation! In the upcoming part of the content, we’re going to review the pros and cons of the best picks of today’s market. We’ve kept everything including quality, durability, price etc. in mind while selecting the picks. So, keep reading and we’re sure that you’ll be definitely a gainer.

Best Sex Pillows – Comparison Table

Product NameOur RatingPrice
Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo4.8/5
Liberator Jaz Positioning Pillow4.7/5
TOUGHAGE Sex Pillow4.6/5
Wild Nights4.6/5
Bettlefly Toughage4.6/5

Top Rated Sex Pillow Reviews

1 of 5: Liberator 24-Inch Wedge/Ramp Combo Review

Liberator-Wedge/Ramp-ComboHere we go with the topper of our best sex pillow list. The name is Liberator 24-Inch Wedge/Ramp Combo which is from popular sex product manufacturer Liberator.

Well, we have quite a number of reasons to call it best of them all. Firstly, it’s about the awesome feelings the person on it will feel. For being made of high-density foam, covered by a microfiber cover, it feels like softer than ever. While having sex on it, it will definitely a mood maker.

The shape of Liberator Sex Pillow is something that allows infinite number of positions from Kamasutra. Two parts are there to work together or individually when needed. Just use a little imagination and let yourself be astonished with the charm hidden on this pillow.

Later on, it’s about the dimension. Usually, these pillows are quite bulky and therefore, hard to move and store. But comparing to others of this genre, we think that it’s quite perfect in size. As the name suggests, it has two parts of ramps and wedges. The wedge is sized as 14” L x 24” W x 7”H and the ramp has a dimension of 24” L x 24” W x 12” H.

Talking about its maintenance part, you’ll be happy again. It’s made of removable and washable covers which can be washed in washing machines too. Also, a moisture free microfiber cover is a good friend to the skin too.

A few other virtues are there to talk about. But I guess you’ve already figured out how great it is. Also, if we ask us neutrally, we’re pretty happy to recommend it, if you’re happy with the price. 

  • A perfect combo of comfort and support.
  • Two separate parts are teamed up. Can be used individually as well.
  • Allows a great variation in positions.
  • Dense foam will give you more duration and stamina in sex.
  • A smart price comparing to the super features.
  • Slides of in slippery surfaces.
  • Not a good pick for people of ultra-tall height.

2 of 5: Liberator Jaz Positioning Pillow Review

Liberator-Jaz-Positioning-PillowIf you’re an average weighted person who loves variation of charm in sex, I bet you can’t help liking this product. The name is Liberator Jaz Positioning Pillow and it’s ranking the second topper of our sex pillow rankings. And yes, it’s from the same manufacturer of our best one.

Let’s have a look at the unique design and think of what you can do of it! Naughty enough? If not, let us help.

Positions from doggy, oral, missionary, everything is made way easier with this oval shaped Liberator Jaz Positioning Pillow. In fact, for both boys and girls, it will be a perfect place to give and receive oral services.

The more exciting feature is, Jaz provides variation in elevation. So, you can set it right according to your height, favorite position, and variation in position. Charming, isn’t it?

Another reason why sex lovers are fond of this sex pillow from Liberator its price. If engaged in the right way, it can be an infinite source of pleasure. The price of this pillow is very reasonable for its quality.

Thus, it’s our best budget pick of sex pillow list of today’s articles.

  • Has a moisture coaptation on the surface.
  • Sized well with variation in elevation.
  • A number of color choice is available.
  • Great for oral and missionary sex.
  • Not the best pillow for athletic couples.

3 of 5: TOUGHAGE Sex Pillow for Couples Review

TOUGHAGE-Sex-Pillow-for-CouplesA fan of Anal sex? Or want to try sometimes? Here you’ve landed at the right place.

TOUGHAGE Sex Pillow is one of the great sex pillows which is good for every position in sex. But the magic of this happens when you think of the anal sex.

It’s a wedge-shaped sex pillow made of high-graded foam. It’s easy to clean for its cover and easy to store for its size and shape.

We’ve done some study on the reviews of this product online and found out what people love most about TOUGHAGE Sex Pillow for Couples. Its wedge shape is something that holds a set of options to reach out the charm areas of both of the partners. So, worries of reaching maximum penetration can be left behind.

Besides sex, this is a pillow you can use in your daily life. It’s a good place to take rests on and a good support while you’re reading books or something. So, considering its versatility in functions, it’s a multi-purpose pillow for both home and sex.

From our side, TOUGHAGE Sex Pillow for Couples is a good pillow to give it a shot. Also, it’s a budget pick as well.

