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Believe it nor not more than 50 percent of the couples have tried anal sex for at least once!

So, considering that you are one of those couples who seek pleasure and variation in their sexual life, this article is dedicated to you.

First thing first, as we are talking about anus, you might know that the anus itself doesn’t have its own lubricating effect that the vagina does. So, during an anal sex intercourse, you may need one of the best anal lubes to make it easy to penetrate and please both of the partners.

But finding a perfect lube keeping both of the partner’s demands and health issues in mind had never been so easy. We can name at least 100s of couples who tried to do enough research on this but finally ended up with a wrong purchase of anal lube. And that leads to no pleasant experience.

Therefore, we have decided to do a week-long research on the available lubes on the market. We made a top 50 lists and started filtering out from those. Finally, we have passed the hard-selecting process of best anal lubes and listed those in an ascending order in this article.

So, let’s start-

What Is An Anal Lube?

The most familiar problem we came to hear from couples about anal sex is- it causes pain at the first few practices. In fact, we also agree on that. The configuration of a rectum isn’t even close to a vagina, and it discourages such sexual acts. It doesn’t stretch as like the vagina and therefore something you have to do to make it slippery. In today, we call it an anal lube.

Best Lube for Anal Sex – Comparison Table

Product NameTypeCore IngredientPrice
Pjur Analyze Me Silicon-basedJojoba Oil
Lynk PleasureWater-basedPropanediol
Cleanstream RelaxWater-basedLidocaine
Wicked Sensual CareWater-basedPropylene Glycol
MD Science Lab Silicon-basedCyclopentasiloxane
Pjur Back Door GlideSilicon-basedHigh-grade Jojoba
Passion Lubes Water-basedLidocaine
SWISS NAVYSilicon-basedCyclopentasiloxane
System JoWater-basedGlycerin

Best Anal Lube Reviews

1 of 10: Pjur Analyze Me Silicone Lubricant Review

Pjur-Analyze-Me-Silicone-LubricantWelcome to the very first pick of best anal lubes of today’s market. To make your and your partner’s anal experience easier than ever, we’ve got the very popular Pjur Analyze Me Silicone Lubricant at the top of our list. And trust me, we had plenty of reasons for that.

What makes most of the girls fearful to anal sex is the fear of pain. We don’t argue on that. But there’s something special in Pjur Analyze Me anal lube that can bring the pain to a minimum level. The effectiveness of this silicon-based lube to let you enjoy anal sex without pain- was our first impression.

In an additional note, it has got some more additional features too. From a note of manufacturers, we found that Pjur Analyze Me Silicone Lubricant is one of the very few lubes that are made of Jojoba oil. What’s charming with Jojoba oil is, it softens the rectum skin and makes the glide of penis comfortable. So, it will definitely add to the elasticity of the rectum, when you are on the course.

Last but not least, it lasts for a long 20 minutes in general. So, you’ll have plenty of time to warm yourself up with foreplay and make the anal intercourse as enjoyable as possible. 

  • Easily compatible for both anal and vaginal sex.
  • Jojoba oil double-effects the silicone based lube.
  • A good lube for body massage as well.
  • Works great with rubber latex or polyurethane condoms.
  • Only high-quality silicon toys are compatible with this lube.
  • The numbing effects of this product still need improvement.

2 of 10: Lynk Pleasure Water Based Lube Review

Lynk-Pleasure-Personal-LubricantWhen it comes to anal sex, it is nothing but a new dimension of sexual pleasure to partners. But while you’re choosing one of the best anal lubes to charm up the experience, you can’t go blind. Stick to the research till you find something perfect and in-budget, something like the Lynk Pleasure water-based anal lubricant.

With a focus of alleviating the friction in anal sex, Lynk Pleasure has kept its promises. Also, it has got a slightly thicker texture in the structure of it. As a benefit, the pleasure of anal sex will reach to a new level, especially for couples who have won the fear of the first-time course.

More to add to its features- it’s suitable for both male and female intercourse. Therefore, no matter whatever your sexual orientation is, Lynk Pleasure anal lube can be a great buy for you.

But there is a little issue with Lynk Pleasure that most of the people don’t realize before using it. As it’s a water-based best lube for anal, it dries up in less than 15 minutes. So, you’ll have a bit less foreplay period. But thinking in general, 15 mins is a quite long time to end up the course.

  • Made of easy-to-clean water lube.
  • Thick texture for more pleasant intercourse.
  • Can mimic the natural vaginal lubrication into the rectum.
  • 100% Free of paraben and glycerin.
  • The anal session can be reactivated with just a new drop of it.
  • Not applicable for vaginal sex.
  • Thick texture sometimes causes problems, especially for first timers.

