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Whenever we think of sex toys, it’s (nearly) always the vibrators that come to mind – those phallus-like thingies women use to pleasure themselves called dildos, but did you know that men aren’t excluded from this form of self-pleasure?

Well, I’m personally a bit new to this kind of fetishism, as I’ve always preferred the pleasures of “real flesh”, and in a traditional way, mind you. However, it would be an understatement to say that I was “shocked” in a very positive way when I found out what male masturbators are.

Basically, these are fabricated artificial vaginas which will improve your masturbation experience in more ways than you could imagine.

There are millions of types and models on the market, and I can only imagine that you’d feel uncomfortable receiving a box with triple “X” and naughty babes, but let me assure you, ordering and using a male masturbator is quite a normal thing nowadays.

Not only bachelors, but married couples too use them to spice up their bedroom atmosphere, so if I managed to pique just a portion of your interest, take a look at the best male masturbator picks I’ve compiled for you.

Best Male Masturbator Comparison Table

NameMasturbator typeComfort levelPrice
Fleshlight Original Flashlight-type masturbatorVery smooth and comfortable to use
PNBBAircraft-cup type masturbator with 4 insert pointsRemarkably smooth and gentle
Utimi EmulationalCupped designVery smooth and tight
Tracy's DogRealistic mouth type, cupped designSmooth, tight, a bit peculiar because of the “teeth”
ZEMALIA ChunQinPocket-like cupped male masturbatorReal-like texture, superb softness, medical-grade materials

Top Rated Male Masturbator Reviews

Fleshlight Original Male Masturbator

Fleshlight-Original-Male-MasturbatorFleshlight is “responsible” for numerous series and generations of high-quality sex toys. They refer to their products as “Fleshlight Girls”, and their catalogue includes the Abella Danger Zone, Quickshot, Flight Aviator, but nothing beats the real deal – the original “Pink Lady”.

The Pink Lady is one of the most conventional, real-like sex toys I’ve ever used. It features a “flashlight” body with an artificial vagina on top, which makes it incredibly easy to use.

There are two variations of this model that differ in thickness – the “original” is moderately thick, and it gives a silky smooth feel. The “thick” edition is substantially “thicker”, which is ideal for people who already know how to utilize their sex toys to their max.

The only thing people say is bad about the Pink Lady in “super tight” edition is, well, that it’s too tight for some people. In fact, some have stated that they’ve found it nearly impossible to “go in”. Personally, I don’t share the same thoughts with those people who say it’s too thick or tight, as a little lube goes a long way in these situations.

On the other hand, others report that the Pink Lady gets really messy really fast, so it’s quite a pain to clean up after you’re done. On this I have to agree – this is certainly a flaw, especially if you’re masturbating multiple times a day, but on a brighter side, it’s the only flaw the Pink Lady has.

Lastly, I liked that the materials “Fleshlight” used to make the Pink Lady feature non-toxic, phthalate-free ingredients. That was quite a relief, as these things can be annoying, irritating (to the full extent of the word), and quite dangerous, given the circumstances.

Overall, the Pink Lady is among the best male masturbator models you could find for the buck. It does the job exceptionally well, it’s not too expensive, and the minor flaws it comes with aren’t that big of a deal.

  • Very comfortable and easy to use
  • Non-toxic phthalate-free materials
  • Plain, straightforward “flashlight” design
  • Available in “normal” and “super tight” variations
  • Superb value for the money
  • The “super tight” will require a lot of lube to feel as comfortable
  • Messy, cleanups might take up a lot of your time

PNBB Male Masturbation Realistic Vagina

PNBB®-Male-MasturbationNow, here’s an interesting one – I’ve heard people with more experience with sex toys talk about innovative masturbation contraptions, but I’ve never thought that someone would make a toy with four channels. These four “channels” are two vaginas and to anuses, which means that you’re in for a lot of fun should you consider PNBB’s male sex toy.

Basically, this is not your average “conventional” male sex toy. It’s bigger than most male toys you’ll see, it features more holes, so it’s safe to assume that you’ll experience a different kind of masturbation once you start using it.

Let’s start with the price – most sex toy beginners feel reluctant to buy a “toy” which costs over $30-$40, and that’s totally reasonable. That leads us to one of the main reasons why this is one of my top picks of male sex toys – the PNBB male masturbator belongs to the “medium” price range, and it can be considered as fairly valuable for the cash.

What’s more, the innovative design of this masturbator is sure to spice up your fetishes, but what really got me is the build of this remarkable model.

Namely, it features body-safe silicone materials which are completely odour-free. Believe me, there’s hardly something that can ruin your experience as much as the smell of burnt rubber mixed with semen. That’s just one of the pluses of this model.

