Best Lube for Masturbation: My Top 5 Choices with Buying Guide

Thinking as a man, what’s that one thing that brings you an intense pleasure? If you’re thinking about masturbation, you’re right on the point! To us men, it’s one of the most charming ways to please ourselves anytime you want. But what if you get something like a best lube for masturbation that will enhance this pleasure even more?

Trust me, I’ve experienced this wondering fact that how a little investment can go a long way to extreme and long-lasting masturbation. And even more interesting fact is, it’s a lifetime offer of you to yourself. No matter how many times you become turned on, a best lubricant for masturbation will always be your pal.

Thinking on all those manly facts and figures, me and my research team has come up with reviewing all of the best lubes on this purpose. While doing this research an arranging the products in an ascending manner, we prioritized user’s benefits at the top. Apart from that, we’ve kept an eye on the price-quality ratio as well.

Let’s begin with a head to head comparison of the picks of best lubes for masturbation-

Best Lube for Masturbation – Comparison Table

Product NameBase MaterialUnit SizePrice
Gun Oil Stroke 29Oil-based9.6 ounces
Swiss Navy PremiumOil-based5.9 ounces
Slumber PartiesOil-based3.2 ounces
Wicked Sensual Care Oil-based3.2 ounces
KINKLY Water Based Water-based13.6 ounces

Best Masturbation Lube Reviews

1 of 5: Gun Oil Stroke 29 Review

Gun-Oil-Stroke-29 At the top of our list, we’ve elected Stroke 29 from the manufacturer of Gun Oil. Our research has got a handful of reasons of why people love it most. But, before heading right into the features, let me show you an epic thing about this magic spell.

The name of this lube Stroke 29 and there is a reason behind the name. When you’re masturbating on this lube, after the 29th stroke, it will turn into a warm and slippery substance. Which will definitely heat up the moment that you’ll be in right then. You’ll be just about to ejaculate and the sensational effect of Stroke 29 will take it into a different dimension. Epic, right?

Coming into the ingredients, we found it consists of water(fundamental), Coconut oil. Almond oil, Cetyl, Propyl paraben, Aloe Vera and so on. So far, looks to be good for your sexual health.

People who masturbate often a while, find it hard to keep the erection for long. To help you out with this problem, Gun Oil has worked on this lube. Firstly, it’s designed in a flip-flop tube which is very easy to open and reopen. Just with one hand, all of the operation can be done.

Secondly and most importantly, it starts off as a thick and creamy get, but with time, it turns into a slick and slippery something that definitely holds up the erection for a few minutes more.

Stroke 29 has no common issues that an average-graded masturbating gel receives from users. It’s non-greasy, non-sticky and non-staining. It has no scent or flavor at all. All it concentrates in is, elongating and smoothening your masturbation period.

A few tiny issues we’ve observed while people use to use this. Firstly, it contains paraben, which can be found harmful for allergenic skins. Secondly, it is meant to be a masturbating lube and therefore, can’t be used with condoms.

Apart from couple of these tiny issues, Gun Oil Stroke 29 is one of the most effective masturbating lube that stands for the price.    

  • Provides a double of your usual masturbation time.
  • Smooth, non-sticky and feels great.
  • Doesn’t dry up and becomes more effective with time.
  • Non-staining and leaves no residue at all.
  • Comes in a flip-flop tube, which is conventional to use.
  • Contains paraben.
  • Not for using with condoms.

2 of 5: Swiss Navy Premium Masturbation Cream Review

Swiss-Navy-Premium-Masturbation-CreamTalking about the second pick of our masturbation lube list, let me inform you that most of such lubes are just for bathroom use only. But right here, we’ve got something that works fine as both masturbation cream and a massage cream. So, if you love both, this will be a 2-in-1 combo pack for you. By the way, the product itself is Swiss Navy Premium Masturbation Cream.

Here is the list of core ingredients of Swiss Navy Premium Masturbation Cream-

Water, Mineral water, Glyceryl, Water, Petroleum, Polysorbate 60, Glycol, Coconut oil, Propylparaben and so on. The list of the ingredients looks good. Although, there are couple of elements like paraben that can be infectious if you have a vagina. So, keep it for massages and maturational uses only.

