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One of the most natural things that happens when a woman gets amused is, she becomes wet. It’s a natural blessing for vaginas that’s automatically created by the female body. But the question is, if there is already a natural lubrication, why they even need an additional one?

Worry not, the mystery we’re going to reveal right now.

I know that the amount of lubrication a female vagina produces is well enough to go on. But not always things work as you expect them to do. Many women are out there who can’t get it right when it comes to vaginal lubrication. Can you think about the miseries they are going through?

Such lacking in natural lubrication can lead to vaginal pain, irritation, lack of confidence in sex and in worst case, Genophobia, a fear to sexual relation in subconscious mind.

Who wants all that troubles in a healthy sexual relationship between you and your partner?

So, a wise woman will decide to play at the safe side and keep any possibilities of vaginal dryness 100 feet away. If you ask me, all these hassles can be magically solved by choosing the best lube for women.

There come two tasks to adopt the prescription that we talked about. Firstly, you have to understand the type of your vaginal health and find out a perfect match of best lubricant. Secondly, apply the lube decently each time you get intimate with your partner.

To make it easier, we’ve worked hard on the First task of researching out an awesome female lubricator. Here in this list, we’ve researched the most promising female lubes in budget and reviewed then in an ascending order.

Take a deep breath and keep reading till you find your right match-

Best Lubricant for Women – Comparison Table

Product NameOur RatingPrice
Pink Silicone Lubricant4.8/5
Ocean Sensuals [G] Personal Lubricant4.7/5
Nooky Lubes4.7/5
RepHresh Vaginal Gel4.7/5
Personal Lubricant by Anjou4.6/5
Maple Holistics Lube 4.6/5

Top Rated Lube for Women Reviews

1 of 6: Pink Silicone Lubricant for Women Review

Pink-Silicone-Lubricant-For-WomenIf you don’t’ want your lube to affect your sensitive skin in negative ways, Pink Silicone Lubricant for Women if right there for you.

If you’re done with all those water based, oil based lubes, it’s time to meet the big shot of silicon based lubes for women. Having a look at the list of ingredients, I found the lube to be fortified with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and surely can say that that will play enough to heal and moisturize your sensitive areas.

Pink Silicon knows that the size matters, and therefore, comes up with two different sizes for different occasions.

Pink Silicone contains all those features that you may ever desire. It’s completely tasteless, non-perfumed, doesn’t slicks at all and what not? If you ask me personally, I won’t hesitate for even a while to strongly recommend this product.

Lastly, to ensure that no lube get wasted unexpectedly, this lubricant comes with a lock-in-pump with an agronomic bottle design. The strongly embedded cover cap ensure that no leaks are happening while you’re on the go.

  • Made of 100% medical graded formula.
  • Requires small amount of application.
  • Doesn’t harm pregnancy.
  • No taste, odor or perfume.
  • Water resistant.
  • Silky soft texture.
  • Offers a good price.
  • A bit of left over remains after thorough use.
  • Causes rash if left uncleaned.

2 of 6: Ocean Sensuals [G] Personal Lubricant Review

Ocean-Sensuals-[G]-Natural-Female-Stimulating-GelOcean Sensuals [G] is a quality lube from DreamBrand, which has a wide array for adult health products. The most admirable part of this lube is, it’s completely made of natural ingredients and received no such issues like skin burning, allergenic side-effects etc.

Let’s dig down deeper and explore other shades of this great lubricant for women-

Like I said before, the ingredient list of Ocean Sensuals [G] is rich of 100% health-friendly natural inpatients. Propanediol, Carrageenan, L-Arginine, Niacin, Evening Primrose oil, Menthol and Citric Acid are on the list of core ingredients. Each of them has their own share of healthcare to the sensitive parts of women’s body.

Next on, let’s focus on how will it work on enhancing your sexual pleasure. By applying this lube on the sexual parts like vagina, clitoris or anal, it actively stimulates sensitivity and brings on stronger orgasms. An intense orgasm, fulfilling the lacking of natural lubrication and yet, no harm to skin- what else can you expect from your personal lubricant?

One tiny problem I can warn you about Ocean Sensuals [G]. A few women are there among us who won’t mind a sensual lubrication at the sex spots, but hate it if there is a cooling menthol effect. As you have seen in the ingredient list, there is menthol in Ocean Sensuals [G] and if you hate cooling effect at vagina, Ocean Sensuals [G] is not for you.

Considering all those features and benefits, it stands to be a string remedy to all sort of sexual problems like vagina dryness, low sexual drive, hormonal imbalances and low female libido. So, if you have any of these now and then, go grab Ocean Sensuals [G] asap!

  • Made of 100% natural supplements.
  • No side-effects on even the most sensitive skins.
  • Stringer, intense and quicker orgasm guaranteed.
  • No tacking or sticking around.
  • Odorless and tasteless.
  • A few drops are fine to carry on an entire intercourse.
  • Works well with all sort of condoms.
  • Affordable price.
  • Some may not like the menthol cooling effect.

3 of 6: Nooky Lubes 32oz Review

Nooky-LubesWe have preserved our third pick of best lubricant for women specially for those women who don’t like oil based lubricant. Nooky Lubes 32oz is a water-based lubricating lotion is one of the best picks as long as people’s reviews are concerned. It’s not from that much giant company like previous two lubes, but you know what? That couldn’t stop people from loving this lube so much.

The first look of the lubricant will leave its impression with a black, elegant and discrete pump bottle. With no risk or splitting or leaking out you can keep it anywhere or take anywhere in your handbag.

