Top 6 Best Butt Plug Varieties for Both Starters and Experienced Users

If you are interested in spicing up your sex life with some butt play, one of the best toys for that adventure is the butt plug or anal plug. This is a sex toy that creates a unique form of sexual pleasure by being inserted into the rectum through the anus using lube. It could be made of glass, enamel, silicone, or metal.

While butt plugs promise some intense feelings of pleasure, you should be careful when selecting and purchasing them. Always ensure they are made of high quality materials, easy to clean, and have smooth surfaces that are easy to clean.

This guide will offer an insight into six of the best quality anal plugs. The guide will also inform you the merits of buying these butt plugs with insightful reviews of each that offer both the pros and cons. Please read on to begin that unique adventure… 

Best Butt Plugs – Comparison Table

Product NameOur RatingPrice
Real Vibes Anal Trainer Kit4.8/5
UTIMI 10 Speed Silicone4.8/5
Trinity Vibes Anal Plug4.7/5
Doc Johnson Anal Plug4.6/5
PURE Njoy Metal Butt Plug4.8/5
Hisionlee® Anal Plug Set4.7/5

Top Rated Anal Plug Reviews

1. Anal Trainer Kit from Real Vibes

Anal-Trainer-Kit-from-Real-VibesThe Anal Trainer Kit from Real Vibes is an actual set of four silicone anal plugs that come with a small sample of ideal lube for anal play. The set includes four anal plugs of gradually increasing size meant to introduce and inculcate the user to the pleasures of anal play.

Due to this consideration for people who are either interested in or starting out with anal plugs, the Anal Trainer Kit from Real Vibes may be one of the best plugs in the market currently. Most butt plugs come as one single product the user must contend with but this product offers differently sized anal butt plugs.

The butt plugs are hypoallergenic meaning they will not irritate users who are allergic to latex. Additionally, they offer a tapered tip to ensure the users are comfortable during use unlike most anal plugs that come with a more rounded tip.

Majority of butt plugs offer a rudimentary base meant to allow for grip during use and avoid complete insertion. I would recommend the Anal Trainer Kit from Real Vibes because it has a flared base that also comes with some degree of suction to enable solo use on firm flat surfaces such as floors and walls.

Unlike majority of butt plugs in the market that include special textures and even contouring, the Anal Trainer Kit comes with a smooth texture meant for conventional use. This smooth texture and flat surface makes them comfortable for most users who are reserved in use of butt plugs.

  • The kit contains four different sized butt plugs sized as follows; Small 4 x 1 inches – Medium5 x 1.12 – Large 5 x 1.25 – XLarge 6 x 1.5
  • The kit also contains a small sample of anal butt plug lube meaning users are ready to go after purchase.
  • These butt plugs have a tapering tip making use more comfortable for beginners by reducing discomfort.
  • The flared base with suction capability avoids total insertion while enabling solo use on firm flat surfaces.
  • The Anal Trainer Kit from Real Vibes will not appeal to all users because of its dull charcoal color.
  • Experienced users will find the kit boring due to the presence of four similarly shaped and textured butt plugs.

2. 10 Speed Silicone USB Charging Vibrating Butt Anal Plug Prostate Vibrator

UTIMI-10-Speed-SiliconeFew butt plugs combine the pleasures of the anal butt plug with the prostate vibrator. The 10 Speed Silicone Butt Anal Plug Prostate Vibrator does exactly that. It has a contoured butt plug that combines with a prostate vibrator bundled into one versatile product.

Unlike most prostate vibrators, the 10 speed butt anal plug prostate vibrator is made using hypoallergenic, medical grade silicone. I would recommend this product for users whose latex and PVC allergies are irritated by other materials can comfortably use this product.

This butt anal plug prostate vibrator is USB charged unlike most prostate vibrators that rely on hard wires or batteries. Therefore, users can use it on the go as long as there is a USB port available, which is an easy affair today.

Being a butt plug-cum-prostate vibrator, the 10 Speed Vibrating Butt Anal Plug is contoured upwards in line with the natural shape of the human rectum. Such shape ensures easy insertion while making sure it hits the prostate gland in men.

The butt plug-cum-prostate vibrator also comes equipped with three levels of contact on the human body.  Its main shaft acts as a butt plug while the smaller one rubs on the perineum for additional prostate massage effect. While inside, the contoured point reaches towards the natural position of the male prostate gland further pleasing him.

