Top 10 Best Sex Swing Reviews of 2017

best-sex-swingWhat is the core difference between Sex and Good Sex? I’m sure it’s nothing but the variation and intensity of intimate pleasure of both of the partners involve. But talking about the variation, having sex on beds, couches or cards are too much of a cliché. So, what else is there? Well, here comes the invention of a best sex swing for sex!

What Basically Is a Sex Swing?

We all have our own fantasy when it comes to sexual intercourse. A sex swing is nothing but a way to turn your wildest imaginations into reality. If you look at the structure, it’s nothing but a harness that can be easily set on the doorway (in case of door sex swings) or also on the body of your partner (body sex swing). No matter whatever the type is, one common feature of a sex swing is- one of the partners is suspended on the swing while other one will be penetrating.

What Features Does a Best Sex Swing Comes With?

Technology is making human’s life easier by inventing new to newer products. Same goes for sex if you talk about all those fantastic sex toys and kits. But what I’d specially mention is- invention of sex swing is one of the most effective and pleasing things that technology had ever done to human sex.

In 2017, a best sex swing comes up with a lot of wild benefits. Here is a short list of them-

  • It brings on superior sensations. Nothing else can cause you as intense orgasm as this little kit.
  • It makes your sex positions more and more flexible. If you think your body is flexible enough and you don’t need a swing to make it better, I bet you change your mind after using one.
  • If you’re tired of making all these moves, it’s time to get over with this. In a best sex swing, all you have to do is to put off the feet and relax. Everything that will happen afterwards will be nothing but intimate pleasure.
  • It makes the foreplay easier. As the swing, itself is in charge of creating the position, your hands and lips are always ready for the foreplay, even while you’re at the most intimate moments.

If I start describing more of the features, the article will get over right here. Let’s put a stop and proceed to best sex swing reviews of today’s market. Let’s take a look first the best sex swings comparison table then I will move on to the reviews.

Best Sex Swing – Comparison Table

ImageProduct NameOur RatingPrice
JUTJOY-Adult-Indoor-Sex-SwingJUTJOY Adult Indoor Sex Swing4.8/5
Utimi-Sex-SwingUtimi Hanging On Door Bondage4.7/5
Utimi-Sex-Swing-for-CouplesUtimi Sex Swing4.6/5
Trinity-Vibes-Sex-SwingTrinity Ultimate Sex Swing4.7/5
Whip-Pleasure-SwingWhip Smart Pleasure Swing4.6/5
360-Degree-Sex-Swing60 Degree Spinning Sex Swing4.6/5
Frisky-Door-SlingFrisky D'luxe Entry Door Sling4.5/5
Pipedream-Spinning-Fantasy-SwingPipedream Fetish Fantasy Swing 4.7/5
Vmitor-Sex-SwingVmitor Luxury Heavy Duty Swing 4.6/5
Back to 20s-sex-SwingBack to 20s Luxury Swing4.6/5

Best Sex Swings Reviews

1 of 10: JUTJOY Adult Indoor Sex Swing for Couples Review

JUTJOY-Adult-Indoor-Sex-Swing-for-CouplesSake up your normal bedroom journey with the very first pick of our list- the JUTJOY Adult Indoor Sex Swing. With this little kit in hands, you can come out of the bed and bounce and spin together and make the sexual penetrations more pleasing than ever!

It’s made of a solid steel frame and swivel springs. So, no matter if you’re a skinny, or mid-sized or even a plus size person, JUTJOY will cover up all of your Wight. Now the rest of the fun is entirely up to you and your partner.

With this swing on use, you can explore new dimensions of sex by trying out even the most challenging Kamasutra positions. With every single move you make, you can show your partner that you’re ready for the next level of sexual adventure.

Easy-to-adjust padded nylon restraints are there at the core structure of this sex swing. So, be confident, comfortable and keep pleasing each other for hours. I bet you’ll enjoy every moment of the intimate session to the fullest.

  • Sturdy structure with strong steel frame.
  • Can carry up to 500 lbs. of weight.
  • Brings on a wide variety of sex positions.
  • Padded nylon restraints.
  • Discrete packaging as you purchase it for the first time.
  • A quite no-hassle policy of returning.
  • Doesn’t have any head and neck strap.

