Best Vibrating Panties: My Top 8 Choices and Buyer’s Guide


If you’re a lovebird, and love to add spices to your sexual experience, you must know already that what a vibrating panty can do for you. An all-in-one source of fun and excitement can’t be any better than one of the best vibrating panties.

If you’re wondering about this device for the first time, I know how you’re feeling right now. However, for first timers, here is what vibe panties are and what they do-

What are they- A vibrating panty is a lady’s underwear made of leather, lace, cloth or synthetic fabric which has a small vibrator in it. The vibrator is of various shape so that it can set in the inside pocket of the panty. Some of the panties also have attachments to set penetrative toys like dildos.

What are the joys of a vibrating panty- Well, for a woman who likes their sexual experience to be a bit spicy, this list is quite long.

Here are how they can add to your sexual pleasure-

  1. Once the vibrator is turned on, it will keep doing its thing without holding it in place. You can just lie back and enjoy the vibration.
  2. Most of the today’s vibrators (all of this article) include a remote control. So not only you, but your partner can also take over the control and excite you as he wants.
  3. It’s a secret excitement from a vibrating pantie that you can go through full pleasure, even when you’re in public. The reason is, most of the modern vibes make No Noise at all!
  4. They run through battery-power. So, having a fun session of even two hours in a row is quite possible with these little toys.

However, today we’ve come up with the best selection of this exciting toy and reviewed them in ascending order. So that, when you’ll make your buying decision, you don’t miss the best of the best panties in today’s market.

Let’s start-

Best Vibrating Panties – Comparison Table

ImageName/BrandBatteries IncludedOur RatingPrice
California-Exotic-Black-PantyCalifornia Exotic NoveltiesYes4.8/5
Dr Laura Berman-Intimate-Basics-AstreaBerman Center AstreaYes4.7/5
Booty-Parlor-Turn-Me-On-Vibrating-PantiesBooty Parlor Yes4.6/5
Hustler-Remote-Control-Vibrating-PantiesHustler Yes4.6/5
10 Speeds-Vibrating-Underwear10 SpeedsYes4.5/5

Best Vibrating Panties Reviews

1 of 8: California Exotic Novelties Remote Control Black Pantie Review

California-Exotic-Novelties-Remote-Control-Black-PantyAre you a control freak in case having a vibrating panty and want to have the smoothest control ever? I guess I’ve got the right piece for you. California Exotic Novelties Remote Control Black Pantie- is not only one of the smoothest pleasing toy for women ever, but also one of the coolest design I have ever seen. These are the core reason behind putting this on the top of our best vibrating panties reviews.

Let’s get more of its features below-

First and foremost, this little excitement kit comes with a smooth and sensitive control. So, no matter you are in indoor or outdoor, all of the pleasure beneath your legs is just a click away.

It’s important that you feel comfortable while wearing it out of the home. The manufacturers of this model really care about that and take necessary steps. There is a stretch to fit sexy lace along with the panty. It has adjustable satin ties which make it wearable for both skinny and plus-sized women.

Want variation in the vibrating and taste different levels of excitement?

Well, the California Exotic Novelties has got ten individual patterns of pulsation, escalation and of course, vibration. You can toggle between these and find the right fit of pleasure from it.

There is one issue about the California Exotic. For many of the user’s, these panties became a little bit obstructive at the very first use. If you are using vibrating panties for the first time, this will be quite uncomfortable too. Our advice is to wear a bodysuit or denim instead of a regular outdoor dress. 

  • Hits and stick to the g-spot.
  • Fits great with almost all outfits.
  • Stretchy and adjustable satin ties.
  • Smart and powerful remote control.
  • A wide variety of vibrating pattern.
  • Completely silent.
  • Doesn’t stay at one place, while wearing non-tight dresses.
  • The position of the battery is not easily accessible.

2 of 8: Ohmibod Club Vibe 2.oh Review

Ohmibod-Club-VibeI’ve seen many users have complained about the battery life of such vibrators. But that won’t be the point to worry about in the case of Ohmigod Club Vibe 2.oh. It has a battery backup of up to 4 hours. Also, both wireless and USB chargeable feature has made it insanely friendly to use on-the-go.

A unique feature I’ve found in this little wizard is- it a pick up manual voices from a distance of up to 4 feet. What’s the benefit? Well, due to this feature, the intensity of vibration can be controlled with the voice. If you start to moan, the intensity will grow more.

It has six different intensity level of vibrations. So, you can toggle between these depending on where you are- A silent place or in a club party.

Also, the range of such control has reached a new level with this kit. A wide range of 15-20 meters will allow your man to control charm you from wherever he is in the home. Also, with the remote, the switching function from the ambient mode to manual mode with ease.

One little problem is, the device is run with a 23A battery. So, it can sometimes be a problem to find immediate replacements of batteries. I would suggest you keep extras with you. Also, for elder women of 40+ years old, the highest vibration may seem weak.

  • Can pick up the sound to control the intensity.
  • Great sensitivity.
  • Exchangeable from remote control mode to club mode.
  • 100% Phthalate free.
  • Easy and fun to control.
  • Works great during the sex.
  • Comes with a privacy pouch.
  • Runs with 23A battery, which is rare in some localities.
  • The remote doesn’t have a Bluetooth option.

