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best-anal-lubeA foreword about anal intercourse and anal lubes

Making love is only one of the most natural things we do and will do, and we’ve all wanted to try out every little bit of it, if only for once. I’m not talking about weird fetishes, rather I want to talk to you about the pleasures of anal intercourse.

Every couple gets the idea that this certain type of sex will spice things up, and the truth is – it will. Now, it’s up to you – how it will feel, how it will play out, and how it will end, but know that there’s no such thing as “let’s just do it”.

Using anal lubes will make this kind of intercourse more alike vaginal sex – more pleasurable, relaxing, and comfortable for that matter.

What Is An Anal Lube?

The most familiar problem we came to hear from couples about anal sex is- it causes pain at the first few practices. In fact, we also agree on that. The configuration of a rectum isn’t even close to a vagina, and it discourages such sexual acts. It doesn’t stretch as like the vagina and therefore something you have to do to make it slippery. In today, we call it an anal lube. I’ve compiled a list of the best anal lubes, so that you don’t have to look far and wide:

Best Lube for Anal Sex – Comparison Table

Product NameTypeCore IngredientPrice
Pjur Analyze Me Silicon-basedJojoba Oil
Lynk PleasureWater-basedPropanediol
Cleanstream RelaxWater-basedLidocaine
Wicked Sensual CareWater-basedPropylene Glycol
MD Science Lab Silicon-basedCyclopentasiloxane
Pjur Back Door GlideSilicon-basedHigh-grade Jojoba
Passion Lubes Water-basedLidocaine
SWISS NAVYSilicon-basedCyclopentasiloxane
System JoWater-basedGlycerin

Top Rated Anal Lube Reviews

1 of 10: Pjur Analyze Me Silicone Lubricant Review


The first anal lube in this little review is Pjur’s “Analyze me” silicone-based lube. Even though the name might sound a bit funny, rest assured, this is one of the best anal lube models I’ve come across.

First off, let me begin by saying that this is a silicone-type anal lube – it’s best when used “bare”, which means that you’ll get the most of your anal intercourse if you don’t use condoms. You’ll certainly love the Jojoba extract which was added for increased pleasure – this ingredient acts as a skin moisturizer and softener, making the anus particularly gentle.

This is also the reason why first-timers are recommended to use this anal lube. Most models don’t come with such conventional ingredients, rather they serve other purposes. This anal lube won’t just “lubricate”, but rather soften the anus of your partner, allowing for a more romantic approach.

Most anal lubes are for anal use only, but Pjur’s Analyze me is ideal for both anal and vaginal intercourse. Even though it’s silicone-based, this lube can be used with condoms, although I don’t recommend it, rather I advise you to use water-based lubes for more pleasure.

Nearly all anal lubes are fairly affordable, and, even though this one costs a couple dollars above the average, it’s highly valuable for the cash.

In summary, I daresay that this is one of the top rated anal lube products on the market for two reasons. It’s highly versatile, as it can be used for both vaginal and anal intercourse, and it boasts moisturizing and skin-relaxing properties.

  • Very thick formula – the Pjur’s Analyze me features a highly thick formula which has a long-lasting effect.
  • Skin-softening and moisturizing properties – the Jojoba extracts acts as a skin-relaxing agent, making this anal lube perfect for first-timers and people who had struggled with anal sex.
  • Will not dry up on you – most lubes lose a portion of their efficiency after a while, but the Analyze me lube sticks consistent even after a full hour has passed.
  • Versatile lube – great for both vaginal and anal intercourse.
  • Very hard to wash off – due to ultra thick formula, Analyze me is very hard to wash off.
  • No notable downfalls apart from the cleaning.

2 of 10: Lynk Pleasure Water Based Lube Review


Lynk Pleasure Products water-based lube is incredibly soft and sleek, that’s a given. Even though I personally refrain from using water-based lubes, this one piqued my interest.

After reading the instructions and ingredients, I was positively shocked that no paraben or glycerin ingredients were added. The aforementioned ingredients are often used for extra thickness and consistency, and I figured that a water-based lube such as this will need it more than others.

However, that was not the case, so I’ve come to the conclusion that all sorts of sex toys (and condoms) can be used for additional pleasure.