It has all those virtues that you look in a best lubricant for masturbation. It’s long lasting, non-sticky, non-staining, has a flip-flop agronomic bottle and most importantly- comes out in a good price.

Now, let’s look at how good massage cream Swiss Navy is in practical-

It’s an oil-based lube which works great as maturational or massaging cream. If used in a decent amount, it can be an enhancer of vaginal sex as well. While you’re lubricating your body before the massage, it starts out to be super-smooth with skin. With time, it starts condensing with body heat, which actually takes you to the best feeling. A 5-oz. bottle looks fine to use for a long period.

As mentioned before, it’s both a massage cream and masturbating cream. But guess what would happen if a tell-tale scent would stick to your massage lotion? But no worries as long Swiss Navy has got no smell or color at all. You can leave the house right after using it without the fear of bad smelling and all.

  • Goes for both solo or couple sex.
  • A great body massaging lube.
  • Organic oil-based.
  • Sensational and long lasting.
  • Agronomic pack design.
  • No smell or flavor at all.
  • Doesn’t stain hard.
  • Comes is a 5-oz. handy pack.
  • Don’t try this at anal sex.
  • Because of glycerin and paraben, it’s not for vaginas.

3 of 5: Slumber Parties Premium Masturbation Cream Vanilla 4oz Review

Slumber-Parties-Premium-Masturbation-Cream-VanillaWe care about all of our readers who rely on us on finding the best sex enhancer for them. On that manner, we keep a low price and decent quality product on our every list. For today’s best lube for masturbation reviews, the in-budget pick is Vanilla 4oz Slumber Parties!

In our last two picks, we’ve listed two products that has no smell or color on them. But sometimes we’d like some variation too, right? On that sense, Vanilla 4oz Slumber Parties is something you’d like. It doesn’t smell like a lube at all. Instead, it has a charming flavor that will enhance the pleasing moments by several shades.

We love to trust brands, but not before seeing their products in practice. In the case of Vanilla 4oz Slumber Parties, we did a lot to find anything wrong with the ingredients. But it’s not only safe but the few safest picks of our list. It’s sugar-free, paraben-free, sulfur-free and literally free for all major harmful. The ingredients that are in the mix, are all standard and tested several times.

With Vanilla Slumber applied a masturbation won’t be just a masturbation anymore. It’s extremely sensational effects will take it to new heights, a longer and more satisfying one. An agency gripping action and Pheromone-infused lube is all you can desire.

Unlike many of the popular lubes, this lube hasn’t any side effect on any particular skin type. No matter how much sensitivity you have on skin, Vanilla 4oz Slumber Parties will go fine with it. It’s all about you love masturbating or not.

  • Designed for long lasting performance.
  • Extremely low price.
  • A nice taste with no bad smell.
  • Works good for all skin types.
  • Paraben, sugar, salt, and sulfate-free.
  • No negative effects on skin at all.
  • Can go with both solo masturbation or couple sex.
  • Not for use in sensitive vaginal sex.
  • Weighs 3.2 ounces only, so have to buy frequently.

4 of 5: Wicked Sensual Care Wicked Crème Masturbation Cream Review

Wicked-Sensual-Care-Wicked-Crème-Masturbation-CreamWicked Sensual is a thick and smooth silk oil that’s specially meant to be used in masturbation. I had a look on the features list and what people are reviewing on it, and became of its fan at instance.

Let me tell you the reasons-

Wicked Sensual Maturational cream doesn’t have much in the way of what we call aggressive scent. If you take it close to the nose, a sweet smell will come out. But as long as a quality lube has to be fragrance-free, it will get the pass mark.

Let’s examine the ingredients now. It has all those elements that a health-friendly lube should have. The list includes Coconut oil, Purified water, Stearyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Dimethicone, Aloe bardensis leaf juice, Carbomer and some others. I highlight on the fact that it has some of the most skin-friendly vitamins (Vitamin E), which is a good one for both penis and vaginas.

Apart from all these, let me tell you the most attractive feature of this.

While masturbating, both your hands or penis skin gets warmer with time. To cope up with the situation and still providing a charming lubricating effect, it becomes transitional during each stage of shifting consistency. In the starting, it feels like a creamy and luscious gel. With time, it becomes a smooth and slick gel that enhances the pleasure of most intimate moments of ejaculation. And all the transitions of this lube remain consistent throughout the whole process.