3 of 8: Berman Center Astrea Remote Vibrating Panty Review

Berman-Center-Astrea-Remote-Vibrating-PantyA lot of women find issues with the size of underwear while using one with a vibrator in it. Therefore, we went up searching for size-specific best vibrating panties and finally found one. Here at the third pick, we’ll review Berman Center Astraea Remote Vibrating Panty, which is specialized for women who are a bit skinny in health.

A lot of features are around to surprise you while you have one of these panties. Let me start with the performance.

Usually, skinny women require a powerful vibrating effect to excite themselves at the g-spot. To be frank, Berman Center Astraea Remote Vibrating Panty is an expert. There is no speed control embedded. As a benefit, it directly reaches to maximum vibrations. As I said, skinny women love this a lot!

A remote control of 12 meters range is a great thing. No matter you are on-the-go or in-house, controlling this little device is easy for both you and your man.

Now let’s come to the negatives. Firstly, it’s a little noisier. But in places where this tiny noise isn’t audible, it works fine. Also, as I mentioned before, it comes with one size which is dedicated to thin women. So, a bit healthy woman will face difficulties.

Apart from these minor issues, we found this vibrating panty as a good one. It can be a great started kit for intimating the romance between you and your man.

  • Vibrating panties with discrete features.
  • 12 meters controlling range.
  • 100% stretch free.
  • Runs on AAA batteries.
  • A great product for the money.
  • No speed variation.
  • Makes tiny amount of noise.

4 of 8: Frisky Add A Bullet Vibrating Panties Review

Frisky-Add-A-Bullet-Vibrating-Panties-with-PouchIn the last review, we were up to panties that fit good for skinny women. But with the product I’ve got now, you can go away the worries about sizing.

Frisky Add a Bullet Vibrating Panties is one of the popular vibrating panties that fit to any size of women. It has got a couple of laces that can be tied at the both side. You can set it as you want. To let any kind or bullet or egg vibe inside you, it has got a sewn in pocket.

Very few manufacturers of best vibrating panties worry about the appeal of the design of these. But I promise this one didn’t do that. Frisky Add a Bullet Vibrating Panties knows how to appeal to your partner with the attractive double layered material.

In an additional note, to make your outfit more perfect, adjusting the position and wearing size is also important.

Okay, but you know what? I’ve kept the most secret of this product for now. It allows taking any egg vibe inside your panty. So, no worries at all about buying this model and using your favorite vibrator.

There are some other issues with the materialistic design of it. Women who have allergies with skin-sensibility, this not a recommended one.

  • Foots to any size of women.
  • Double layer lace to increase appeal.
  • Hands-free and sexy outfit design.
  • Works fine with any preferred vibrator.
  • The material of the panty is quite cheap.

5 of 8: Booty Parlor Turn Me On Vibrating Panties Review

Booty-Parlor-Turn-Me-On-Vibrating-PantiesWhat interrupts most while you had a sensual experience with a vibrating panty? If you’re a first-time user, you might not have the answer. But experienced ladies know it very well that the problem that frequently occurs is a weak range of control. Due to weak connections, while your man walks away to another room, he can’t even start or stop the device, let alone control the speed.

5th of our top 8 picks, the Booty Parlour Turn Me On Vibrating Panties have worked a lot to improve this feature. Which leads it to a long-distant control of 20 meters. With this device beneath your thighs, your man can please you from anywhere in the house.

That was about the range of control. What about the vibration?

Well, along with the removable bullet, there are ten different built-in vibrating patterns in it. So, whenever you want to change the mood, just press the button and enjoy!

To make it even more charming, the Booty Parlour Turn Me On Vibrating Panties, have got glowing LED that works at darkness.

Many women have complained about the low-quality panties that come up with typical models of vibrating panties. But that won’t work for this one. The silk and lace side panties are not only comfortable but also comes with adjustable laces.

One problem we noticed while reviewing this product. When the device provides the most intensity of vibration, it becomes quite noisy. So, using the full-on mode on a silent place can lead into harassments. Hope you’ll remember that while using this.

  • Extremely soft material of the panty.
  • Comes with 10 vibrating patterns.
  • LED display to show up in darkness.
  • 20 feet of controlling range.
  • Batteries included.
  • Removable vibrating bullet.
  • Quite a bit noisy.
  • The bullet itself is a bit large for skinny women.

6 of 8: Hustler Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Panties Review

Hustler-Wireless-Remote-Control-Vibrating-PantiesWhile writing the article, I keep an eye on the brands of which I chose the products. Definitely, a good brand value is an indicator that the product itself is also great. On that concern, one of the trusted brands of adult products is Hustler. And right now, I have one of the best vibrating panties of the brand- Hustler Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Panties.

Let’s go exploring the features-

It’s important to wear a sexy and appealing panty to make the intimate session more seductive. Therefore, the classic Hustler lingerie thong that’s made of cotton crotch will do a magical impression on your partner. And for the user herself, it will be a comfortable and smooth one.