 2 of 10: Utimi Hanging On Door Bondage Sex Swing Review

Utimi-Hanging-On-Door-Bondage-Sex-SwingAll of us know that- some of the sex swings come up with such complexity is setup and utility that almost kills the intimate moments. So, simple is better. So, does the Utimi Hanging On Door Bondage Sex Swing! We’ve given it a second highest rank reviewing all of its features and benefits. How you’ll agree on that too as you explore its features-

As mentioned earlier, the most beautiful thing about this sex swing is it’s simple and easy to use. So, couples who are keen to explore a sex swing for the first time, can try it out with no hesitation.

In some particular case, high price tends to be an obstacle. But no worries, as long as Utimi Hanging On Door Bondage Sex Swing comes up with a very affordable price.

No installation base is required to setup this swing. All you have to do is finding a tight closing of a door that prevents carousel.

Last but not least, it’s capable of holding up even a plus-sized person with ease. So, if you are a large beginner, give it a try and I guess you’ll never think of using any other swings within this price range.

  • Has a special attachment to hang on walls?
  • A sealed and durable nylon is used as the material.
  • An extremely affordable price.
  • Withstands even heavier women.
  • Safe and secure attachment to the door.
  • Adjustable length.
  • Not the best option for experienced wildly fantasized couples.
  • No instruction manual.

3 of 10: Utimi Sex Swing for Couples Review

Utimi-Sex-Swing-for-CouplesHere we go with the third pick of top 10 best sex swings of 2017. The name is Utimi Sex Swing from the brand Utemy and there is a lot I have to tell about this product.

The very first impression it made on me is it’s open for a wide number of sex position. I myself is an experiment-lover when it comes to sex. If you’re like minded, I bet you’ll definitely like it. All of the straps are adjustable. Moreover, a head, thigh, and neck support come along with the product. So, no matter whatever position you and your partner want to take, Utimi Sex Swing will keep supporting you.

Materialistic properties of sex swings are important when you think of rough and tough sex. The Utemi couple sex swing is made of a combination of stout and nylon material, which is completely abrasion protective.

To keep body balance and reduction, manufacturers have designed it quite ergonomically. To provide your lover an alternative love, this swing has been designed for both men and women, varying on the positions.

  • Distributes weight onto man’s hands and shoulder perfectly.
  • A flexible control system to balance both the bodies.
  • An agronomic design.
  • Best for rough sex with alteration of positions.
  • Promotes both sex and foreplay at the same time.
  • Not a 360-degree swing.
  • The length isn’t suitable for beginners.

4 of 10: Trinity Vibes Ultimate Sex Swing Stand Review

Trinity-Vibes-Ultimate-Sex-Swing-StandTrinity Vibes is a quite reputed brand of sex toys and when they brought the Trinity Ultimate Sex Swing Stand into the market, it was able to create quite of a buzz among many of the adults. Let’s figure out the reasons-

With the Trinity Ultimate Sex Swing Stand on use, it’s time to say goodbye to all of those sturdy structures that damage the doors and ceilings. As the stand as its own structure of support, you no longer have to look for door closings or ceilings to hang up the sex swing.

A great weight taking capability is what makes it unique and trustworthy. It can carry up to 400 lbs. comfortably. So, no matter you are a skinny teenager or a plus sized woman, Trinity Ultimate Sex Swing Stand will be there to preserve your intimate moments.

Most of the common swings lack a 36-degree rotating feature. But with Trinity Ultimate Sex Swing Stand in use, this wide dimension is unlocked for lovers. At the stand, itself has a lot of space to allow movements, you can find the pleasure from any angle you want.

One last thing that I’d like to mention about this best sex swing stand. It’s of not only using in love making. While one of your partners aren’t by you, it can be a great kit or Yoga hammocks as well.

  • Can carry up to 400 lbs. of weight.
  • Made of strong and sturdy steel.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Also works great for Yoga hammocks.
  • A great buy for the money.
  • It’s a stand-only product. Doesn’t include the swing itself.
  • Only center and two peripheral hang points.

