Astroglide vs KY: Which One Should You Buy?

Finding the right lube to enhance your bedroom time is not an easy thing to do, especially when there are so many choices on the market. As we all know, a good lube has to have some qualities which are important and describe its value.

Anyhow, from a variety of lubes out there, we are today going to focus on the Astroglide vs KY lubes. Simply, these two brand names are both excelling in more than just one field and they are worth discussing in the first place.

So, finding the right one can be a pickle, but, with the choices narrowed to only these two lubes, it is quite easier to do so. After all, the right lube can really boost the game up in your bedroom and therefore, we are going to talk about Astrogliide and KY lubes.

Now, let’s see everything you need to know about these two lubes in order to make your own choice and get the one that suits you perfectly.

Astroglide vs KY: Comparison Table

NameBase FormulaCompatible withCapacityPrice
Astroglide LiquidWater BaseAny condoms, sex toys5 Oz
Astroglide LubWater BaseLatex condoms, rubber sex toys4 Oz
K-Y Liquid Water BaseLatex condoms only5 Oz
K-Y JellyWater BaseLatex condoms only4 Oz

Astroglide Lube Reviews – Top 2

Let’s start with the Astroglide lubes and see exactly how good they are. We have picked these two lubes as the best representatives for Astroglide lubes for a reason, let’s find out why.

Astroglide Liquid, Water Based Personal Lubricant

Astroglide-LiquidAs one of the representatives of Astroglide, this lube is simply an excellent way of boosting the comfort in your bedroom. Simply put, the comfort enhancement is something that this lube excels greatly at.

Now, the first thing that everyone wonders about any lube is what exactly goes in the bottle. Well, this lube is based on water- it has water-based formula which ensures only the most comfortable time and easy clean up as well.

Also, there aren’t any traces of hormones, petroleum, or any other chemicals that can cause harm to your skin or your health in general. That is why this lube is considered as one of the best on the market.

Anyhow, this lube is also grease-free which means that your time spent in the bedroom will be of the most quality. Also, it is extra slick which will remove almost all the traction and ensure that you have the most comfortable satisfaction.

Furthermore, the overall time that this lube lasts is actually pretty impressive. Study shows that this lube is capable of lasting way longer than any other lube without re-applying.

One more thing that is quite important about this lube is that it is compatible with any condom or sex toy. Namely, you can use it with any other sex product and not worry about any possible harm or damages.

To top it all off, this lube is also quite good for vaginal dryness relief. It simply puts a woman in a good mood and relieves her from vaginal dryness in the best possible light.

Pros and highlights:

  • Ultimate comfort guaranteed.
  • Easy to clean-up and lasts longer.
  • Water-based formula with only natural ingredients.
  • Safe to use with any condom and sex toy.

Cons and potential flaws:

  • The bottle is a bit harder to open.
  • You need to watch out after opening the bottle because the lube might pour out instantly.

Astroglide Lub 4 Oz

Astroglide-LubFor our next Astroglide lube, we have prepared this one since it has all the qualities of a great lubricant for enhancing your sex life. Simply speaking, this lube is made for providing better sex life and stimulating the private areas of both man and woman.

So, let’s begin with the formula and ingredients. Namely, this lube has water-based formula which is actually pretty good for comfort enhancing. Also, there are some chemicals in it, but this lube is mostly based on natural and organic ingredients which are definitely healthy and do no t cause any harm.

As for the density and thickness, this lube is actually very thick and it needs to be applied properly. Also, it is perfectly slippery and it is just a satisfaction to apply it and have the intimate time with your significant other.

However, this lube might be a little bit thicker but it lasts for a long period of time and it doesn’t need any re-applying. Of course, if you use a small amount of lube, you need to add more, but if you use a proper amount, you won’t need any re-applying.

Anyhow, the other important thing about this lube is that it is easy to clean up in case of spills or any messes. We know that things can get messy in the bedroom, so you won’t have to worry about any stains if you choose this lube.

All in all, this is one perfectly good lube for stimulation and also relieving vaginal dryness as well. Most of the women use it as their number one item in the bedroom.

Pros and highlights:

  • Full of natural ingredients and has water-based formula.
  • Great for comfort enhancement and stimulation.
  • Easy to clean up and to use as well.
  • Lasts for a long period of time without re-applying.

Cons and potential flaws:

  • Due to the natural ingredients, this lube creates a bit sticky feeling.
  • You need to rub it in properly in order for it to work perfectly.

KY Lube Reviews – Top 2

Now, we are going to review KY lubes that we found pretty valuable and worthy. They are equally good as the Astroglide lubes, but they have some fields where they excel better. Let’s see.