The formula of LPP lube appears to mimic the natural lubricants our bodies give out when we feel horny, which is absolutely phenomenal, given that it’s fairly easy to clean up afterward. Furthermore, it lasts quite a lot without cutting back on consistency, but it dries a bit too fast for comfort.

Most people dislike the fact that it’s too thin, but please take into consideration that this is a water-based anal lube. These things are supposed to be used with condoms, hence you won’t have to worry too much about it drying up on you. The bad thing is that you’ll need to re-apply it every once in a while.

  • Thin, but thick when compared to other water-based lubes – LPP’s water-based anal lube features a smooth, thin composition, but It’s incomparably thicker to other lubes of the same type.
  • Lasts quite long – even though the skin will absorb most of it after a while, it lasts quite long.
  • Remarkably easy to clean up – the soft texture of this anal lube makes it incredibly easy to clean.
  • Works great with condoms and sex toys – the ingredients of this anal lube don’t include Paraben or Glycerin, so it’s safe to say you can use any type of condoms or sex toys along with it.
  • Needs constant re-application – you’ll need to apply this lube constantly because it dries up rather quickly.

3 of 10: Cleanstream Relax Desensitizing Lube Review


Cleanstream’s relax desensitizing lube is a bit different from the rest. Namely, it reduces the potential discomfort caused by unwanted friction with its silky-smooth formula, but it also pitches in a mild numbing effect. Essentially, it’s a water-based lube with an exceptionally thin texture that is compatible with latex-based products (sex toys and condoms).

Personally, I think it’s quite great that it comes with a plethora of superb ingredients, such as cellulose gum, methylparaben, isopentylidiol, aqua, and such. Sadly, it comes with glycerine and glycol as well, which might cause irritation to some people. That’s where the mild numbing effect comes in – instead of feeling inflamed or irritated, you’ll experience a little cold, making you more prone to continue the intercourse.

The neat little pump on top of the bottle was introduced so that you don’t have to stop with what you’re doing midway – simply use one hand to apply lube.

Now, the things I like about this lube is that it’s very smooth, easy to clean, it lasts decently enough, and it greatly helps with unwanted friction. As for the things I don’t particularly like about it, it’s the need for constant re-application, as well as certain ingredients (Glycerin). It’s safe to use with condoms, that much is certain, but you’d best take it slowly if you want to avoid unnecessary inflammation.

  • Smooth texture – this lube features a thin, smooth texture that is easily absorbed by the skin.
  • Mild numbing effects – you’ll feel just a little cold instead of feeling burns or irritations, prolonging your sexual intercourse.
  • Comes with a neat pump on top of the design – designed for convenience, the pump allows you to apply the lube with one hand only.
  • Dries up rather quick – you’ll need to reapply this lube rather often, as it dries up quite quick.
  • Certain materials aren’t 100% healthy – glycerin, for instance, is one of the materials i didn’t particularly like, among other things.

4 of 10: Wicked Sensual Care Anal Jelle Review


Wicked Sensual Care’s (or shortly WSC) anal Jelle is a convenient water-based anal lube which is made of healthy ingredients (paraben and glycerin are excluded). The majority of water-based lubes lack the tackiness and consistency required for the gel to remain in place, but that’s not the case with WSC anal jelle.

Essentially, this lube features a rather thick formula (when compared to similar water-based lubes), which works like a charm with both condoms and sex toys. There are no numbing agents whatsoever, so you’ll be left on your own to decide just how much you need to use, and how fast will the pace of the intercourse be.

Contrary to popular opinion, this is not one of the lubes that a beginner should use. Even though it’s tacky enough to make the intercourse feel pleasurable and painless, the lack of numbing agents will make you think twice before starting. You’ll have to recognize the risks of inflammation and ripping, even more so since this is a water-based lube.

On the other hand, the Anal Jelle smells terrific due to various exotic materials found in its formula. Some of them are pretty cool, like Aloe leaf juice and Olea leaf extract while others are pretty common, like Cellulose gum, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, and such.