The dual motors used to create the vibrational motion are encased in an easy-to-wash casing meaning the butt anal plug prostate vibrator can easily be cleaned without risk of destroying the product. Additionally, the versatile design makes use outside the bedroom easy given it is USB-chargeable.

  • This butt anal plug prostate vibrator combined the traditional butt plug with a prostate vibrator making orgasm more intense.
  • It is USB-chargeable meaning mobility and versatility in use are not a problem.
  • The hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone ensures low chances of allergic reaction on sensitive users’ skin.
  • The contouring and construction ensures maximum pleasure due to three points of pleasure.
  • This butt plug-cum-prostate vibrator is not suitable for users who are just getting introduced to butt plug adventures.
  • The dull color may not appeal to more adventurous users especially in low-light conditions.

3. Trinity Vibes Vibrating Inflatable Anal Plug

Trinity-Vibes-Vibrating-Inflatable-Anal-PlugThe Ultimate butt plug among anal plug aficionados is that which vibrates, stimulates and inflates. Combining all three functionalities results in the ultimate anal pleasure, and this is exactly what the Trinity Vibes Vibrating Inflatable Anal Plug does.

The Trinity Vibes Inflatable Anal Plug comes with a small pump that is used to inflate the butt plug once inside the body to the user’s desirable level of fill-up. Such adjustment reduces the need for kits and several butt plugs as one gets used to larger anal plugs.

Unlike similar products that require hard wires to use on electrical outlets, this vibrating inflatable anal plug uses two size AA batteries. I would recommend it for users who are constantly on the move and do not desire bulky wires and adapters.

Because it is manufactured using hypoallergenic materials the Trinity Vibes Vibrating Inflatable Anal Plug reduces the risk of allergic reactions. Additionally, the material used on the pump and actual anal plug are electrically neutral to reduce the possibility of electrical conduction or static.

The smooth surface and texture mean users can use a wide variety of lube varieties. Although the product should not be used with silicone lube, most other lube types will work just fine. Additionally, the product is easy to clean as long as one avoids immersion in water.

  • This vibrating inflatable anal plug combines the sensations of stimulations, vibration and inflation.
  • It does not require bulky wires and adapters like many vibrating inflatable sex toys making it relatively versatile and portable.
  • The materials used are hypoallergenic meaning less likelihood of allergic reaction on sensitive skin types.
  • The product may look complicated and intimidating, but is quite easy to clean and use. At 5 x 4 x 4 inches it is also sized comfortably for most users even with an inflation function.
  • The use of 2 size AA batteries mean the vibrating function of the Trinity Vibes Vibrating Anal Plug doesn’t last long.
  • Once more, the limited choice of color makes this vibrating inflatable anal plug boring both in low light situations and for more adventurous users.

4. Doc Johnson Mood – Naughty 1 – Silicone Anal Plug

Doc-Johnson-Mood-Naughty-1-Silicone-Anal-PlugThe Doc Johnson Mood – Naughty 1 – Silicone Anal Plug is designed for the ordinary user in mind. The butt plug is tapered at the tip for easy insertion and does not include contours, inflating or vibration functionalities.

The high quality, medical-grade, silicone materials used in construction reduce the chances of allergic reactions among users. Such materials also increase the types of lube that users can utilize with this butt plug.

Most starter level or ordinary butt plugs come with a special base to reduce the chances of total anal insertion. The same design philosophy has been used in the Doc Johnson Mood- Naughty 1 – Silicone Anal Plug. I would recommend this butt plug for busy users because base is not only flared, but slim thus allowing for comfortable use between the ass cheeks.

The total length of the Naughty 1 by Doc Johnson Mood is 3.3 inches. Its girth at the largest point is about 0.8 inches. Therefore, this butt plug can be used by both experienced individuals as well as those getting introduced to anal plugs.

Unlike majority of premium butt plugs available currently that use a hideous charcoal or grayish color scheme, the Naughty 1 comes primarily in sexy pink. The unique color should appeal to adventurous users as well as making use in low light conditions easier.

The use of silicone in construction combined with a smooth surface and pink color make this one of the best butt plugs in terms of cleaning. Users can easily ensure their butt plug is completely clean compared to charcoal and gray ones.