Now come to the vibrator itself. The Hustler Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Panties has got a waterproof bullet vibrator coated with a silicone retrieval look. As you’ll control it remotely, it will lead you to ultimate pleasure in seconds.

A wide variety of three speeds of stimulation and seven pulsating modes will allow you to try out different levels of excitements and set yourself in the right one.

With the ergonomic remote, the device can be controlled from 45 feet away. Impressive, isn’t it?

A few problems also came out with this little device. It’s quite loud for silent-use and has some issues with the durability.

  • 45-feet controlling range.
  • Seven pulsating variations and three stimulating variations.
  • Controlled by a nicely designed ergonomic remote.
  • Seductive and comfortable materialistic of the panty.
  • A good choice for the price.
  • Makes little noise while on full swing.
  • Has issues with the durability.

7 of 8: 10 Speeds Remote Control Vibrating Underwear Review

10 Speeds-Remote-Control-Vibrating-UnderwearIt’s fun if you have an entirely digital control panel for the little dynamite you have in your panty, isn’t it? In quite a many models, I was looking for a vibrating panty that comes with a completely digital control panel, and finally, I found it on 10 Speeds Remote Control Vibrating Underwear.

The very first impression it made on me is the smart and cool design. The product itself is made of pink color, which is usually the favorite of females. So, if you think of buying a gift for your girl, there is no chance that she’ll refuse it.

10 Speeds Remote Control Vibrating Underwear is a c-type panty with some technical innovations. What you’ll like it are- the internal bracket, the detachable design of it and last, the comfortable fabric cover.

There are a few disadvantages as well. The remote-control range is just about 10 meters at best. So, it will do well if you control it yourself and let your partner stay close.

  • Unique and smart C-type panty design.
  • Good choice for both vision and comfort.
  • Digital remote-control panel.
  • Nice price-quality ratio.
  • Require one 23A battery.
  • Fits for women of any size.
  • Quite loud.
  • Low range of control.
  • Require regular cleaning and maintenance.

8 of 8: Vibro Panty Remote Control Review

Vibro-Panty-Remote-ControlAlright, so we’re at the very bottom of our best vibrating panties reviews. At the last place of the list, I have Vibrio Panty Remote Control. Although I didn’t want to put this nice toy at the bottom, some issues with user-experience let me have no chance. But still, I hope you’ll love it in your way.

Let me tell you the goods that I found on the Vibro Panty Remote Control-

First thing first- I found it extremely healthy and no side effects on the physical health. It’s waterproof, RoHS compliant, phthalates-free. Moreover, it’s made of 95% cotton along with 5% Lica. What else can be added for health? I’ve nothing to answer on that.

While most of the other brands could offer only one available color, the Vibro Panty Remote Control comes with both white and black, sold separately.

The 2.5 inches long and 2.5 inches round bullet vibrator is smart enough to excite you with its size. The good thing about this size is, it fits good for the woman of any weight.

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, some problems took place with the users while using this product. Among them, the main issues were the durability, positioning at the g-spot, etc. If it were a product of a few bucks less, that this should be okay. But from such a price range, you’ll expect something better, right? 

  • Comes up in two colors- white and black.
  • Strategical clit stimulation.
  • Ten different remote-controlled functions.
  • Extreme health-friendly.
  • Smart sizing of the bullet vibrator.
  • Operates on a 27A battery, which is quite rare to find.
  • Less durable battery.
  • Fails to hit the g-spot sometimes.

Vibrating Panty Buyer’s Guide

Women are of different sizes and weights. Also, they vary a lot according to their sexual preferences. So, it’s not an easy job to find the right fit from all the best vibrating panties in the market.

So, we’ve decided to come up with a complete buying guideline at this section. It will not only help you understand your choices and preferences but also show you the ways through which vibe panties are categorized.

Here are the key buying points of best vibrating panties-

  • Location of the Vibrator
    It’s not true that all of the women have the same location of the clitoris. As the purpose of a vibrator is to excite the clitoris, it’s important that you consider the position of the vibrator first. You can either go for a fixed position vibe that suits you or chose an adjustable vibe to customize it as you want.
  • Size of the Panty
    Some of the panties have adjustable laces to change the sizing of it. Rest of the models are usually stretchable. It’s not a problem if your weight is okay. But for women with over-weight and plus sized women should go for a super-stretchy or lace-including panty.
  • Number of Vibrating and Stimulating Pattern
    You won’t want your vibrator to excite you in the same way that it does every time. So, looking for a variation of the vibrating and stimulating pattern is a good decision.
  • The Controlling Range
    If you want your partner to pleasure you with a vibrating panty during the foreplay, the entire sexual intercourse will be more intimate and fun. So, look for something that’s easy to control and has a good range of the remote signal.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that vibrating panties work great as a foreplay kit, or self-excitement kit. But problems come over when you’re in the market to buy a suitable one for you. Because no one else except you know what exactly you want in your vibrator panty. Therefore, we’ve written this entire article to help you out in the right selection from 100s of best vibrating panties. Still, if you find any problems or queries regarding these, reach out to us or simply leave a comment below.

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