  • Super-tacky formula – even though the formula is considered as rather thin, it’s quite tacky when compared to similar water-based lubes.
  • Smells very nice – this is one of the great anal lube products I’ve come across, and it smells absolutely wonderful.
  • Very easy to clean – plain water rinsing will do the job.
  • Not that good for beginners – the lack of numbing agents is not something a beginner in anal intercourse would appreciate.

5 of 10: MD Science Lab Swiss Navy Review

MD-Science-Labs-Swiss-Navy-Silicone-Personal-LubricantSwiss Navy is a famous manufacturer of numerous anal lubes, and this just happen to be one of their finest products. The 8-ounce package of silicone-based lube will easily improve your anal intercourse experience, as it features a leak-proof pump, making all those messy hand applications obscure.

On the other hand, the formula is thick enough to stick by until the very end, regardless of however long that might take. Even though that’s pretty common with silicone-based anal lubes, this one tends to be very, very sticky, and that’s an understatement. People who like it that way will literally love Swiss Navy’s anal lube, even more so since it comes in a plain, discreet packaging.

The formula includes Vitamin E which provides the silky feeling and long-lasting effects. Of course, you’ll have to invest extra time to get rid of it, but that’s just one of the hazards you should be prepared to take if you’re looking for backdoor action.

  • Rich with Vitamin E – even though the formula is thick and sticky, the Vitamin E ensures a velvety feel and comfortability.
  • Leak-proof pump – make all those manual lube applications obscure with this little convenient feature.
  • Silicone-based lube – ideal for raw-skin intercourse.
  • Great for both beginners and experienced people – There’s a handful of things you might mess up.
  • Extra-thick and hard to wash off – you might end up with sheet stains if you apply too much.
  • Too sticky for some people – even though it’s pretty common that silicone-based lubes feature sticky textures, this one’s even stickier than most.

6 of 10: Pjur Back Door Glide Anal Lube Review

Pjur-Back-Door-Glide-Anal-Lube-Silicone-Personal-Sex-Lubricant-with-JojobaPjur’s Backdoor Anal Glide is much alike to the first anal lube I’ve reviewed. It’s pretty versatile, as it can be used for both vaginal and anal intercourse, and it features medical-grade ingredients which make it pretty safe to use with nearly all sex toys and products.

It easily mimics the natural lubricants our bodies give off with Jojoba extracts, which further relax the anus, providing a comfortable, pleasurable experience. The brand boasts about this lube being one of the most slippery silicone-based lubes out there, and I happen to agree with them.

Basically, the formula is tacky, thick, and superbly sticky, and, even though some people don’t like it that way, it really helps during the penetration process.

What’s more, you can use virtually all types of condoms (both polyisoprene & polyurethane ones), and you’re free to use whichever sex toys you like without risking infection or inflammation. Overall, this is a perfect anal lube made by a reputable brand, so rest assured that you’ll like it and feel comfortable with it.

  • Similar to natural body lubricants – this anal lube features a composition that’s much alike to the natural lubricants human bodies give off before intercourse.
  • Healthy ingredients – the formula includes high-end medical-grade ingredients which are perfectly healthy, even if used with condoms or sex toys.
  • Superbly relaxing – the Jojoba extracts are supposed to relax your partner’s sphincter, greatly reducing the pain during penetration.
  • Compatible with all kinds of condoms and sex toys – you can make your wildest dreams come true without having to fret about inflammation risks.
  • No numbing agents – this anal lube is, perhaps, not the best option for beginners.
  • Very thick – most people like the extra thickness, but some tend to complain about it.

7 of 10: PALOQUETH Personal Lube  Review


Paloqueth personal anal lube lasts quite long if applied in adequate amounts, and it moisturizes the anus with a decently sticky composition. Basically, it’s great overall, as it can be used for vaginal and anal intercourse, and the majority of components are health-hazard-free.

This lube is composed of aqua, carbomer, butylene glycol, and sodium polyacrylate, but, sadly, it contains glycerin as well. Further on that note, it’s not the thickest lubes you’ll see, which is perfectly normal for a water-based anal lube. Despite the fact that it features glycerin ingredients, you can still use all sorts of condoms and sex toys.

Its long-lasting effects are, perhaps, the best thing about this anal lube. Namely, you’ll get approximately 20 minutes of moisturizing effects if you use enough of it.