K-Y Liquid Personal Water Based Lubricant

K-Y-Liquid-Personal-Water-Based-LubricantK-Y Liquid Personal Water Based Lubricant is definitely the best KY lube that you can find in their assortment. Simply speaking, you will find out that this lube is really going to make a difference in your bedroom for sure.

First of all, this lube is totally compatible with all latex condoms so you don’t have to worry about that. Second, the water-based formula makes this lube a healthy way to stimulate and to arouse yourself and your partner.

As for the duration, we can say that there is no better lube when it comes to lasting. Namely, this lube was specially designed to last longer than any other and all that without re-applying.

To top it all off, the hydro-formula will allow you maximize and enjoy every moment of your intimate life. This means that you will be satisfied with the comfortable feeling that this lube creates for you and your partner.

Furthermore, this lube is the number one lube that doctors recommend and it is definitely healthy and good for any type of use. Also, you will find out that this lube is pretty great when it comes to dealing with the vaginal dryness and other dry conditions.

All in all, this lube is pretty valuable and worth the money since it has all the qualities one good lube should have. It holds massive value for the cash and it is simply one of the best lubes on the market.

Pros and highlights:

  • Hydro-liquid formula ensures maximum comfort.
  • Exclusively designed to last longer than any other lube.
  • Easy to apply and it is not sticky.
  • Compatible with latex condoms.

Cons and potential flaws:

  • This lube has a bit weird odor, but, people usually get passed that easily.
  • The lid is a bit hard to open at first.

K-Y Jelly Personal Lubricant

K-Y-Jelly-Personal-LubricantOur next KY lube is a bit different because of the thickness and the formula in the first place. Namely, this lube has a water based formula with a little different density, and that is why it is considered as non-greasy and thick formula.

This lube is specially designed to provide nothing but comfort and joy in the bedroom. Also, you will find it pretty good for stimulating private areas and enhancing satisfaction and duration as well.

The most important part about this lube is that it is capable of preparing you quickly for sexual intimacy which is absolutely great for slow-starters. Also, this one is pretty good for dealing with the problem called vaginal dryness.

As for the ingredients, we can say that this lube is rich with mostly natural ingredients and it is fragrance free for sure. This means that you can use it freely without any troubles or worries for your overall health.

And because of that, this lube is the number one doctor recommendation when it comes to lubes in general. Simply, with natural ingredients, water based formula, and everything else that this lube is qualified for, it is safe to say that it is one of the most valuable lubes on the market.

Pros and highlights:

  • Non-greasy formula based on water for maximum comfort.
  • Compatible with every latex condom.
  • Recommended by most of the doctors.
  • Enhances comfort and sexual satisfaction.

Cons and potential flaws:

  • Be careful when you open and pour the lube out, a big amount may come out at first.
  • There is a bit strange odor that you might experience at the beginning.

Differences between Astroglide & KY

Now, as we reviewed all four lubes, it is time to see the more important stuff, the differences between Astroglide and KY. We will break down this part into several lines just in order for you to get the full picture.

  • Compatibility

The first difference between the Astroglide and KY lubes is the compatibility with other sex products like condoms and sex toy. Namely, the difference is not that big, but certainly worth mentioning.

The Astroglide lubes are compatible with latex condoms, other type of condoms, and even sex toys. On the other hand, the KY lubes are just compatible with latex condoms.

  • Density

Next, the density between Astroglide and KY lubes is significantly big. Namely, Astroglide lubes are a bit more liquid than KY lubes. On the other hand, KY lubes have way more thicker formula.

Similarities between Astroglide & KY

As we saw the differences, now it is time to discuss some of the main similarities between Astroglide and KY. Let’s begin.

  • Duration

The duration of both Astroglide and KY lubes is very long. Simply, they both last a long period of time which is something that everyone wants when it comes to lubes.

  • Formula

Basically, both Astroglide and KY lubes are based on water formula but they have a bit different density factor as we already mentioned above.

This formula is common for almost all the quality lubes so you might find it perfectly comfortable and safe to use these lubes.

  • Stimulation and Enhancement

Both Astroglide and KY lubes are perfect if you look a bit stimulating and comfort enhancement lubes. They are mostly focused on that as well as on dealing with the vaginal dryness.

All in all, they are great way to enhance your satisfaction in your bedroom.


Considering everything that we have mentioned in this Astroglide vs KY review, it is only normal to conclude that they are both valuable choices. But, one is always better, and we leave that to you to decide.

If you are fond of liquidly like lubes with a big stimulating factor, I recommend that you get Astroglide lubes. On the other hand, KY lubes are thicker and they are perfect for vaginal dryness relief and comfort enhancement.

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