Best Flavored Lube Reviews and Buying Guide

Best-Flavored-LubeWe all love to be surrounded by our favorite smells and scents whenever we can. So, what if you get a sexual lubricant that will keep you charmed with your favorite flavor and also provide a silky-smooth lubrication to enhance the intimate pleasure? If it sounds interesting, then all you need is the best flavored lube in your budget.

In today’s review, we’ve listed those particular lubes which are our favorite flavored lubricants because of a perfect blend of perfect lubrication and attractive flavor. To be noted, the flavor is not only about smelling, these lubes in this list also contain a great taste. So, no matter you’re beginning to use a lube, or an experienced couple, we have a pretty strong confidence that you’ll like every bit of this reviews.

Let’s start digging deeper-

Best Flavored Lubricant- Comparison Table

Product NameOur RatingPrice
JO H2O Flavored(Cherry)4.8/5
Passion Licks Strawberry4.7/5
Aloe Cadabra Flavored Lube4.7/5
Master Series Semen Scented4.6/5
Shibari Kiwi4.6/5
Maple Holistics Lube 4.6/5
Jo H2o Vanilla Cream4.6/5
Doc Johnson Goodhead4.6/5

Top 8 Flavored Lube Reviews

1 of 8: JO H2O Flavored (Cherry) Review

Product Overview
JO-H2O-Flavored-LubeHere we go with the first pick of our best flavored lube reviews. The product that dominates the list is JO H2O Flavored – Cherry. It’s one of the most popular product from the famous manufacturer System Jo. The Jo H2O Flavored is not a specific lube, but an array of flavored personal lubricants. However, we’ve picked up only the Cherry-flavored one for this review.

What can be better than a lube that’s made with 100% plant-based ingredients? I know, nothing. The core material is of plant-based glycerin, and the flavors are all-natural extracts. 17 different flavors let you chose any possible scent you can imagine and blend that into your favorite System Jo H2O.

We’ve seen many popular lubes receiving complaints about wither bad flavor or bad taste. But after deep investigation, we’ve received high compliments in case of JO H2O. It will surround you and your partner with charming aroma and excite your taste buds. Both of the flavors and tastes are of top notch.

Apart from these highlighted features, we’ve got every other feature that a quality personal lubricant can have it itself. It’s toy friendly, condom compatible and let you enjoy your foreplay before you go to the sexual part.

It’s silky and smooth and lubricates your vaginal skins better than anyone else. So, if your budget supports this product, you should give it a try. We promise that it won’t disappoint you.

  • Offers 17 different flavors to choose from.
  • Made of 100% plant-based glycerin.
  • Good for the nose, also for the taste bud.
  • Silk-smooth, buttery lubrication.
  • Perfect for young skins.
  • Good for condoms and other sex toys.
  • Clear and transparent is color.
  • A bit pricey.

2 of 8: Passion Lubes Passion Licks Strawberry Water Based Flavored Lubricant Review

Product Overview
Passion-Lubes-Passion-Licks-Strawberry-Water-Based-Flavored-LubricantWhile focusing on the flavors, bottles, and aromas, many of the manufacturers couldn’t care about how long lasting their product is. Keeping that in mind, we’ve selected such a lube in our second place which is completely long-lasting Passion Lubes Passion Licks Strawberry Water Based Flavored Lubricant. Stay along and hope you’ll like it as well.

It’s a carefully crafted lube with highly health-friendly formula. No sugar or artificial sweeteners added in. Moreover, the long-lasting strawberry flavor makes it more than what you want from a lubricator.

Water based lubes complained to last for 5-10 minutes at most. But while researching the product, we’ve got compliments like lasting for more than 20 minutes, if sufficiently applied. So, if you and your partner like to have a long-lasting sex, this particular lube will be an assistant to you guys.

We love to play with sexual toys. But having a plastic or silicon materialistic make it hard to last for long. But just a few drops of Passion Water Based lube and there you go for a long-lasting sensation.

Last, of all, it doesn’t stain at all. If you’d think of this, let the worries go.

  • Sweet and charming strawberry-flavored.
  • Extremely long-lasting.
  • All-natural ingredients.
  • 100% aqua-based.
  • No side effects on health.
  • Copes up with any sex toys of any materials.
  • Doesn’t stain at all.
  • Gets sticky after about 20 mins of use.

3 of 8: Aloe Calabar Edible Pina Colada Flavored Lubricant Review

Product Overview
Aloe-Cadabra-Organic-Edible-Flavored-LubeI’ve talked with some people who would enjoy it to have a personal lubricant at their intimate sexual sessions, but because of some medical bindings and sensitive vaginal skins, they can’t. But what if you get a water-based lube which is highly recommended by the doctors? A lube that comes with charming flavor and also takes great care of your vaginal health? If you’re getting positive, then Aloe Calabar Edible Pina Colada Flavored Lubricant is for you.

I was quite impressed with the type of materials that it comes with. It is a lubricant but sounds like a medical recommendation for the vaginal skins. No matter how much pleasure you get from it, but it will definitely take care of the skins of your vagina. The core ingredients contain- 95% food graded plant-based Aloe Vera, Pina Colada Coconut Flavor, No paraben, no petroleum, no mineral water, no glycerin and lastly, no hormone! Impressive, isn’t it?