You might remember the flaw of Pink Lady I mentioned earlier – it’s very hard to clean up after using it. Now, that’s not the case with PNBB’s masturbator. It features waterproof, silky smooth materials which are remarkably easy to clean.

Frankly, I’ve read about the “compact” shape of this sex toy somewhere, and I beg to disagree. It’s bulky and big, and I mean really, really bulky. Anyhow, that was sort of expected from a 4-hole male masturbator.

Secondly, the “anal” holes appear to be way too small. I didn’t dare try to insert a finger inside out of fear of it getting stuck in there.

All things considered, I really liked the uniqueness behind the design of this male sex toy. The vaginal holes felt really comfortable, and there’s a huge plus for easy cleaning due to waterproof materials. The price seems fair, so I’d feel bold enough to say that this is the top male masturbator in the “medium” price point category.

  • Four holes, two for anal, two for vaginal masturbation
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Fully waterproof features allow for simple cleanup right after you finish
  • Body-safe silicon material
  • Looks very nice, pumps up your drive in mere seconds
  • Very bulky design
  • The anal holes are very, very thick

Utimi Emulational Anal Sex Masturbation Cup for Male Masturbation

Utimi-Emulational-Anal-Sex-Masturbation-CupEven before I got my first male masturbator I’ve heard many stories about Utimi and their products. They’re just that famous, and for a good reason too. It’s safe to say that there’s not a brand that makes sex toys as good as these guys.

The “Utimi’s Emulational Anal Sex masturbation cup” is one of the best rated male masturbator models I’ve ever used – the hole is very thick, but gentle, the TPR combined with environmental ABS felt like a piece of heaven cupped neatly in a convenient little package, and the simple design makes things much easier for everyone.

Let’s start off with materials – TPR was used for additional tenderness and softness, if I may hazard a guess while the environmental ABS comprises the cup’s exterior (the part you’ll be holding while you pleasure yourself).

We’ve seen Fleshlight’s Pink Lady, so we have a clear picture of what a good vagina-type male masturbator is – Utimi’s Emulational Anal Sex masturbation cup is a tight anal-type masturbator, and it feels so very good, if I might add.

If you’re steel feeling uncomfortable with how sex toys look like, Utimi figured out a solution for that as well. Namely, the design of this remarkable anal toy features a cap which can cover the entire “naughty” part. Suffice to say, only people who are using these “toys” will know what’s it all about, so your secrets are safe.

What’s more, the price of Utimi’s Emulational Anal Sex masturbation cup is very, very fair. Much like the PNBB’s 4-channel sex toy, this model belongs to the “medium” price point category, but they’re hardly comparable since they’re two completely different “toys”.

Now, I feel obliged to share one negative experience I’ve had with this male sex masturbator since we talked about its benefits so far. The TPR used to construct the exterior of this remarkable sex toy features oils which, if not tended to properly, can produce mold.

Overall, it’s safe to say that Utimi’s Emulational Anal Sex masturbation cup doesn’t feature any flaws if you’re careful with how you use it. The “mold” problem can be easily avoided with proper care. If you’re looking for a tight, soft male masturbator, you’ve found one right here.

  • User-friendly, discreet design
  • Very tight and comfortable to use
  • Fairly easy to clean up after you’re done
  • Decently affordable
  • The TPR will let out certain oils if you’re being too rough, which can produce mold in turn

Tracy’s Dog Masturbator Cup Realistic Mouth with Teeth and Tongue

Tracy's-Dog-Masturbator-Cup-Realistic-Mouth-with-Teeth-and-TongueTracy’s Dog “mouth with teeth and tongue” gave off a good impression right off from the start. We’ve all experienced some difficulties with “teeth action” at some point in our past, if you know what I mean, but most guys have grown quite a fetish for nibbles and occasional bites every now and then.

The Tracy’s Dog male masturbator is among the most realistic male sex toys I’ve had the pleasure of using just for that reason. The basic “blowjob stroker” is already great, but you’ll be able to get it in “hands-free” edition for a couple bucks extra, although I don’t recommend the third option if you’re new to sex toys (which comes with a bonus cock ring – you’ll need some time to adjust to the pressure).

This outstanding male masturbator is made with ultra-soft TPE materials (reminder – just like Utimi’s anal masturbator) which boast superb comfortability, but it can leak if you are too rough. The entire masturbator is textured with real-life lips and teeth, so I feel safe enough to declare it as one of the great male masturbator models in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

The only possible problem you could have with this male masturbator is the peculiar feel produced by the “teeth”. As I’ve said already, most guys like it, but some might not.