  • Great adjustability.
  • A pump in inclined to power it up.
  • A playmaker of anal sex.
  • Agronomic design.
  • Can be used in household chores as well.
  • A good pick for the budget.
  • Wedge-shaped to reach out the maximum penetration.
  • Has a typical smell.
  • Not suitable for the tall couples.

4 of 5: Wild Nights Sex Positioning Pillow Review

Wild-Nights-Sex-Positioning-PillowWild Nights Sex Positioning Pillow is our 4th pick of the list and it’s selected in here for a mix of great features. Although, it has some drawbacks as well, which will be discussed later in this review. But let’s explore the perks first.

The greatest inclusion to its feature list is its design. No matter what, it’s important that how your sex pillow looks. If it’s something that turns you on, then why not?

The pillow is designed with perfect angles to make every sexual position possible. The inner liner is designed in such a way that it stays easy to clean and restore. Besides, the design is made to be hygienic.

Another impact of design is its color scheme. Which is beyond what you expect for. It consists of an elegant European design combined with classic neutral colors.

It’s made of dense foam that offers superb flexibility and bounce-back feature. The foam is, however, covered with a velour cover and its rounded corner added more to the look.

As a user, it’s easy to maintain as well. The cover itself is removable and easily washable in machines. Besides, the inner liner of the Nylon inside, are there to protect it from oils. So, in case you love to prefer lubes in sex, it won’t even reach the foam inside.

Now, let me give you some advanced tips to get most pleasure on this pillow. You know that the best rated sex pillow is meant to assist on every sex positions. But still, for each pillow, there are some particular positions that fit best on it. In case of Wild Nights Sex Positioning Pillow, the position is the missionary sex. Which is, one of the most popular ways of engaging lovers sexually.

  • A great visual appeal.
  • Protective from oils and lubes.
  • Easily removable and washable cover.
  • Agronomic design.
  • Meant to provide superb flexibility in sex.
  • A good pick for budget buyers.
  • It’s stiff in nature for some people.
  • Not wide enough to accommodate fat people.

5 of 5: Toughage PF3101 Inflatable Sex Pillow for Couples Review

Toughage-PF3101-Inflatable-Sex-Pillow-for-CouplesWe’re at the last pick of our sex pillow list today. In here, we kept a newer edition of a golden product, which is from popular manufacturer betterfly. And yes, the product itself is Toughage PF3101 Inflatable Sex Pillow for Couples.

At the first look, you can have some similarities in design to our 4th pick of this list. But in deep sense, it’s not. It has its own set of perks which I’m explaining below.

It’s designed in such a way that it goes fine whatever sex positions you have in your mind. No matter you love anal, oral, missionary and whatever else, it will assist you till the extreme pleasure.

It’s soft and safe to use for people of any age. Persons who are seeking for long term pleasure will also find it purposeful. The foam itself is elastic enough to keep bouncing back your strokes for a long time. As a perk, you’ll end up with a full satisfaction of a long-time sexual session.

It’s capable of supporting a quite fair amount of weight till deformation. We didn’t find any right data, but it’s good at handling a weight of 220 pounds.

One last thing I would like to warn you about It can’t handle that much weight in person. So, if both of you are not-so-fat, then it’s something you’d love. Otherwise better give a try to other four sex pillows from our list above.

  • A pillow that has a number of sex positions to support.
  • Quite lightweight and sturdy to move and store.
  • Can use as a back support while you’re not up to sex.
  • This pillow can support up to 200 lbs.
  • No space to hold sex toys.
  • The hand pump is so dumb to be praised.

Best Sex Pillow Buying Guideline

Shape and Possible Positions
You’re supposed to enhance the pleasure of sex by new to newer tryouts in positions. So, observe the design and try to figure out what possible positions you and your partner can get into. Make sure your favorite position is comfortable with the pillow you decide to buy.

Material and Its Elasticity
It’s important that how good the material is of and how can it assist with its elasticity. So, the material quality of the foam, it’s density, elasticity etc.

Safety and Easy-to-clean Feature
No matter what, you won’t compromise with the safety. So, make sure your sex pillow has ample space to hold you and your parent and enough capacity to carry out both of your weights. Also, another important factor is how easy it is to clean. Make sure the material and the cover are easily removable, cleanable and hygienic in nature. Otherwise, it can be reasons of decrement in lifespan of the pillow.

The Cover
The only part of the pillow that comes in direct contact with your body is the cover. So, make sure the pillow you’re choosing, has a soft and smooth cover, with a good design. Also, make sure you can remove the cover easily and it’s easy to clean in washing machines.

Final Verdict

Now that, you’ve gone through all of the best sex pillow lists of the current market and have gathered the knowledge about features pros and cons. It’s only about sorting out your personal preferences like size, color and budget and you’re ready for a sexual pleasure of next level.

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