As an additional benefit, it’s compatible with toys and condoms. Even after menopause, which causes skin dehydration, it works great! So, all you need to get naked and let your inner fantasies fly along with your partner.

  • 100% skin-friendly and edible lubricant.
  • Charming and lucrative coconut flavor.
  • Paraben, Glycerin, Minerals and other harmful ingredient-free.
  • Specially recommended for sensitive skins.
  • Comes is a good price.
  • Not lasts for so long.
  • The bottle is small for the price.

4 of 8: Master Series Jazz Water Based Lube Review

Product Overview

This part of today’s best flavored lubricant review is specially preserved for couples who like to go hardcore with sex. Those type of couples are aggressive and would like to make the sex as passionate as possible. The flavored lube we’ve got here is Master Series Jazz Water Based Lube. And the most unique fact is in its flavor.

In the last three reviews, also in next three, we’ve got flavors like Strawberries, Cherries, Coconuts and much more. But have you heard of a lube becoming Semen-flavored?? If sounds interesting, the Master Series Jazz Water Based Lube is for you!

Just like the original semen, it’s white, musky and creamy. Also, it represents the feel and scent of natural semen. What else can make a woman more turned on?

No matter you’re playing alone with yourself or with a significant other, this lube will be always a mate of you. It goes well with the toys. Also, when it comes to dual sexual intercourse, it goes well and help you reach those levels of sexual pleasure that you’d been never before.

I know that everyone’s semen doesn’t smell same. So, I’ve received some of the people complaining that it doesn’t smell like a man’s ejaculation. The reason is the uniqueness of everyone’s semen I’ve mentioned before. So, if you let this tiny issue go, you can get the most out of Master Series Jazz Water Based Lube.

  • Creamy, musky and slippery lubricant to make sex more authentic.
  • Resembles real human ejaculates in both look and flavor.
  • Stays slick and don’t
  • Easy to cleanup and reuse.
  • Comes is an agronomically-designed bottle.
  • Quite pricey than the features it offers.
  • Not so great with toys.

5 of 8: Shibari Kiwi Water Based Lubricant Review

Product Overview
Shibari-KiwiDo you love kiwi extract flavors? If you do, then why? Might be because of that charming aroma and flavor that it brings with. But you will see more of its unexplored benefits when it’s blended in a quality sex lubricant like Shibari Kiwi Water Based Lubricant.

In the case of the flavored lubes, many of us users are in fear of using toxic and harmful ingredients. But while we went through the ingredient list, we found no paraben or any similar ingredients. All you’ll find is the natural kiwi extracts. As a benefit, it doesn’t contain any hypoallergic effects.

What I loved about Shibari Kiwi Water Based Lubricant is it not only makes sex easier but also takes great care of the vaginal and anal skin. The kiwi balance that we’ve mentioned before does this job. Natural Kiwi extracts are well known as pH balancing chemicals. No doubt that controlling the pH level of the body can reduce skin dryness or wrinkles at a good rate.

To enjoy any sexual intimacy to its best, try out some natural aroma with it. Hope you won’t dislike it.

  • Made and flavored of natural kiwi fruit extract.
  • Don’t dry out quickly as other water-based lubes.
  • 100% non-staining.
  • Paraben free.
  • Smooth and lubricated feelings at the intimate sessions.
  • Overuse can cause a bit of yeas t infections.
  • Leaves a little amount of residue.

6 of 8: Maple Holistics Food-graded Natural Lube Review

Product Overview
Maple-Holistics-Food-graded-Natural-LubeI know it’s all funny but true. I think most of the couples that have complained with the design of a lube tube is they don’t spill proof. But you know what? When you’re in hurry in a sexual intercourse and have one of two drops of lubes by then, it’s hard to press the bottle and squeeze it quickly.

In the sixth pick of top 10, we’ve got one of those few flavored lubes that are pretty smart and protective in design, and spill-proof in an actual sense. So, leave the worries of wasting your favorite lube unintentionally over again.

Apart from a smart design, there are another number of reasons we loved this lube for. Among which, we will keep the nice aroma of it at the top of the list.

Later on- the manufacturer of this product did no compromise with the ingredients. It consists of a nourishing formula that features Carrageenan and Aloe Vera in it. Due to the presence of these two natural blessings, it will now only work as a sexual lubrication, but also work against vaginal dryness and yeast production.

No harmful preservations and ingredients are present in it. It’s completely pH balanced and parabens-free. As a benefit, no matter how much sensitive your vagina and penal skin is, no worries of pain or sensitivity is there.

  • Made of Aqua, organic Aloe Vera and Carrageenan.
  • Agronomic spill-proof bottle design.
  • Works great against vaginal dryness.
  • All ingredients are 100% health-friendly.
  • A good pick for sensitive skins.
  • pH and Aqua balanced.
  • The taste is quite medicinal.
  • Relatedly expensive.