5 of 10: Whip Smart Pleasure Swing Review

Whip-Smart-Pleasure-SwingWhen I first came to see the Whip Smart Pleasure Swing at work, many of my misconceptions came out to be wrong. Before I thought that these swings have a less size at the hanging bars. At the very first look, most of the bars seemed to be narrower than what it should be.

But I was turned back while I saw the swinging work. It’s quite able to tackle every single move you make in the love making, no matter how wild you and your partner are!

Another unique feature is its three-strap design. I’ve seen many of the typical swings to provide only shoulder and hip straps to cover almost of the weight. But in the design of Whip Smart Pleasure Swing, there are three straps- the Shoulder, hip and knee straps. All together, they are perfect to distribute the body weight perfectly.

It takes almost no time to adjust and get into the play. In fact, the assembling period is less than almost any other swings I’ve ever seen. So, if you’re a beginner and starting out to explore the pleasure of sex swing, here is your chance!

Lastly, the pads beneath the straps are quite comfortable and gentle to the skin. So, no itching or discomfort will be there while you’ll moving forward to the most intimate part of the sex.

  • String and sturdy.
  • Extremely adjustable.
  • Easily washable.
  • Let’s couples to be as imaginative as possible.
  • Three-strap body support system.
  • Lot of features compared to the price.
  • No headrest with the product.
  • Some couples asked for more paddings.
  • Takes a lot of space.

6 of 10: 360 Degree Spinning Sex Swing Review

360-Degree-Spinning-Sex-SwingReach every inch of your lover’s body, take the sex into the next level of wildness! – that’s how the 60 Degree Spinning Sex Swing expresses itself. In fact, a strong 360 degree swiveling swing can do even a lot more for making your sexual moments better.

Another good impression the 60 Degree Spinning Sex Swing makes is with its trapeze bar. It helps a lot to easily hang up on a door closing or hanger. Although, if you have a stand of sex swing, it will work even better.

The structure of this product consists of a number of nylon straps along with the mid-sections. The plush and leopard spotted fabric is pleasing and appealing to the eyes. Consider it as a special gift to your girlfriend/wife and see how the magic works!

When making sex normally, feeling the traction is something that irritates the most. Keeping that in mind, the manufacturer itself has done a good job on it. The traction effect is completely gone!

One little problem that I’d like to mention about this swing. As the straps are fixed on certain positions, you have to re-open and attach the straps when you will change the position. Still, it comes up with many of the other best swings. So, to me, it’s quite okay to invest on.

  • 360-swevelling swing.
  • Soft and irritation free.
  • Three-straps design to support the entire body.
  • Easy to clean and wash.
  • Padded support for feet, thighs, and back.
  • Installation and setup is quite difficult.
  • A bit over-pricey.

7 of 10: Frisky D’luxe Entry Door Sling Review

Frisky-D'luxe-Entry-Door-SlingIn the 7th pick of best sex swing reviews, we have to go for Frisky D’luxe Entry Door Sling. It’s basically a typical door-hanging sex swing, but there are some unique features that made it stand out of the crowd.

You know what is the best thing that comes along with such a door-hanging sex swing like Frisky D’luxe Entry Door Sling? From my perspective, it’s the mobility and flexibility that it offers. No matter you’re on house or at outdoor visit, all you and your partner need is this little sex swing to take a sexual intercourse into another level.

To make the ride as comfortable as possible, a padded seat, foot stirrups and two handles that are easy to grip. On such a ride, the door to heavenly sexual pleasure will be wide open to you.

If you can secure the anchor dowels, this doorway swing will become a playground of pleasure. Because, as quoted by the manufacturer, this one is made from heavy-duty nylon and a tightening bucket that is fully adjustable.

  • Made of materialize Nylon and ABS.
  • Secure and safe anchor dowels.
  • Handy and flexible in design.
  • Easy to handle and clean.
  • A great buy for the price.
  • Perfect for leveraging at any angle.
  • Doesn’t have an instruction manual.
  • No color variations except black.
  • Straps may lead into pain if tightened.

8 of 10: Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Series Spinning Fantasy Swing Review

Pipedream-Fetish-Fantasy-Series-Spinning-Fantasy-SwingAgain, we all love to be as wild as our imaginations when it comes to sexual play. Another one of our top picks- Pipedream Fetish Swing will let you do that with a minimum amount of effort. Trying new positions and surprising each other was made quite easy for partners with the might Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Series Spinning Fantasy Swing.