3 of 10: Cleanstream Relax Desensitizing Lube Review

Cleanstream-Relax-Desensitizing-LubeTo keep the spark of a relationship alive, often it comes to regular sex. But after 4 or 5 years of relationship, it becomes way too boring to explore yourselves in the intimate session. Therefore, to spice up your relationship and give it a new dimension, a best anal lube like Cleanstream Relax Desensitizing Lube is a must.

Let’s look at the reasons for which the lube is on our list of best anal lubes. Firstly, what most first timers experience in an anal sex is, the intolerable pain at the back door. Keeping that in mind, Cleanstream Relax Desensitizing Lube has got a quite better numbing effect in it. What is does is, it works on the sensitivity of the skin and reduce the pain as much as possible.

Secondly, most of the popular anal lube as a horrible smell that irritates both partners and ruins the atmosphere. But then again, there are products like Cleanstream Relax Desensitizing Lube that won’t let you suffer from this at all. It’s water based and not sticky at all.

Also, it’s complete comfort and safe. So, you can’t go wrong with while using a condom.

In case if you purchase this product, here is a little secret tip for you. To enjoy this best anal lube to its fullest, apply this just a second before male enters the female. If you do so, every single minute and stroke will be more enjoyable than ever.

  • Made of an ingredient of Lidocaine.
  • Works great for new couples trying anal.
  • Light and effective numbing effect.
  • Slick and smooth formula.
  • Keeps the unwanted friction away.
  • It takes a few minutes to do the action.
  • The bottle is leak-prone if not kept in safe place.

4 of 10: Wicked Sensual Care Anal Jelle Review

Wicked-Sensual-Care-Anal-JelleIt’s not always true that couples stay pleased with usual sex positions and keep it practicing over and over. There are couples who love to switch between various sex positions and seek thrills. For those couples only, we have got the Wicked Sensual Care Anal Jelle, specialized for anal sex.

Some of the lubes, even some best lube for anal from this list have got complaints about not being so long lasting. But that doesn’t go with Wicked Sensual Care Anal Jelle. If applied properly, it will keep the pleasure on for at least 20 mins.

That was about durability, but what about the comfort?

Well, two of its main ingredients are water and glycol. Glycol is something famous for keeping human skin wet and lubricated for a long time without any numbness. It wets the rectum inside as like as a natural lubrication and reduces the friction in almost zero.

In the case of rough anal sex, experienced couples often look for variation. So, trying in different sex positions is an essential for them. With just a squeeze of Wicked Sensual Care Anal Jelle, it turns rough anal sex into a more pleasurable and comfortable.

Lastly, it comes with an extremely lower price, comparing to other lubes of similar kinds.

  • Comes in a non-graphic black tube.
  • Water based lube.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Glycerin-free and pH balanced.
  • Completely vegan.
  • PETA certified lube.
  • Cruelty-free and smooth.
  • Cheap in price.
  • Evaporates fast.
  • Only 1/3rd full of the bottle.

5 of 10: MD Science Lab Swiss Navy 32oz Review

Swiss-Navy-Personal-LubricantI have heard many of the couples who are up to regular often have problems with the bottle quality of the lube. Bottles of regular lube often to lick and s[it around a lot and most of it gets wasted in this way. But things are way better and improved in this best anal lube- MD Science Lab Swiss Navy 32oz.

While we had a look at the manufacturing process of MD Science Lab Swiss Navy Lube, we found that finest of the ingredients are blended into the MD Science Lab for an exceptional slickness and glide. When it comes to the silicon formula, Swiss Navy 32oz lube uses the highest grade.

The bottle in which Swiss Navy lube comes in is a patented design and 100% ‘Leak proof.’ So will never be in risk of unexpected waste of the lube. Moreover, to make the use of it easier, it has got a convenient single-hand pump and a closed cap.

Some more impressions we have received while verifying the user’s review of this lube. What customers, especially female customers say is- it provides a velvety feel on the rectum and lasts for quite a long time.

  • Leak proof and protective bottle design.
  • Single-handed pump for easy handling.
  • Long lasting and highest graded ingredient.
  • Non-staining.
  • Safe for sex toys.
  • A bit over-pricey than the quality.
  • Not a great fit for sensitive vaginas.

6 of 10: Pjur Back Door Glide Anal Lube Review

Pjur-Back-Door-Glide-Anal-LubeLet me ask you a question, does the idea of an anal intercourse make you clenched up? If yes, you might be looking for a condom-free and reliable best anal lube to make it happen easier. On that purpose, we have got something special for you, the Pjur Back Door Glide Anal Lube.