The second fact that caught attention of me is its duration. Typically, we are not used to see a water based lube requests re-application in more than after 10 minutes of sex. But the duration of Nooky Lubes 32oz is amazing! Many of the users have claimed that a few drops of Nooky Lubes 32oz was well enough for having a 30 minutes pleasure. Wow!

Later on, it comes to ingredients. I don’t want to give the entire details here, just let me tell you the best part of it. Among the ingredients, there is no parabens or petrochemicals that can harm sensual skins. It’s made in such way that you can use with any kind of sex toys. And lastly, it leaves no residue at all.

Nooky Lubes 32oz is a bit expensive comparing the other similar. It has two different packaging of 16 ounces and 32 ounces and both of them are a bit pricey. Still, if you worry about the money, buy a 32 ounces Nooky Lubes and I hope you’ll never regret your investment.

  • Silky and smooth sensation.
  • 100% water based and no harmful at all.
  • Does fine with all types of sex toys.
  • Comes in a shiny black, leak-proof bottle.
  • No residue is left over.
  • Easy to clean, just with a rinse of water.
  • Completely colorless and tasteless.
  • Asks for a little bit of more price.

4 of 6: RepHresh Vaginal Gel Review

RepHresh-Vaginal-GelIf you’re looking for a vaginal lube which will work not only as a lube, but also a medical improvement to the health of your sex organ, RepHresh Vaginal Gel is the one you might look for. Out of many skin diseases of vagina, Bacterial Vaginosis is a pretty common one. And so far, an average user is concerned, it works great against that disease. Thanks to the manufacturer of RepHresh Vaginal Gel.

As usual, we will check the effectiveness of the ingredients of this lube first. The list contains Turmeric, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Lactobcillus Reuteri, Cloves and many on. I know the scientific names may look terrible to you to understand its effectiveness. But trust me, I’ve researched on each of them and I promise, they are of no harm.

But one thing I would like to warn about, if you are a wannabe user of RepHresh Vaginal Gel. Always, in every sexual intercourse, don’t forget to use it in a limited amount of dietary supplementation.

Another amazing fact I’ve figured out that only a single drop of RepHresh Vaginal Gel is well enough for you. I am not saying that one drop of it will keep you lubricated and ready-to-sex always. What I mean is, for next three days of application, it will fight against the itching, door and irritation.

Like I said before, it’s not only a perfect lubricant for women, but also a healthcare blessing for women who face such problems.

  • Extremely long lasting.
  • A pH-proof healthy vaginal lube.
  • Estrogen-free.
  • Fights against feminine discomfort.
  • Clinically proved sexual health companion.
  • Not for women under 18.
  • Little bit pricey.

5 of 6: Personal Lubricant by Anjou Review

Personal-Lubricant-by-AnjouI’ve seen users to provide overwhelming to the performance of this peculiar lube. Specially, comparing to any 8oz vaginal lubes, it lasts for more than two times more.

Due to lack of information, we didn’t have that much of research work on the ingredient list, but we somehow got confirmed that it doesn’t have any harmful materials like propylene glycol etc. Instead, it has such elements like cellulose gum, methylparaben, propylparaben, glycerin and water.

It’s a water based lube and has every virtue that you can demand on a water based lube. In addition, it has managed to overcome the durability issues that had been a major problem of water-based lubes for a long time.

Lastly, where a lot of lubes are there which are good in decreasing the friction, but not smart in healthcare issues. Anjou peronal has got no such isues like this. It takes care of the intimate pleasure, and also leave its good marks on the skin of your vagina also. Doesn’t stain and very easy to cleanup. 

  • Comes in a pretty decent amount for the price.
  • 100% water-based.
  • Contains no harmful ingredients.
  • Has a lot of positive health benefits?
  • Cheap in price.
  • Doesn’t taste good.

6 of 6: Maple Holistics Lube Review

Maple-Holistics-LubeEventually, we are at the end of the best lubricant for women reviews of today. As the last pick, we have decided to review Maple Holistics Lube for Women, a popular but yet, not so trendy lube of 2017. Due to its a few negative aspects, we were bound to provide it a last ranking in our list.

Let’s explore more of Maple Holistics Lube’s features and benefits-

Like the last pick, it’s a water based and pH-balanced lube. It’s made of no harmful but organic materials and avoids elements like dangerous preservatives and paraben etc. As the other ingredients, there are Organic Aloe Vera, Carrageenan, Aqua and more. So, feel free to give it a try.

Got done with the ingredients. Come to the performance now.

As long as our research team is concerned, Maple Holistics is a good performer when it comes to fight again vaginal dryness and lack of lubricity.

As lubes has got a good amount of wastage because of leaking-proof bottles, we are concerned about this issue while reviewing Maple Holistics Lube. But fortunately, it comes with a cutting-edge squeeze bottle technology.

Another benefit is, this lube is perfect for young and sensitive skin. Don’t get me wrong and think that I am inspiring pre-mature sex. I am just describing the feature of Maple Holistics Lube.

As last benefit of this, we found it safe to use with condoms.

  • 100% natural ingredients.
  • Fit for both men and women.
  • Comes with squeeze lube technology.
  • Specially prepared for sensitive skins.
  • Safe with condoms and sex toys.
  • It’s complained to stain after use.
  • Price is way more than what it offers.

Final Verdict

We know that sexual relationships are one precious part of women’s adulthood. Keeping that in mind, we’ve tried our best to fetch out the best lubricant for ladies that meets both ends of satisfaction and price. As you’re already aware of pros and cons of all our selections, now it’s your turn to take your sexual life into another dimension.

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