A word to the wise – this anal lubricant is perfect for people who don’t want to feel anything but sexual arousal and pleasure. There are no numbing agents, so beginners should pay extra attention during penetration, but It’s quite easy to use it and clean it afterward.

  • Surprisingly easy to clean – the thin composition of this anal lube makes the cleaning process a breeze.
  • Greatly helps with moisturizing – the entire formula features moisturizing agents which will relax the anus in no time.
  • Smooth and slick composition – needless to say, you’ll hardly even feel it.
  • Healthy ingredients – the majority of ingredients are hazard-free (apart from glycerin).
  • Contains glycerin – this is the only ingredient that you won’t be so thrilled about.
  • Ultra-thin composition – you’ll benefit from extra slickness, but note that this anal lube is very thin.

8 of 10: Passion Lubes Maximum Strength Anal Desensitizing Lube Review


If you’re looking for an odorless, medium-thin anal lube, you’ve found just the one. Passion Lubes “Maximum Strength” anal lube is a water-based lube that boasts superbly thick composition, greatly superior to most lubes of the same type.

The highly concentrated ingredients counter the majority of uncomfortable drawbacks of using a lube, but they also promote long-lasting effects, which is seldom the case with water-based lubricants. What’s more, this lube acts as a desensitizer, further reducing the unpleasantries caused by friction.

There are certain ingredients, however, which might feel odd for first-time users, such as benzocaine and lidocaine. These can potentially cause discomfort if you rush things up, but if you’re careful with how you use this lube, you’ll be bound to experience nothing short of ultimate sensation and pleasure.

Overall, I like the fast-acting and fast-responsive features of this anal lube, and the fact that it’s easy and quite quick to clean up after the intercourse. The only bad thing, however, is that it’s a bit too sticky for a conventional water-based anal lube, but that little drawback is easily compensated for by the manifold of benefits it offers.

  • 5% lidocaine helps for better anal penetration.
  • Made of body safe ingredients.
  • Spray nozzle bottle for safer keeping.
  • No staining and easy to clean.
  • Friendly to sex toys made of silicone and latex.
  • Complained to be too sticky.
  • The numbing effect seems to be not strong enough for some couples.

9 of 10: SWISS NAVY Anal Lube Review


We’ve already seen what Swiss Navy can do (anal lube #4 in reviews and comparison chart, for reference), but they’ve simply outdid themselves with this model. Frankly, this anal lube is better than its predecessor for the most part, and we’re to blame the “clove” extract for that.

Generally, it’s a silicone-based lube which won’t get absorbed by skin as quickly as other lubes, and the clove offers a relaxing, muscle-numbing effect, allowing for easier, gentle penetration to take place.

The composition is highly concentrated, which means that you’ll enjoy the benefits of this lube until the very last minute, but, sadly, this also means that you’ll have a tough time cleaning yourself up afterward.

Now, the only bad thing about this lube is that it doesn’t smell just right. There are some exotic ingredients found within the formula which contribute to the particular smell, such as Caryophyllus oil, tocopheryl acetate, dimethicone, and eugenia.

  • Long-lasting effects – you’ll be able to enjoy your anal intercourse without having to constantly reapply the lube.
  • Won’t get absorbed – the silicone-based lubes are seldom absorbed by skin, such is the case with Swiss Navy’s lubes.
  • Extremely consistent formula – you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of this lube until the very last minute of the intercourse.
  • Gives off a peculiar smell – most people don’t like the smell of Swiss Navy’s anal lube.
  • Tough to clean – the consistent formula is incredibly thick, so you’ll have to invest extra time during the cleaning up.

10 of 10: System Jo Lube Review


The last anal lube in this review is System Jo’s anal lubricant. Even though it’s a water-based lube type, it gives off a feeling as if you’re using a silicone-based one. It features a highly-concentrated formula which is perfectly compatible with most sex toys and condoms, but most people find it pretty convenient for masturbation too.

You’ll definitely like the long-lasting effects of this lube, but please note that it features a sticky, thicker composition than most regular water-based lubes. It’s decently easy to clean up, and it will last for quite a while, but, more importantly, it’s absolutely ideal for beginners.

