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Best Personal Lubricant for Better Sex

I often came up with questions asked like this- “Women has got it all to lubricate a sexual intercourse perfectly, so who go for a personal lube?”. So, the very obvious question is, what perks you get from a personal lube? Well, we do love to be pleased in sex. But if your desire is […]

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Best Lubricant for Women Reviews & Expert Advice

One of the most natural thing that happens when a woman gets amused is, she becomes wet. It’s a natural blessing for vaginas that’s automatically created by the female body. But the question is, if there is already a natural lubrication, why they even need an additional one? Worry not, the mystery we’re going to reveal right […]

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Best Lube for Masturbation: My Top 5 Choices with Buying Guide

Thinking as a man, what’s that one thing that brings you an intense pleasure? If you’re thinking about masturbation, you’re right on the point! To us men, it’s one of the most charming ways to please ourselves anytime you want. But what if you get something like a best lube for masturbation that will enhance […]

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Best Flavored Lube Reviews and Buying Guide

We all love to be surrounded by our favorite smells and scents whenever we can. So, what if you get a sexual lubricant that will keep you charmed with your favorite flavor and also provide a silky-smooth lubrication to enhance the intimate pleasure? If it sounds interesting, then all you need is the best flavored […]

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Top 10 Best Water Based Lube Reviews of 2018

What makes a water based lube different from others? I know most of us are in a dilemma when it comes to choosing a lubricant made of water, oil or silicon. To be straight, me and my partner prefer water based ones. Let me demonstrate why- Firstly, it’s all about making sex funnier and more […]

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Best Anal Lube: Find the Best Lubes for Anal Sex

A foreword about anal intercourse and anal lubes Making love is only one of the most natural things we do and will do, and we’ve all wanted to try out every little bit of it, if only for once. I’m not talking about weird fetishes, rather I want to talk to you about the pleasures […]

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