Most of us have a fear of being numbed by lidocaine or benzocaine while thinking of anal sex. Keeping that in mind, Pjur Back Door Glide Anal Lube has come up with a 2-way solution. For both of you and your partner, a numbing effect may lessen the pain, but so also the pleasure.

It’s completely condom safe and can be used either just as a lube or with a sex toy. So go ahead and use your favorite condom with no risk of failure.

The design and usability of the product are another charm. From the salad-dressing-like cap, only one drop of the lube comes out, which is perfect for one session. If you want to get more out of your anal course, you can use a lube shooter instead of without one.

Lastly, to add, it’s such a lube that won’t cost it so much even if you use it on a daily basis. No matter how much regular or passionate you’re about anal sex, Pjur Back Door Glide Anal best lube for anal will always be there for you.

  • Applicable for both penile and vaginal use.
  • Enhances the comfort and ease of anal intercourse.
  • Made of high-grade Jojoba oil.
  • One of the most slipperiest products of the market.
  • Compatible with any natural latex condom,
  • Quite tough to wash off.
  • Durable for not more than 15 minutes.

7 of 10: PALOQUETH Personal Lube  Review

PALOQUETH-Personal-LubeWe are at the 7th pick of best anal lubes review. IN this pick, we decided to choose something that’s specially for couples who don’t like any odors or fragrances while using an anal lube. After prior research, we got PALOQUETH Personal Lube, thanks to the company Paloqueth.

It’s one of those rare lubes that are 100% body safe, also safe from other materials that are recognized to be harmful to human metabolism. It doesn’t have any Triclosan, Alcohol or any other harsh chemical.

With a long-lasting duration of 20 minutes, PALOQUETH Personal Lube can assist you to reach an ultimate pleasure and intense love just within some seconds.

One unique benefit of PALOQUETH Personal Lube is, it has some other healthful uses too. Apart from an anal lube, you can use it also as a moisturizer for relieving vaginal dryness which is a common post-menopause problem of women.

Last but not least, it goes quite friendly with many of the available sex toys, unless they are made of no harmful materials. And also, it doesn’t leave any residue after any sexual session.

So far, we found many reasons to be a fan of this lube. But, the only reason, while we’ve ranked it a number 7, is- It’s quite sticky and doesn’t have any safety locks to protect the lubes to be wasted accidentally. But we think if you’re careful enough, these won’t cause much problems in the pleasure.

  • 100% body safe ingredients.
  • Doesn’t stain.
  • Easy to clean and rinse.
  • A long-lasting duration of 20 mins.
  • Reduces frictions and discomforts at it’s best.
  • Quite sticky.
  • Creates rash after a session of rough anal sex.

8 of 10: Passion Lubes Maximum Strength Anal Desensitizing Lube Review

Passion-Lubes-Anal-Desensitizing-LubeIf you’re quite sensitive on your back door, then you must need something more effective than just a water-based anal lube. Therefore, Passion Lubes Maximum Strength Anal Desensitizing Lube is such a product that you may like.

Let’s come to the ingredients first. This active lube has got a 5% lidocaine. Which is a powerful numbing agent for couples who love to spice up their sexual relationship? Although it’s a water-based lube, it’s thick enough to act as a long-term pleasure assistant.

Most of the lube bottles have a common problem of unsafe bottles. But that doesn’t go with the Passion Lubes Maximum Strength Anal Desensitizing Lube. It has got a specialized spray bottle that helps to keep the gel in place.

But there is one thing that I would like to warn you about. This lube has got 5% numbing agent as an ingredient. But if you’re sensitive to such numbing elements, it would not be a wise idea to go with the Passion Lubes Maximum Strength Anal Desensitizing Lube.

  • 5% lidocaine helps for better anal penetration.
  • Made of body safe ingredients.
  • Spray nozzle bottle for safer keeping.
  • No staining and easy to clean.
  • Friendly to sex toys made of silicone and latex.
  • Complained to be too sticky.
  • The numbing effect seems to be not strong enough for some couples.

9 of 10: SWISS NAVY Anal Lube Review

SWISS-NAVY-Premium-Anal-Silicone-LubricantSWISS NAVY is another of the silicon-based anal lubes that’s from a popular consumer product manufacturer. If you want to keep trust on the brand itself, we’d say you won’t do a mistake. Let’s have a closer look on the features that it comes with-

Usually, silicon lubes are more long-lasting than the water-based ones. Also, we’ve got something more in SWISS NAVY. According to the user’s feedback, it’s slippery, soft and perfect fit for latex condoms.

One interesting fact is, the manufacturers have kept in mind that the desire of all couples won’t be the same. So, they’ve come with four different sized of lube bottles- 1, 2, 4 and 16oz. You can choose whatever you want, based on your desire and amount used in every session.

