Best Lube for Sensitive Skin: My Top 5 Choices and a Detailed Guide

Best-Lube-for-Sensitive-SkinSensitive skins are bothersome and people with one always have to be a bit more careful to their skin. But when it comes to a sensitive vagina and vulva skin, things are way more complicated. Apart from regular problems like genital irritation, itch, and infection, the most suffering causes during the sex. And that’s the obvious reason of using a best lube for sensitive skin each time you go making love.

We know that there are not so many lube options for a woman/man with sensitive skins and we have reasons. As you know, your vaginal and genital sensation to either perfume or chemicals or both. So, when you know your preferences, we strongly recommend not to pick anything out of that range.

Before that, it’s important that you have ample idea on what’s the available options for you right now. And in case you are new to this, you need an expert hand for that. That’s what we’ve done for you.

In today’s review, we’ve decided to do some care to those tiny group of our readers who have the sensitive skin of sexual parts of the body. From the most recommended products and their consecutive reviews, we strongly believe that you’ll find a right fit for your need and budget.

Let’s begin-

Best Lube for Sensitive Skin – Comparison Table

Product NameOur RatingPrice
Isabel Fay Water Based Lube4.8/5
Penchant Premium - Silicone Based4.8/5
Kinkly Lubricant for Sensitive Skin4.7/5
Maple Holistics Natural Lubricant4.6/5
Genneve Lubricant for Sensitive Skin4.6/5

Top Rated Lube for Sensitive Skin Reviews

1 of 5: Isabel Fay Water Based Lube Review

Isabel-Fay-Water-Based-LubeWe were in a dilemma while picking our first pick of this list of best lube for sensitive skin, because of the unmixed features in every popular pick of market. But thanks to Isabel Fay, for having such an effective product. The name is Isabel Fay Water Based Lubricant for Sensitive Skin and it expresses much of its benefits just by the name.

Let’s explore more!

Isabel Fay is not at the top of our list not because of any particular virtue, but for a perfect mix of everything you can desire for your sensitive skin in a lube. Firstly, it’s ultra-choosy when I t comes to ingredients. No parabens, no glycerines or any other material that can cause allergy or irritation. Being manufactured and packed in USA standards, there is no scope that you can complain with its ingredients. In a nutshell, it’s an all-natural production from the famous manufacturer.

Next on, it’s about the odorless or flavor. So far, the experts I’ve talked about it, people with sensitive skin doesn’t like any flavor or smell in the lube as they cause burns etc. Therefore, with this colorless or odorless lube in hands, you can’t be any happier.

Some of us like the lube to play with sex toys and condoms. Isabel Fay kept that in mind and made this lube as condom and sex toy friendly.

In fact, let me tell you the most satisfying fact that I feel about this product. The product itself is a happy mix of all of the desired features. But the most important fact is, it gives you all it promises. As a company itself, Isabel Fay has kept their years-long tradition of 100% customer satisfaction.

So, you can give it a try and I think it’ll be your and your partner’s lifetime sex companion. 

  • 100% water based and pH neutral.
  • Made of all-natural ingredients.
  • No gluten, paraben, hormones or glycerin.
  • Prepared and manufactured in the USA.
  • No stickiness or thickness.
  • Easy to clean and store.
  • Offers in a charming price.
  • Some users want it to have some sweetness in taste.
  • A bit thin in nature.

2 of 5: Penchant Premium – Silicone Based Review

Penchant-Premium-Intimate-Lubricants-for-Sensitive-SkinSilicon based lube has some perks over others that water based lubes can’t promise. For example, if you and your partner are quite passionate lover, then you prefer long lasting intercourse with a lube that supports for that long. But choosing a lube that stays long and doesn’t burn your sensitive vagina is hard to find.

However, to put an end to the crisis, we’ve found something that meets all of the desires mentioned above. The name it Penchant Premium – Silicone Based Lube and it’s from an established manufacturer named Penchant.

First and foremost benefit of this charming lube is it lasts for so long, even after a 20-30 minutes session, it won’t get sticky. It’s the longest lasting silicon-based lube for sensitive skin that I recognize.

At the elegant and stylish packaging, you’ll fall in love with this product at first glance. It looks like a high-end moisturizer bottle that you don’t have to hide.

To make sure that it doesn’t cause any harm to your sensitive vagina, this has an approval from FDA 510K safety standards.

As many of the silicon-based lubes are unliked because of the hassle in the cleanup process, this lube isn’t accused of that. It doesn’t stain that much and can be cleaned just with the rinse of water.

But a few precautions you need to think about before using it. In those long-lasting sexual intercourses, you need to apply this lube with care in a least amount. Because too much of such lubes may leave residue inside you. Which is not good for a sensitive vagina at all?

  • One of the finest silicon-based lube for sensitive skins.
  • No odor or color.
  • Doesn’t stain that much.
  • Comes is a white agronomic bottle.
  • Easy to clean and rinse.
  • Longer lasting than any water-based lube.
  • Requires frequent application.
  • The bottle isn’t 100% leak proof.

3 of 5: Kinkly Water-Based Lubricant for Sensitive Skin Review

Kinkly-Water-Based-Lubricant-for-Sensitive-Skin You know that there is always something in the market that is quite recent but promises way more quality than some of those ‘Evergreen’ products. Talking about top lube for sensitive skin, we found something trendy that’s going to be popular in no time. It’s called Personal Lubricant for Sensitive Skin from Kinkly.

If you want to wake up every inch of your body and respond to your lover with full passion, there is no alternative of a lube that ensures no dryness in sexual organs. Kinkly water-based lube is one magic that does the same to your sensitive but still, dry vagina. It’s just an alternative to your natural lubrication process.