7 of 8: Jo H2o Flavored Lube Vanilla Cream Review

Product Overview
Jo-H2o-Flavored-Lube-Vanilla-CreamLove to enlighten your intimate moments with a wide variation of heavenly flavors? Then you have a good sense of taste, and as your sexual pleasure enhancer, we recommend Jo H2o Flavored Lube!

Let me tell you the most exciting part of this lube. It is rich with royal Vanilla flavor and trusts me; it lasts for long. For girls who love Vanilla flavor already, Ho H2o will be something you always looked for.

As the name suggests, it’s a completely water based lube. Apart from the Aqua, a number of other supplements are added to turn it to a perfect enhancer. In together, all these ingredients will gift you a buttery and smooth lubrication just like the natural one.

If you’re a fond of sex toys and want something to use with toys, it’s time to grab this particular lube from the list. Jo H2o is both condom compatible and toy friendly. So, no matter what type of toy you’ve got for yourself, you can go wild with this.

In one of our previous lubes, we’ve found issues like having a good smell but, bad taste. I’d say if you’re up to oral sex and other interactions now and then, go for Jo H2o. Because it’s both nice smelling and good to taste. To suit every taste you can imagine, it has a wide variety of flavors.

  • Based on Palm oil glycerin.
  • Sweet and attractive Vanilla flavor.
  • No artificial ingredients at all.
  • Silky and buttery lubrication guaranteed.
  • Toy and condom friendly.
  • Good for both oral and vaginal sex.
  • Nice agronomic design of the container bottle.
  • The amount is one unit of the product is pretty low.
  • Overuse may cause infection.

8 of 8: Doc Johnson Goodhead Review

Product Overview
Doc-Johnson-GoodheadApparently, we are at the last pick of our top 8 flavored lube reviews. At the last pick of the list, we’ve got Doc Johnson Goodhead- a popular creation from the manufacturer Doc Johnson. I hated it to put in the last of the rankings, but I had to be honest with some of its negative features. We’ll discuss them on time, but let’s see what good it has got for us-

Just like an ideal flavored lube, Doc Johnson Goodhead will give you a wide range of flavors to choose from. It has Mint, Cherry, Passion Fruit, Cinnamon and of course, Strawberry flavors in it. Now it’s up to you that which one is your and your partner’s favorite.

It’s got a formulation which targets to long-term pleasure with no artificial feeling on it. All you’ll feel artificial is the aroma that comes align with this product.

It’s completely glycerin-free and I’ve noticed a love in the users who hate it to use anything artificial in it.

One interesting fact is, it’s not a particular bottle of one fixed flavor that many of this list’s products are. Instead, the set has five different flavor variables. So, a complete freedom of choosing whatever flavor you like to use in the sex is up to you!

Last impression it left on us is its manufacturers being Americans.

  • Promised to keep you for maximum pleasure.
  • Made with health-friendly ingredients.
  • Keeps the sense heightened for quite a long time.
  • Numbs your mouth without no damage.
  • A great buy within low
  • Quite bad after taste.
  • Some flavors are not flavors in an actual sense.

Best Flavored Lube Buying Guideline

When it comes to buying a flavored lube, nothing much is different from any ordinary types of lube. You have to keep all those quality and health aspects in mind. In addition, you have to decide what flavor or set of flavors you want.

However, as we’ve gone through top 8 best flavored lubes of the current market, now it’s time to choose one for you. Go through the buying guide and I hope you’ll face no difficulties to understand what you desire-

  • Water-based, Oil-based or Silicon-based
    As you know, sexual lubes are of three kinds based on the core material that’s being used in it. Among water-based, oil-based and silicon-based lubes, we prefer the water based lubes to the most. Because we think apart from sexual pleasure, you have to also be careful about how much harm or benefits it’s doing to your secret places of the body.
  • Be Careful About the Flavor, It’s Not Only About How It Smells
    Preferring a flavored lube instead of a non-flavored one is no bad. In fact, me myself is find of coconut-flavored lubes. But hold your horses! Check out the ingredients that they are using to enhance the flavor of the lube.Many of the flavored lubes in the market contain sugar as an ingredient to increase its taste. But if you have a sensual skin, this may cause yeast infection to your vagina. Make sure it’s also free of parabens, glycerin, and other harmful materials.
  • Cleaning and Stickiness
    Everyone wants a quality lubes to enhance the sexual moments, but no one wants it to stick to your vagina after you’re done with the intercourse. So, make sure that your lube is easy to clean and doesn’t stain at all. Otherwise, this tiny issue can lead you to damage to your skin’s sensitivity.
  • Price-Quality Ratio of the Lube
    Price doesn’t come first to your choices, I know. But you have to make sure you are getting exactly what you’re paying for. The typical flavored lubes are a little bit pricey that ordinary water-based or silicone-based If you go for a set of lubes instead of one, you have to spend accordingly. But keep in mind that each of the lubes has something special in it. Figure it out and check that do you even look for that special property of the lube.

Final Verdict

It’s all about what you like and what doesn’t cause any harm, when it comes to choosing a flavored lube. But I’d like to add one suggestion for your buying decision. Before going for a flavored lube of your choice, make sure you know your vaginal health condition and choose a lube that doesn’t go against it.

Best of luck!

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