What’s inside the set?

Well, this sex swing isn’t just a hanging swing; it’s a complete set of fun toys indeed. The entire set includes a heavy-duty steel t, a linking chain, torsion spring, a metal support bar, a padded butt and back support, connecting hooks and a swiveling cup. Pretty much for such a mid-range swing set, right?

So, the benefits that the entire set can deliver is beyond imagination. You and your partner can do things that you through only athletically gifted people can do. It can rotate 360 degrees, and no fantasies will be unreachable.

  • A complete set of sexual fantasy kits.
  • 360 degrees swiveling.
  • Fits great for fantasy-loving couples.
  • Enough support for the entire body.
  • Strong and sturdy in structure.
  • Straps are tough to adjust.
  • Doesn’t have neck and head support.
  • A bit over-pricey.

9 of 10: Vmitor Luxury Heavy Duty Indoor Swing Review

Vmitor-Second-Generation-of-Sex-SwingPut the swing back to your life with the Vmitor Luxury Heavy Duty Indoor Swing. With the top-grade construction, ease in setup feature and multi purpose use, the Vmitor Luxury Heavy Duty Indoor Swing is one of the much-recommended sex swings of present industry. Although, we had to keep it at the 9th stand of this rating because of some particular reasons. You’ll figure out why-

The best thing about this product is- it is super easy to setup and use for multipurpose sex positioning.

A great holding capability of 600 lbs. makes it a significantly sturdy sex swing. So, I would specially recommend this swing for even plus sized women.

It’s a 360 swiveling kit. So apart from being an effective sex swing, it can also serve you as a Yoga swing. So, no matter you’re at an intimate session with your partner, or doing a Yoga session all alone, the Vmitor Luxury Heavy Duty Indoor Swing will be of great use to you.

Lastly, this product comes with a two-year warranty! I guess very few of today’s sex swings offer such a confident warranty.

  • A 600lb weighing capacity.
  • Can be used as both sex swing and yoga swing.
  • Comfortable and adjustable design.
  • 360 rotating swing.
  • Premium grade construction.
  • Safe and secure.
  • Tends to slide down while rough used.
  • A lot over-pricey.
  • Hard to assemble.

10 of 10: Back to 20s Luxury Heavy Duty Indoor Swing

Back to 20s-Luxury-Heavy-Duty-Indoor-SwingWe are almost at the bottom of today’s review. At the very last pick of our list, we have Back to 20s Luxury Heavy Duty Indoor Swing. It’s a popular pick for people who prefer quality over money. Let’s have a closer look at the features-

No matters how much functional a sex swing is, the visual appeal of the product effect on the intimacy of the sexual fun. An attractive color can increase the appeal of the sex. Exactly these words work positively in case of Back to 20s Luxury Heavy Duty Indoor Swing. It’s multi colored swing that looks wonderful at the first impression.

It’s ceiling swing, that can be hung on the concrete ceiling and can carry up to 300 lbs. So, women who are of less than that weight, can go for this one with no hesitation.

Like our ninth pick of best sex swings, back to 20s Luxury Heavy Duty Indoor Swing is also a complete set of sexual fun. The set includes a steel triangle frame, a spring, ceiling anchors and swinging belts.

In together, it can be a very good source of fun. Try it out!

  • Stands on a steel triangle frame.
  • Has ceiling anchors.
  • Premium quality swinging belts.
  • Imported quality material.
  • Luxury leopard streak added for additional comfort.
  • A good buy for the price.
  • Carries only 300 lbs.
  • Not that much wide as it’s supposed to be.
  • Have some issues with the comfort.

Final Verdict

Sex is a journey of pleasure and intimate fun. To spice up the session, a best sex swing can be the best tool you and your partner have ever used. But beware of choosing just a random model. Because, varying on the sexual preference, sexual acts, weights, and flexibility of both of the partner’s body may require different types of swings. However, one buying advice I would like to throw to all of my readers- don’t be manipulated by the shiny colors without getting to know the details features.

Have a great day!

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