No residue or sticky oil is left over when you are done. It’s superb easy to clean up as you are done with masturbation.

Talking about the taste of this lube, firstly it will seem to be nothing much. But following up, it will be something like nail-biting deterrent. Which is not bad, but you can’t call in the number one in case of oral sex. 

  • Made of all health-friendly ingredients.
  • Contains Vitamin E, Aloe and Coconut oil.
  • Consistently transitional along with masturbation states.
  • No residue or stain left.
  • Almost no smell.
  • Comes for a good price for the features it offers.
  • The taste may act harsh for oral sex.

5 of 5: KINKLY Water Based Personal Lubricant Review

KINKLY-Water-Based-Personal-LubricantEventually, we’re at the last pick of best masturbation lube in budget. In here, we’ve selected a brand which is a comparatively new but worth giving a try. KINKLY Water Based Personal Lubricant is here on the podium and we’re going to get in details on it-

It’s a water based lube which is an enhanced lubricating effect for both masturbation and partner’s sex. It’s sharply aimed at decreasing the discomfort of the users while and pleasing thyself or having an intercourse. Being a 100$ water-based lube, no harmful ingredients are in the manufacturing list. Also, it’s good for sensitive skins and doesn’t stain for any kind of sexual act.

To let you enjoy your sex better than any time, this allows you to use it with condoms (made of rubber latex and polyurethane). The reason behind is, it’s a water based lube and such lubes don’t go against condoms.

Another perk of this awesome lube is it comes in a 10-oz. bottle, which is pretty enough for a long-term use. Unlike other lubes that come is almost half of the size, you don’t have to buy a new pack each month.

Because of being light in density and made of water, it’s easy to clean up and start fresh.

A couple of problems we want to warn you about. Firstly, this lube isn’t compatible for oral sex at all. They aren’t edible. But if somehow one or two drops get into your mouth, no need to worry and enjoy the sex. Wash your mouth afterward immediately.

Secondly, we’ve received complaints that it’s a bit over-pricey than the set of benefits it offers. Although it’s a 10-oz. pack, but still slightly costs more to the customers.

  • Both for penis and vaginal sex.
  • Enhance the ease and comfort of masturbation and sex.
  • Comes in a 10-oz. bottle.
  • Goes fine with condoms.
  • Easy to clean up and wash.
  • Not for oral sex.
  • Price is little high than expected.

Things to consider when you choose the best masturbation lubricant

I guess you’ve gone through every detail of the products we’ve selected and discussed above. So, by now, you already have an idea of which best lube for masturbation you are going to pick for your pleasure.

Before you make the final purchase, here are some buying guidelines (from experts) for you-

  • Will It Be a Gel or A Liquid?
    Both of the gel-type and liquid-type lubes are there in the market. When you’ll be choosing yours, be careful about the pros and cons of both of them. The core difference lies between these two is in the consistency. Gel type lubes are thicker than the liquid ones. So, you’ll get a longer lasting masturbation with gels. But there are some benefits of liquids over gels as well. Some of the gels leaves residues are hard to clean, which of course, don’t come with liquids.
  • Avoid Chemical Goops
    To make it smell better and last longer, some of the manufacturers often put harmful chemicals in the mix. Chemicals like parabens, glycerin’s can be a threat for sensitive skins. Even, if you have allergenic skin at the secret parts of the body, we would suggest you to choose the least chemical best lubricant for masturbation.
  • Avoid Temperature Altering Lubes
    In some recent years, we’ve been noticing that some of the supplies create warming or cooling effects in a masturbating session. This type of lubes is safest while left unused. Because, if you want to have fun with something that causes temperature fluctuations, that can be a threat to your sensitive organs. We strongly discourage you to go with such products.

Final Verdict

Thanks for being with us till the last of the content. We tried with all our efforts and researches to provide you the most charming enhancer of your masturbation. Some of these picks can do even better than just assisting masturbation. Go and pick which fits best into your requirements and price. But beware of the negative effects of such lubes and make sure that doesn’t reach you hard.

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