But that’s not the fact we liked most about this best lube for anal sex. Being a silicon lube, it doesn’t cause irritation or create soreness to the rectum area. So, there’s no doubt that your lady will love it a lot.

I mentioned that it’s a premium based silicon lube. So, it lasts for about 20 minutes and you and your partner can have enough time to foreplay. Lastly, it comes with a leak-proof locking pump. So it will be safe, and no leakage will occur. But remember to keep it in a safe place.

Let’s come to the negatives now. According to the statement of very few users, it’s quite smelly. The odor it creates may seem uncomfortable on such a sensual session of anal sex. Apart from these, we found no major issues to complain about.

  • Made of safe ingredients like Dimethicone, Tocopheryl Acetate, and Cyclopentasiloxane.
  • The slipperiness is long lasting.
  • You hardly need reapplication.
  • Safe for latex condoms.
  • Thick and powerful.
  • Crates odors.
  • Gets sticky quite often.

10 of 10: System Jo Lube Review

System-Jo-Anal-H2o-LubricantWe are at the very bottom of our reviews and here at number 10th, we’re talking about System Jo Anal lube, one of the popular silicon-based products. Apart from many positives, we have got a few serious complains about the product. So, we had to keep it at the bottom of our list. We’re talking about them in order-

With most of the best lube for anal sex made of silicone, people have a complain that they don’t suit well with sex toys made of silicon. So, some people are scared of using such lubes and turn around into water-based lubes. But System Jo is such a brand which is working to fill this gap.

Firstly, System Jo lube is a 100% water-based product. Being completely latex-safe, it does very well with any sex toys. It’s designed to be user-friendly and 100% pH controlled.

One unique fact is, it officially announced not to contain any animal bi-products, which is good for some of the users.

It doesn’t have any odor at all and tastes a little sweet and sharp which is a little chemical tang. So, as a benefit, you can enjoy it to have a short session of oral pleasure too.

There are some other advantages of System Jo Anal lube too. But as they’re pretty common, we’re not going to mention that again. Instead, we’re moving to the negatives about it-

Firstly, it dries first. Couples who like to have longer sessions of anal sex, may not find it so useful. Secondly, It’s quite sticky.

  • It’s made of water, but feels and mumbles like silicon.
  • Comes with a high-viscosity formula.
  • No desensitizers or numbing agents.
  • Completely latex-safe.
  • Compatible with almost all kind of toys.
  • Not so long-lasting.
  • A little bit sticky.

Best Anal Lubes Buying Guideline

Having anal sex is painful, especially at first few times. Even the best of the best lube for anal sex can’t change that. But later on, when you and your partner are quite familiar with the act, the fun part begins. But still, as the rectum area of the human body doesn’t have any natural lubricating effect that vagina has, anal sex causes pain each time you do it.

Therefore, choosing a quality anal lube that will please you for a long time with no harmful side-effects. So, I decided to come up with a complete buying guideline that would help you choosing the best anal lube from the top 10 best anal lubes in this list-

  • Water-based, Silicon-based or Oil-based
    Anal lubes are of three types, in perspective of material. The silicon-based lubes contain high grade of silicon and are most slippery. Also, for not being so evaporative, it lasts for a long time. But they create a little residue which is needed to be cleaned and rinsed after the play. On the other hand, water-based lubes has water as the core ingredient, and they don’t’ have any negatives in the skin. They are body friendly, side effect-free and sometimes, food-graded too! But as they are of water, they don’t last for so long. But using with sex-toys is no risky at all! Lastly, there is oil-based lubes. As those are too harmful to the body, we didn’[t keep any oil-based lines in the list at all.
  • Is It Safe for Health or Not?
    Water-based or silicon-based, no matter which type of anal lube you are liking, be aware of the health issues. Anal lubes often contain ingredients that may make it slippery, but are harmful to skin and health. Especially, if any of the sex partners has sensitive skin, it’s the most important issue to take care of. Usually, chose an anal lube that is completely free of elements like paraben, glycerin, high amount of (more than 5%) numbing agents or desensitizers.
  • Thickness of the Lube
    You may already know that the thicker an anal lube it, the better it is for sex. As the rectum itself doesn’t produce any lubricating agent itself, it’s all about the thickness of the anal lube you are using.

Final Verdict

We have conducted this entire article based on the real user’s reviews, expert’s opinions and product analysis report during our research. So, there is no scope of doubt that, this entire best anal lube reviews you will leave you glorifying anal sex experience. Now it’s all about how much you understand your necessity.

Best of luck with your sexual life!

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