Apart from that, everything’s top-notch. If you’re searching for the masturbator that comes as close to the “real deal” as possible, I highly recommend Tracy’s Dog men masturbator.

  • Available in three style variations, including the basic package, the “hands-free” masturbator, and the stoker & cock ring combo
  • Ultra-smooth body-safe TPE materials
  • Skin-like pliable feel
  • 3D textured for the ultimate experience
  • The teeth and tongue features might not feel so good if you don’t like them in real-life situations
  • The addition of a cock ring within the bundle is not so good for beginners

ZEMALIA ChunQin Male Masturbators Vagina Pocket Man Masturbation Sex Toy

ZEMALIA-ChunQin-Male-Masturbators-Vagina-Pocket-Man-Masturbation-Sex-ToyThe last masturbator for men in this review comes from Zemalia and bears the name of ChunQin pocket sex toy. Personally, I seldom trust underdog brands, but I’ve made an exception with this one, and, suffice to say, I was very lucky.

This sex toy comes in a discreet packaging – I understand that most sex toy enthusiast value their privacy, so the plain-box shipping is just one of the perks of owning this male masturbator.

Furthermore, the inner texture of this sex toy features a realistic, life-like feel, and saying that it feels so very real would be an understatement. Zemalia’s male masturbator is made of medical-grade silicone materials which leave no odour behind.

Now, this part is very interesting – some interior parts of this sex toy are detachable, which significantly reduces the effort you’ll need to invest to clean up after.

Personally, the price is what attracted me to this masturbator. This is the only sex toy in this review that’s in the “affordable” price point category – it holds a massive value for the cash, even if we’re to neglect the fact that it comes at a ridiculously cheap price.

There’s one thing I need to tell you, though. This sex toy isn’t as comfortable as Utimi’s anal masturbator or Tracy’s Dog “teeth and tongue”. Regardless, I highly recommend it to beginners who want to have a taste of what it feels like using a sex toy for the first time.

  • One of the cheapest high-quality male masturbators on the market
  • Stretchy and durable materials
  • Medical-grade silicone build
  • Very easy to clean due to detachable parts
  • Makes a great gift idea
  • Mediocre comfortability

How to use a male masturbator?

In essence, using a male masturbator could be described as “putting your penis inside the toy”. Of course, this plain definition wouldn’t help you at all if you’re completely new to the concept of male masturbators, which is just one of the reasons why I came up with this small guide.

First of all, you’ll need to know that nearly all male masturbators need to be lubed up before you use them. The reason for this is quite plain – most sex toys are made of skin-like materials, but the friction would hurt you if you don’t apply enough lube.

Other than that, you just need to relax, enjoy in yourself, and clean up afterwards. The latter is very important, though – if you don’t clear your masturbator, there’s a chance that it will mold up.

How to pick the best male masturbator

Most people know that sex toys are very plain in nature. They serve a simple, straightforward purpose, and picking one shouldn’t be too hard, right? Well, that statement is as wrong as can be. This guide will, hopefully, shed some light on the issue.


The materials are, perhaps, the single most important factor which can give us a clear picture of how good a masturbator really is. Most male sex toys are made of medical-grade silicone, TPE materials, and such.

It’s important that these skin-like materials don’t stink after you’ve used your sex toy. Those sex toys you’re after feature odourless qualities – the top 5 male masturbators above all pass this criterion.


In essence, there are anal and vaginal sex toys, but there are also combo masturbators (vaginal & anal holes). Just like in real life, anal sex toys are tighter than vaginal, which is the only thing you need to keep in mind.

Pay close attention when looking for combo masturbators – they’re often bigger and bulkier, so they’re usually harder to use.


You’d be surprised at how durability affects the performance of a sex toy. If the “hole” gets punctured, it wouldn’t be able to provide you with a pleasurable experience. What’s more, you can imagine the mess you’d have to clean up if your male masturbator ended up torn after the job is done.

Durable male masturbators are made of smooth materials, but they’re often “cupped” with a flashlight-like exterior for additional protection against slippage of semen. Even though it might sound minor, this is a major issue most people who own budget sex toys face sooner or later.


It’s safe to say that there are millions and millions of male sex toys you can find online, but are they any good? Only a handful of budget sex toys deserve consideration, which is why I’ve made this list of the best male masturbator models you could find for the buck.

If you ask me, I’d always go with Fleshlight Original Male Masturbator. It looks great, feels even better, and it comes at an affordable price. Others are also very good, especially when we consider the fact that they all belong to the same price range (more or less), so don’t hesitate to browse through the buying guide and my reviews – the masturbator you’re looking for is there, guaranteed.

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