There are no outstanding flaws revolving about it, apart from the fact that the taste is quite weird. Some people are into anal-to-mouth sex play, and if you’re that type of a person, you ought to consider some other, flavored lube.

  • Lasts for a long time – the System Jo anal lube lasts incomparably longer than other water-based lubes.
  • Compatible with most sex toys and condoms – the latex-safe formula allows you to use whichever sex toys or condoms you like along with it.
  • Great for a number of things – you can use this lube for masturbation, vaginal, and anal intercourse.
  • Very dense composition – this lube resembles silicone-based lubes, even though it’s water-based.
  • Weird taste – don’t consider anal-to-mouth if you’re using this anal lube.
  • Costs just a bit more than a standard anal lube – even though the cost is barely noticeable, this one costs a few bucks more than your average lube.

Things to consider before buying the best anal lubricant

There are plenty of anal lube products on the market, and choosing the one that suits just you and your partner might not be as easy as you’d expect. The things you should consider are also not as obvious as one might think, especially due to the fact that most people get the idea of buying an anal lube before ever trying anal intercourse.

It’s often best to try and inquire about what anal lubes are like the first time they’re used, so let’s talk about consistency and thickness of the formula before jumping to features, ingredients and such.

Consistency and thickness of the formula

Sexual intercourse is a matter of subjective preference above everything else, and, just like you’ve picked your partner according to your emotions and desires, you should pick an anal lube which will suit just you (and your partner, of course).

There are different models, each being specific and bound to the ingredients it was made of, and while some people like thick, creamy lubricants, other prefer moisturizing, thin ones. Basically, there’s no such thing as “bad lube”, but certain models might feel more comfortable to you than others.

Lubes with thick composition tend to provide the much-needed help right before penetration, but they’re incredibly hard to clean up. On top of that, there are certain anal lubes that come with extra thick composition which further augment the aforementioned qualities.

These “thick” lubes are often related to silicone-based anal lubricants. These anal lubricants are best for bare-skin intercourse, as you’ll already have snuffed some of the feeling out with the thick cream. Personally, I find thick lubes more reliable than thin, water-based ones, as you’ll need to re-apply them less frequently.

Easy clean-up & messy endings – what happens after the intercourse

As you’ve probably already figured, the anus can’t be thoroughly cleaned to the point where it’s “empty”. Most anal intercourses end up with a messy ending if no lube was used at all, but you’ll still get yourself a job that needs to be taken care of even if you use lubes.

Namely, most of the gel will be absorbed by the skin (in fact, nearly everything will if you’re using water-based anal lubes), but some of it will have to be expelled. Thick, tacky formulas in particular often lead to messy endings, but you shouldn’t worry too much about it, as it can be helped.

You can rest assured that no amount of gel or lubricant will “remain” inside of the anus. It will either be absorbed by skin or expelled right outside. If you want to avoid this altogether, consider water-based lubricants, but know that most high-quality silicone-based lubes are remarkably easy to clean up.

Ingredients – the “science” talk

The majority of people aren’t familiar with all the ingredients that anal lubes are made of, and there’s a good reason for it. The chemicals, ingredients, and other materials are often labeled with their scientific terms (dimethicone, for example), and just a small number of them appear obvious, like “Rubber”, and such.

There’s no cause for alarm, though – every anal lube must be fully tested by professionals before arriving at the market, and there are no exceptions made by any state, government, law, or such. This means that every ingredient within the anal lube’s formula is not-hazardous.

This, however, doesn’t mean that they’re healthy, per se, but they’re definitely not something that will have long-lasting effects. The only potentially hazardous ingredient which you should avoid altogether is “Glycerin”. This ingredient is included in some formulas, and there’s a chance that the lubes with this ingredient will cause mild discomfort or inflammation.


The best anal lube is the one which won’t feel unnatural, the one which will be able to feel as if your body has let off natural lubricants. It should contain ingredients that are capable of allowing such an event to take place, with the exception of “Glycerin” if possible.

On the other hand, the best anal lube shouldn’t make a mess after your intercourse has finished. Keep this in mind, and you won’t have any troubles finding the lube that will suit you.

Best of luck with your sexual life!

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