  • The Doc Johnson Mood – Naughty 1 – Silicone Anal Plug is made using high quality, medical-grade silicone that reduces risks of allergic reactions.
  • This butt plug’s base is flared in a flat way to ensure it does not get lost in the anal opening but remains comfortable between the ass cheeks.
  • Unlike most butt plugs that use hideous color schemes, the Naughty 1 comes in sexy pink.
  • The dimensions make it usable by both experienced and starter-level users.
  • This butt plug lacks additional functionalities such as vibration and inflation making it rather boring for experienced users.
  • The pink color could result in embarrassment among inexperienced users whose hygiene levels may not be up to par.

5. PURE Njoy Metal Butt Plug Large 4 Inch Polished Steel

PURE-Njoy-Metal-Butt-PlugMetal butt plugs offer marginally more benefit to users than silicone ones. The PURE Njoy metal butt plug is made using polished steel meaning it is virtually indestructible. Additionally, it is easy to clean as one need only use slightly disinfected warm water.

Metal butt plugs also offer the advantage of heat play where users warm the anal plug and insert it to mimic the temperature of the human body. I would recommend this butt plug for users who like heat play with their butt plugs because it conducts heat relatively well. Therefore, it does not melt of loose shape on contact with heat as PVC and some low-quality silicones do.

Steel also offers hypoallergenic properties since few people have skin that reacts with clean polished steel. Therefore, users of the PURE Njoy Metal Butt Plug need not fear risks of allergic reactions.

The large 4 inch head that weighs about 1.2 pounds makes insertion into the rectum more pleasurable. Additionally, the bulb is shaped for maximum feelings of fullness further enhancing the pleasurable feeling.

This metallic butt plug comes equipped with a special base that makes use even while driving or seated easy and comfortable. The slightly flared base also prevents the large butt plug from getting lost in the rectum while making use easier.

  • The PURE Njoy Metal Butt Plug is made from polished steel which means it is comfortable and safe for internal use.
  • The use of steel in construction makes heat play possible given that the material conducts and retains heat very well.
  • Polished steel offers hypoallergenic properties similar to those of materials such as medical-grade silicone.
  • The large bulbous head increases pleasure and makes cleaning easier given it is polished steel.
  • The metallic material can be uncomfortably cold for users who are not into heat play.
  • The large bulbous head may cause pain for first-time or inexperienced users.

6. Hisionlee® Sexy Toys 4PCS Anal Plug Set

Hisionlee®-Sexy-Toys-4PCS-Anal-Plug-SetFew butt plug kits come fully equipped with pain-relieving lube and an enema kit for easy application. The Hisionlee Sex Toys Anal Plug Set comes fully equipped to introduce even the most inexperienced users to the pleasures of butt plugs.

This butt plug set comes with four anal plugs designed specifically to introduce users to butt play and ensure growth. They are sized as follows; Small 4 x 1 inch – Medium 4.5 x 1.12 – Large 5.5 x 1.25 – X-Large 6 x 1.5. Therefore, users can choose what size suits them.

Due to the pain of first time use, Hisionlee Sex Toys Anal Plug set included a special lube that contains chemicals to numb much of the pain.  I would recommend this butt plug set for anal virgins. Most lubes just ease the process of insertion but this butt plug set’s lube goes a step further to ease even the small amounts that users feel with first time insertion.

This anal set also includes an enema device for easier insertion of the pain-alleviating lube. Such thoughtfulness could easily quality it for the best anal plug in the premium category. The lube is neither scented not is it harsh on the sensitive internal skin meaning introduction to butt play is comfortably achieved.

The butt plugs in the Hisionlee Sexy Toys Anal Plug Set are manufactured using medical grade, high quality silicone. This material reduces the chances of allergic reactions and makes use with other types of lube easier. The butt plugs have suction-enabled bases to make solo use easier and prevent complete insertion into the rectum.  Their smooth surfaces also make cleaning easier.