It’s made of a completely health-friendly water-based formula that goes soft with your sensitive skin of the vagina. No latex, hypoallergenic and safe to use anytime towards ultimate pleasure. As an additional perk, it’s okay with sex toys too.

The effectiveness of this product is something that I can’t resist mentioning. To many of sensitive skins, dryness is an additional curse. But guess what, Personal Lubricant from Kinkly promises you to minimize the friction and dryness to a minimum. You can concentrate on pleasing your partner instead.

One fact may leave you in dilemma. I don’t know if you like some sweet fragrance in the lube or no smell at all. But somehow if you want it to be sweet smelling, I bet you’ll definitely be a fan of this product. In case you’re not, then you may move to our best pick.

  • Made for minimizing vaginal dryness.
  • Water-based and contains no harmful ingredients.
  • Doesn’t stain at all.
  • Soft and silky lubricating effect.
  • No glycerin, latex or paraben.
  • A good price that sticks to the promises.
  • Contains a sweet fragrance that some may not like.
  • Need frequent re-application.

4 of 5: Maple Holistics Natural Lubricant Review

 Maple-Holistics-Natural-Lubricant We are about to discuss the fourth one in our list and we’ve got something named Maple Holistics Personal Lubricant. Personally, I wanted to give this a higher ranking because of the set of health-friendly features it offers. But because of some minor issues(that I’ll mention later), I kept it here at fourth. Anyways, let’s start exploring its details.
At the first look, it doesn’t create that much impression with its ordinary-looking bottle. But when I explored what’s inside, it really dropped my jaw.

In the preparing formula of this lube, they had ingredients like Aloe Vera, Carrageenan and many others with a perfectly pH balanced formula. With this much health-friendly elements, it’s going to take care of both your vaginal health and of course, sexual pleasure.

As you’re a person with sensitive skin, vaginal dryness or irritation should be 100% sealed with no major side effects on the skin. With food grade preservatives combined with Aloe Vera, it will be all about keeping the vaginal dryness. No harm or re-application will take place.

Many products, in fact, one from this list has not-so-smart bottle designs which cause leakage in it. But with squeeze tube technology, the bottle of Maple Holistics is 100% guaranteed for no accidental loss or leak.

Last good thing about this product is, it’s not narrowed down for the user of any particular age. Starting from a 19 years old teenager to old couples, all will love it much.

Now I like mentioning some of the negative points of this lube. It causes a mild burn after a few minutes of use. Although it’s tolerable, still if you think you can’t undergo that mild burn, think again about purchasing this. Secondly, it’s quite pricey.

  • Contains natural ingredients.
  • 100% water based.
  • Comes in a squeeze-tube bottle.
  • Takes care of the vaginal infection and dryness.
  • Easy to clean and re-use.
  • Quite expensive.
  • Causes mild burning.

5 of 5: Natural Personal Lubricant for Sensitive Skin by genneve Review

Genneve-Lubricant-for-Sensitive-SkinIf you already know what should be picking criteria of a best lube for sensitive skin, then you know already that you should avoid anything that has excessive pH value, contains ingredients like parabens, glycerin or any kinds of perfumes. And the good news is, Personal Lubricant by genneve is Glycerin free, Paraben free, Hormone free and Fragrance free and that’s why we love this so much.

Behind keeping this Personal Lubricant by genneve at one of our picks, we had several other strong reasons. You’ll see yourself-

The sensitive sexual area is quite a problem of women comparing to men. And the good news is the manufacturer of this lube, Genneve is more than an expert on female health. They are always up to providing women to feel awesome with their bodies. So, using a product from them is nothing less than being recommended by your personal doctor.

It will take you a few bucks more than what other lubes would take. But I am more than sure that its benefits and features worth it.

Before you end with a 110% impression, let me warn you about one little problem. If you’re fond of long-term sex, this lube can get sticky after like 20 minutes of use. But applying some more drops of this lube can overcome with that. So, not to worry!

  • A perfect lube designed for women with sensitive skins.
  • 100% natural ingredients.
  • pH balanced.
  • Contains no harmful ingredients like parabens, glycerin etc.
  • Takes care of the vaginal health.
  • Offers quite a high price.
  • Gets sticky in between long sexual

Best Lube for Sensitive Skin Buying Guideline

Stay Away from Harmful Ingredient

While buying a sexual lube, the first and foremost thing you should care about is your sensitive skins. There is a list of ingredients that are present in many lubes, and are harmful to sensitive vaginas. Top of the included Spermicides, Capsaicin, Glycerin, parabens etc.

How Long It Can Keep You Pleased

Lubes that are friendly to sensitive skins, often are water-based. And in case of water-based lubes, there is a common problem of not being so long lasting. But if you want it to be so, you should rather choose the perfect lube for sensitive skin that’s made of silicon. Still, keep an eye on the negative effects that can cause irritation or burns to your sensitive skin.

How Leak Proof the Bottle Is

This particular buying factor isn’t only for sensitive skins, bit for all who want to make intercourse more enjoyable. If the bottle doesn’t have some sort of technique to make it leak proof, it can cause irritating moments while you’re carrying it somewhere on the go.

Fragrance or Not?

It’s up to your personal preference that you like some sweet smell in the lube or not. In our lube list, we’ve kept both of the products that contain smell and doesn’t. It’s up to you that what you prefer.

Final Verdict

Throughout the entire review, and prior research work before that, we were all alert to pick products that go fine with your sensitive skin. Still, some preferences are left for your preferences and choices. But we’re tried our level best to find the best lubes in this list and you can choose any one of them according to your budget and needs.

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