  • The Hisionlee Sexy Toys Anal Plug Set comes with a wide variety of butt plugs making both inexperienced and experienced use easy.
  • The anal plug set contains pain-alleviating lube to reduce the initial pain of insertion especially for inexperienced users. The inclusion of an enema device makes use of the lube easy.
  • The butt plugs are made using high quality, medical-grade silicone meaning the chances of allergic reactions are minimal.
  • The use of flared bases with suction capability makes use both safe and easier on flat surfaces.
  • The set may not appeal to experienced users due to the dull color scheme used making use boring and hard in low light environments.
  • The butt plugs lack additional functionalities such as vibration, inflation and prostate stimulation.

How to Use a Butt Plug

  • Ensure the butt plug is original and has all the components. Additionally, ensure it is always clean before each use.
  • Ensure you have an empty rectum by emptying your bowels a few hours before using the butt plug.
  • Clean the anal area and use an enema if necessary. Make sure the enema is non-irritating as the inside of the rectum is highly sensitive. It helps if the perineum is clean shaven.
  • Get down on all fours and lift your hips into the air backwards to expose the anal area. Alternatively, you can lie on the side on a comfortable surface and lift one butt cheek up.
  • Relaxing, slowly apply a significant amount of lube on the anus and slowly press it inside the rectum using an index finger.
  • Apply some lube on the tip of the anal plug and place its tip on the entrance of the anus. Slowly, but gradually, swirl it on the region to get your anus used to the butt plug’s tip.
  • Once the anus has relaxed adequately, slowly push the butt plug into the anus making sure you always have a good grip on the flared base.
  • Once the butt plug is comfortably inside, relax and commence anal play. Alternatively, and if the base is both flared and suction-equipped, you can use a firm flat surface to play with the butt plug while inside your anus.
  • Those that prefer to stay with the butt plug inside must ensure they do not make sudden movements.
  • Always remember to clean the butt plug with warm water mixed with a little mild disinfectant. Thoroughly rinse it and store in a sterile environment. Never share butt plugs with other people, even your sex partners if possible.

What to Consider When Buying a Butt Plug

Butt play is a highly sensitive matter even among experienced users of anal plugs. That is the reason several considerations have to be made before settling for a particular one or set.

Level of Experience with Butt play

Most people cringe at the thought of inserting anything leave alone butt plugs into their rectums. However, if you consider trying this rather adventurous form of sex, always remembers that experience is crucial when making a purchasing decision.

Therefore, go for uncomplicated butt plugs designed without any unique texture, contours or functionality. Additionally, ensure the base is flared to avoid total insertion. It also helps if the butt plug comes in set form with pain-alleviating lube.

The material used in construction

Some people have highly sensitive skin making certain butt plugs risky. Because butt plugs are made using a wide variety of materials such as glass, steel, PVC, and silicone, make sure to stay safe by sticking to naturally hypoallergenic material such as silicone, glass, and steel.

Functionalities provided

Most butt plugs come as just that – butt plugs. They are meant to be inserted into the rectum for pleasure. However, some come with additional functionalities meant to increase the level of pleasure their user experiences. The medial ones add a prostate vibrator into the mix through contouring or an external perineum massager. However, the most versatile butt plugs combine vibrators, anal inflators, and butt plugs into one sensual toy. Therefore, you should be keen on the level of functionality you desire when purchasing the butt plug to avoid unprecedented surprises or disappointments.

Comfort while in intended use

Majority of butt plug users purchase them for use during sexual play with their partners or while masturbating. Their choices revolve around anal plugs with large bases that have suction-capability to enable maximum use without caring about comfort after use. However, others prefer to use butt plugs for the whole day or while working.  Their bases are designed to reduce discomfort between the butt cheeks. Therefore, you should have a keen knowledge of the butt plug’s level of comfort while in use before buying.

Usability with lube

Majority of butt plugs are designed to be used with water-based lubes. Steel, ceramic, PVC, silicone, and certain Jelly butt plugs can safely be used with these lube types. However, if you choose anal plugs made of silicone you should avoid silicone-based lubes as they may compromise the surface and electrical system if vibration-enabled.


Butt plugs are designed to be inserted into the user’s rectum for sexual pleasure. When buying these products, you should make careful consideration on the materials used for construction, the usability with certain lubes, comfort while using as intended, functionalities that come with the butt plug, and your own experience with these sex toys.

Always check that the butt plug is designed using high grade materials, has all the required contents if in form of a set, and has all cables if USB-chargeable. The best butt plug offers high quality service and significant durability. The last thing you want is a substandard sex toy in your butt!

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